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Eunuch Chang watched her leaving, and his eyes had complicated feelings that were hard to know what he was thinking.

An old eunuch came out of the shadow and smiled softly: "This is the first time I have seen the devil of imperial punishment department defeated by a young lady."

Eunuch Chang gave a salute: "Father Fu, it’s embarra.s.sing to let you see this scene."

Eunuch Fu smiled and all the wrinkles left by age appeared on his face: "Was the lady the one I asked Father Chang to investigate?"

"Exactly. She was the one who met Second Royal Highness." Father Chang said lightly, "If it weren't for Father Fu's orders, now she would be whipped in the punishment department."

"Hha..." Eunuch Fu laughed, and his fat cheeks shook. "I didn't know you could tell jokes, it was so funny! Hha..."

Eunuch Fu was laughing his head off. Eunuch Chang frowned at him, and his eyes gradually showed displeasure.

"I just wonder what I said amuses Father Fu so much." He asked.

Eunuch Fu smiled and his old eyes flashed a cunning light. He asked, "Father Chang, do you think the so-called evidence of Ann Brocade's crime can bring her to the punishment department?"

Eunuch Chang frowned and shook his head at last.

It was all his speculation, and the incense ashes could not tell what kind the incense they were. He was just bluffing, and Ann Brocade did not fall for it.

Eunuch Fu said lightly, "Father Chang, what can you do about her? Besides, she is thoughtful and calm. You can't ask and obtain anything even if she is sent to the imperial punishment department."

Eunuch Chang sneered: "That's not necessarily true. We don't need conclusive evidence to send people to punishment department."

"But it is meaningless to kill a waiting lady in vain, isn't it?" Eunuch Fu smiled and said with a good mood, "Father Chang, why is it necessary? She is only a little girl to you. Besides, she also said just now that Longxiu has only herself to blame. How can she become mad without doing something wrong? Compared with Longxiu, Lady Ann is not the one who deserves punishment. "

Eunuch Chang was silent.

Eunuch Fu came forward and patted him on the shoulder. He said affectionately, "Father Chang does not have to be angry. Since this woman has won the favor of Second Royal Highness, she will certainly be useful in the future. This is good for us."

Eunuch Chang's eyes were suspicious, "Did Second Royal Highness really take a fancy to her?"

Eunuch Fu's eyes flashed guiltily. "Aren't we looking for talent for His Royal Highness? I think this girl will certainly be useful to Second Royal Highness in the future. Father Chang, please help to take care of her and don't let her stand in the wrong position."

"Of course," Eunuch Chang showed a solemn look, "I am sure I will repay the kindness of the deceased queen."

Eunuch Fu smiled in relief, took his hand and said, "Second Royal Highness is our master!"

The storm in Yuexiu Palace gradually calmed. Ann Brocade went to the Medicine Hall day every day to learn the way of fragrance. Lady Intellectual Chen had higher and higher expectations for her, and often praised her in front of others.

However, Lady Intellectual Chen’s praise finally attracted the dissatisfaction of the same group of waiting ladies. But what could they do? In distinguishing, appreciating and making fragrance, Ann Brocade was the best of their group, and no one could surpa.s.s her.

But soon, the news spread to other palaces.

On this day, Brocade went to Medicine Hall early as usual. The examination was coming, and the tasks a.s.signed to her by Lady Intellectual Chen piled up. She had to repeatedly identify various spices to be able to speak skillfully about the uses of different spices.

Strict teachers could cultivate high-level students, and the stern teaching of Lady Intellectual Chen made other ladies suffer a lot, but for Ann Brocade, she enjoyed it.

In the forbidden palace, Lady Intellectual Chen could borrow ancient books on spices that couldn’t be seen outside the palace. These precious books that could hardly be seen outside the palace were Ann Brocade’s treasure, and she went to the Medicine Hall early to read books every day.

This day, Brocade took an ancient book after cleaning the incense table as usual.

She didn't know how long it took, suddenly a shadow fell on her table.

Ann Brocade frowned and looked up, finding the three ladies around her.

"Are you Ann Brocade?" The first lady asked.

Ann Brocade put down her notebook and gave a curtsey: "Yes, what can I do for sisters? Are you looking for Lady Intellectual Chen? "

The first lady looked at her up and down. for some reason, Ann Brocade only felt that her eyes were vicious. She could not help but look at the woman.

The maid in front of her was about seventeen or eighteen years old, with oval face and graceful facial features. There was nothing special except that.

The maid raised her pointed chin and proudly asked: "Are you Ann Brocade?"

"Yes. How should I call you, sister?" Brocade asked.

A girl next to the first maid chuckled: "How could someone of your level ask her name?"

Her word showed contempt. Ann Brocade pursed her lips.

The first maid smiled, "My name is Rupei. I entered the palace a year earlier than you, so you can call me Sister Rupei'."

Ann Brocade didn't know what she was doing, so she gave a curtsey and said, "Sister Rupei."

The maid named Rupei found that she was tender, so she looked prouder: "I am not looking for Lady Intellectual Chen today. I heard that Lady Intellectual Chen recently received a very talented apprentice, so I came here specially to have a look."

Ann Brocade said superciliously, "I am flattered. I am just lucky to get better grades than other sisters."

"Hha, it doesn’t matter whether you are lucky or talented. Today I'm here to discuss with you on something." Rupei walked up to her and looked down at the beautiful girl in front of her, with jealousy in her eyes.

Since the first time she saw Ann Brocade, she couldn't help being jealous. However, it was clear that Ann Brocade was not as beautiful as the rumors.

Brocade’s skin was fair, but there was no rosy color in it. She was a little too pale. Although her facial features were good, her eyes drooped a little, and her lips drooped slightly. At first glance, Rupei didn’t think it was a very pleasant face.

But the jealousy was still there, biting her from time to time.

Rupei didn't say a word for a long time. Brocade couldn't help looking at her.

Rupei was startled by her calm eyes. She could not help but wonder: how could these eyes be so deep and cold?

She gathered her thoughts and said, "In five days there will be the examination of distinguishing fragrance. Do you know?"

Ann Brocade nodded.

Rupei suddenly smiled, took Ann Brocade's hand and said, "Sister Brocade, to be honest, it's hard to pa.s.s the examination. There are fewer than four Lady Intellectuals selected each year."

Ann Brocade smiled: "I know."

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