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<Prologue>Money is heavier than life.

I’m not lucky. Recently if I do anything, I’m still unlucky

The stock investment has also blown of 60% by the Chinese collapse economy&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;.

Oh, I should think it’s a good thing that it didn’t become negative.

Because there’s time I make a profit and times when I suffer a loss.


Now only an RPG can support my emotional. I spent time on RPG, leveling up, and saving money too. Because I made up to lv 99.


Nevertheless, a sudden rise of YEN rate last night, I was surprised.

I looked at the FX chart to see but the more I saw it the more I feel the urge to committed suicide.

Because I do not do FX, It’s another people’s affair. //noixeL: I think what he’s meant that he can’t change anything in the FX chart cuz he’s going poorly. And if you don’t know what FX is, it’s trading charts that show the currencies  going up or down.


Well, I’ll go to my company to earn a daily salary. Because there might be a rush hour, I’ll leave the house rather early today.


Around 7:00am, on j.a.pan rail of Okayama station premises of Okayama-Shi, Okayama Prefecture, two people, a man and a lady were hit by a local train to Ogura.


According to the Okayama central police station, the lady looks like she’s in her mid-40s and the man is thought to be in his 20s, wearing a suit. Witnesses of the case saw a lady at the railroad track and the tried to investigating and identify the situation and thought it might be a possibility of a suicide. But a man is thought to try stopping the lady, but was. .h.i.t together.

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Kawaranu Mono <Kirameki no Gōremu> Kawaranu mono <kirameki no gōremu> Prologue summary

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