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Chapter 2 – Accompany Me to Buy Medicine

June 13, his birthday, soon arrived. It was a Monday.

Zhou Hao did not go to the laboratory today. He prepared a bowl of noodles for himself in the morning, and added two fried eggs to it. After breakfast, he went out to buy groceries.

There was a riverside market south of his residential area, and everyone who lived here would buy their groceries there. If he left early, the groceries he bought would also be fresher.

Arriving at the market, the raw poultry and seafood could be smelled, and people could be heard bargaining loudly. It was noisy, pungent and messy, and this was the unchanging impression Zhou Hao had of the market.

Jiang Yuqian had always said, "You don't even blink when you swipe my card, yet you're so stingy when buying groceries. Can't you buy them at the supermarket?”

Each time, Zhou Hao would glare at him, and ignore what he said.

This person would probably never understand that the market was a completely different place from a supermarket. When bargaining at the market, Zhou Hao would feel that he was budgeting for their lives together.

Thinking about that, he would feel that everything was worth it, and could feel the warmth in his heart.

Because, their lives would only get better.

Walking around the market, he bought some chicken, beef and vegetables. Returning back, he went to the bakery at the entrance of his residential area to collect the cake he had ordered yesterday.

Reaching home, Zhou Hao put down the cake and groceries. He took out his phone and sent Jiang Yuqian a message —

"Hey. Come over. I'm making curry chicken today."

Zhou Hao did not know how to be coy, and he never bothered trying. Every time he spoke to Jiang Yuqian, it sounded as though he was commanding him.

There was no response. Zhou Hao seemed to be used to it already. The excitement he had because of his birthday had gradually faded away. Putting the groceries away, he went back to his room and lay down.

Saving himself some trouble, he had a slice of cake for lunch, as well as a c.o.ke from the refrigerator. At night, his gastric pain recurred, and he was in immense pain. Suppressing his pain, he went downstairs to buy some medicine. Luckily, there was a pharmacy at the entrance of his residential estate.

Before he even stepped through the gate, Zhou Hao saw two people walking side by side. He could no longer care about the rolling pain in his stomach, and his eyes gradually narrowed, staring straight at those two people…

They were Jiang Yuqian and Cheng Zixu.

Who was Cheng Zixu? This was a long story. The first time he heard this name, he had only just got to know Jiang Yuqian. There was a time when Jiang Yuqian was drunk. In his confusion, Jiang Yuqian had forcefully kissed him. Tasting nothing but alcohol, he heard this person murmuring with a red face, "Xuxu…"

He abruptly wrenched himself away from that pa.s.sionate situation. It was his first time hearing this name that would affect his extraordinary life.

Only after that did he learn, Xuxu was Cheng Zixu. He was Jiang Yuqian's high school cla.s.smate, and they were apparently deskmates.

As deskmates, there was bound to be some feelings involved. The biggest coincidence was that Cheng Zixu was even in the same faculty as him, and was also in the clinical department.

Over the years, Jiang Yuqian never got what he wished for, the reason being that the little Cheng fellow never managed to accept being a h.o.m.os.e.xual.

And so, the two of them muddled along like this, and in between them appeared a troublemaker Zhou Hao.

This three-sided relationship was fixed firmly.

The apartment Zhou Hao currently lived in was Jiang Yuqian's property. Then, this person had a brainfart, and bought an apartment in the same estate as Cheng Zixu. Would a normal person do something like this? Insisting on placing his will-o'-wisp

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