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They say "Sometimes we make the mistake of worshipping Monsters".
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While Lares thought evil ways of torturing Atsit and Ares thought of ways to protect her from the devious Lares, the masterminds of this game laughed jovially amongst themselves. In a distant part of this universe a banquet was being held. Its attendants looked smart and intelligent. And today they were very happy. After all everything was going according to their plans.

Soon they would own what they lost a long while ago. And it would be the beginning of a new er 'Their era'. Minus Avyus- their extreme enemies. They would wipe the Avyu clan clean off the surface of this universe.

How ignorant was this Lares and how stupid was this Ares. They were just p.a.w.ns in their devillishly planned out game. Yes, 'planned out'. Everything was planned beforehand. Why?

Because of her. She was the key to their secret door to success. She was a boon to them. They had found her after many hardships. And that is why they had kept her hidden until they could acquire everything that she could give. And they had also reared these worthless humans along with her to make them their p.a.w.ns against her. Once fully awakened she was a danger to them. For she was 'The Crown of Avyu'. She had the power to destroy them wholly. But they could not destroy her completely. Only she herself could self destruct. So they had raised these twin prawns.

Yes, both were their p.a.w.ns. They were mere chess pieces only. They had brainwashed them to control them. Once they won, they would wipe them out.

As they were discussing their upcoming plans, one amongst them was quietly thinking of something else. She listened everything attentively while maintaining a neutral expression. This had to be reported back to her master.

No matter how worthwhile they think of themselves. They can never defeat us, the spy thought.

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