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That night, Su Mansion was full of excitement. The juggling team played all night. That time she was still Fu Cold Fragrance, and she was locked up by the Su family in a cabin of the courtyard. The room was full of musty smell, which was probably the most neglected place in the whole Su Mansion.

She listened to the outside music; the sound of suona horn was so clear.

Her heart had been already numb. She had fantasized about marrying her Su countless times, but now she didn't expect to see the wedding with her own eyes, and it's a pity that the bride was not her.

There was a loud bang. She looked up out of the window. The firework went off in the sky, beautiful like spring flowers.

She suddenly laughed coldly. What a luxury! Fireworks were arranged on the wedding day. One was worth about one tael of silver. The thing burnt was not fireworks, but actual silver. Even rich people dared not be so extravagant.

It was obvious that Su family cared about the wedding very much, so they spent much money and put a lot of effort into it.

She laughed and laughed, with tears streaming down her face.

The door was suddenly opened. Outside came a middle-aged lady. She recognized her at a glance that it was Su Yuan's mother, Old Lady Su.

She opened her mouth but finally said nothing. It was extremely kind of the Su family not to report her to the government.

Old Lady Su looked at her and remained silent for a long time. The air was stifling cold.

"Lady, today is my son's wedding day. If you have nothing to do, you can go. The Su family will give you money and send you back. " Her word was to clean up the relationship between the two families.

The friendship of two generations had gone, and the affectionate friends had become strangers.

She looked at Old Lady Su and suddenly smiled: "Aunt Su, don't you recognize me? I am Fragrance. Fu Cold Fragrance. Aren't you the one who love me the most? "

Old Lady Su gasped when she heard this. Her face darkened and her shrewd eyes changed. She sneered, "Fu Cold Fragrance? There is no Fu here. Just go. Otherwise, you should understand the consequences. "

She stood up slowly, and she felt the pain in her heart.

"Auntie, Fu family is in great trouble now. You just sit back and do nothing. Why are you in such a hurry to clean up the relationship?" Her voice was soft but strangely cold.

Old Lady Su took a deep breath and her eyes grew colder. "Some words don't need to be put too clear. Smart people know the hidden meaning. Fu Cold Fragrance, it is not because I am a heartless person. Now the Fu Family will collapse, and there is nothing the Su family can to do. "

"As for Yuan, he still has a bright future. If you really love him, let him find his own happiness. He is now in love with Miss Lin. It is a perfect match. You must not destroy his marriage. "

"You go!" Old Lady Su said and turned decisively.

"No!" Cold Fragrance snapped, "I want to see him! I want him to drive me away with his mouth!"

Old lady Su's eyes were full of disdain: "See him? How could you, the daughter of a guilty family, see him? He is having a wedding now, spending time with the bride. How could you see him? "

It was like something sharp that cut her heart, which caused severe pain. This was called the reversal of the world and the overturning of heaven and earth. The kindest old lady who always said she loved her now turned against her more ruthless than anyone else.

It turned out that all the pledge of love was fake. She was the only one who believed in the so-called pledge of eternal love.

She suddenly smiled, but her eyes were cold as ice, reflecting despair from a dying heart.

"Old Lady Su, if you don't let me see him tonight, when I go to jail in the future, don't blame me for telling some secrets! "

Old Lady Su froze all over. When she came back to her senses, she immediately said angrily: "You! You…"

"Let me see him! The last time! " In the darkness, she said every word firmly. "I want him to tell me with his own mouth that he wants to break up with me."

Old Lady Su's face changed several times. Finally, she gnashed her teeth and said angrily, "Fine! Then you wait! "

She stared at her bitterly: "Fu Cold Fragrance, as you wish, I hope you will know what to do after seeing Yuan!"

Know what to do…

A bleak autumn leaf fell into the ca.n.a.l and floated out of the palace. Ann Brocade looked at the yellow leaf quietly and smiled suddenly.

After all the hardships, perhaps only the moment of death could completely relieve her. This might be her fate that had long been destined to: she could never have her true love but only to continue this way.

"Lady Ann." A faint voice came from behind.

Ann Brocade paused before turning back. She raised her calm eyes to another person who was even calmer.

Eunuch Chang, deputy supervisor of imperial punishment department.

It was not until this time that she could really see the face of the famous eunuch who scared thousands of people to death. He was in his twenties, with a fair face, a soft complexion and a gloomy air.

"Supervisor Chang." She lowered her head and did a curtsey.

Eunuch Chang looked at her, suddenly taking out a handful of ashes from the sleeve. Ann Brocade raised her head and waited quietly for his word.

Eunuch Chang slowly turned the palm upside down, and the ash in the air went with the wind, bringing a faint aroma.

"Is what Longxiu encountered designed by you?" His voice was plain but with irrefutable coldness. "You burned a sleeping incense in the charcoal basin in her house, and then closed the doors and windows to poison her."

Ann Brocade listened quietly, as if listening to other people's story.

"Supervisor Chang, I don't know what you are talking about. But that night Sister Longxiu's house was tightly closed. How could I enter? " She looked at Eunuch Chang with puzzled eyes.

Eunuch Chang silently looked at the exceptionally quiet lady in front of him with gloomy eyes: "I don't know how you arranged all this. However, it is just because of the impossibility that I feel the whole plan can be possible. This incense…only you have the motivation to put it in her house. As for why Longxiu went mad when she woke up, you should know better than everyone else in your heart."

Ann Brocade was silent for a moment, and then suddenly asked, "Does Supervisor Chang suspect me? Do you want me to be arrested by the imperial punishment department and severely tortured?"

Eunuch Chang looked at her whose clear eyes were as deep as the abyss.

His eyes flashed and he said lightly, "Lady Ann need not be nervous. Since I did not disclose the case just now, I will not arrest you in the department."

Ann Brocade's face remained unchanged: "Thank you, Supervisor Chang."

Eunuch Chang gave her a deep look: "However, I want to tell you. There seems to be no trace of what you did, but you can't stand it. The incense ashes just now are the evidence of your guilt."

Ann Brocade was silent.

"Real perfumers leave no trace." Eunuch Chang said and turned around.

"Supervisor Chang, please stay," Ann Brocade's voice suddenly sounded.

He turned around and said, "What else do you have to say?"

Ann Brocade's deep eyes looked at him quietly: "Sister Longxiu’s death is not my fault."

"Oh?" Eunuch Chang didn’t show any mood.

"She did it for herself." Ann Brocade eyes were indifferent, "There is karma in this world. She deserves retribution for the murders she did."

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