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Chapter 480: Work Hard to Become A Shining Person

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“What’s the name of a fan like you?”

Ning Sheng asked.

The fans he had seen before were all eager to get close to their idols, but Tang Tang was completely different. On the same variety show, Tang Tang was as quiet as a chicken. She was afraid of burdening her idol and did not say anything.

They were filming the same drama, and she even made her idol think that she hated her.

Tang Tang was different from the average person!

“I am Du Wei.” Tang Tang said.

Ning Sheng was speechless. I’m sorry, I’m a loser.

I don’t understand you fans.

“Movie King Gu is no longer an idol. He’s an idol worthy of respect. He’s a senior in the entertainment industry. He’ll have someone he likes and will do what he wants to do. As a fan, I can only wish him well, but I hate those who ride on his popularity. I don’t want people he doesn’t like to ride on his popularity and step on him to get to the top,” Tang Tang tried her best to explain.

“Even if that person is you?” Ning Sheng nodded.

Tang Tang nodded.

Ning Sheng understood.

That was why he was unmoved.

It wasn’t too bad to be like this.

‘Tm here for serious business. I heard that you don’t have an agency, so I wanted to ask you if you want to join Chenguang Entertainment?” Ning Sheng looked at Tang Tang. “I’m sorry. I’ve been investigating your recent situation.” Actually, Tang Tang’s recent situation wasn’t very good.

She had the ability and acting skills, but she was unwilling to play the unspoken rules.

That was why her previous agency had shelved her and terminated her contract.

Moreover, it was banned by the industry.

“Chenguang Entertainment? She heard that Chenguang Entertainment’s CEO Ji was very capable, but his personality wasn’t very good. I might not be able to get along.” Tang Tang said.

She heard that Jichen had a female celebrity as his mistress.

Ning Sheng spread his hands. “Tang Tang, just say it. This guy keeps female celebrities as his mistress every day and then gives them resources. I already knew about it last time.”

“But you are my friend. I’ll introduce you to Chenguang Entertainment so that you can display your abilities. You don’t have to think so much. Just focus on filming.” Ning Sheng then called Ji Chen.

Tang Tang looked at Ning Sheng, feeling that she was living a carefree life.

Such a girl was really an existence that he was especially envious of.

He did whatever he wanted.

Moreover, he could do anything.

She wasn’t jealous or envious. She was just looking forward to it.

Soon, the call was picked up.

“Sister Sheng, what happened? You actually called me!” It was a little noisy on Jichen s end, but as he spoke slowly, the noise grew softer.

“Is your company short of artistes recently?” Ning Sheng asked.

What?” Ji Chen was stunned. “Our company has always been lacking.” “I have a beautiful lady here. She’s very capable, pretty, and generous. She’s also very capable and can take a beating. She’s the female lead of ‘Red Eyebrows’ this time. Take a look and see if you can sign her?” Ning Sheng immediately turned on the speaker.

If Jichen said anything wrong, he wouldn’t have the chance.

Ji Chen was struggling to survive.

“Who are you talking about? Luo Xiang? Sister Sheng, stop fooling around. Chenguang doesn’t want that kind of person. It’s too disgusting. He doesn’t have any ability and yet he’s still a troublemaker. He’s tearing this and that every day.” Ji Chen instinctively denied it. “Even if it’s for you and Master Yao’s sake, I’ll really…Besides, isn’t he from Stars Entertainment?”

So Jichen hadn’t been looking at the trending searches on Weibo recently? Young Master Ji, you haven’t seen the trending searches recently, have you?” “… Yes, stay at home to accompany the elderly.”

After all, it was not easy for the old master to let her go home, so she had to perform well. He couldn’t do anything too out of line.

After this period of time, he would be able to wreak havoc again.

The main thing was that Master Yao had solved the problem for him last time. Now that the problem had come, he was embarra.s.sed to let Master Yao handle it. He was still blacklisted by Master Yao.

However, why was Sister Sheng related to a woman like Luo Xiang?

He had to remind her!

I m not talking about Luo Xiang, I’m talking about Tang Tang. Luo Xiangla stepped on Movie King Gu,” Ning Sheng said nonchalantly. “I’ll get the Gu Corporation and Xiyao to invest in the production team and change the female lead.”

Jichen was speechless.

Sister Sheng, can you not be so domineering?

Why didn’t you say you were investing?

I’m good! Put a female supporting character in!

“So you’re talking about Tang Tang?” Ji Chen asked.


“I’ve seen Tang Tang before. She’s a pretty girl with a lot of spirit. I don’t know how good his acting skills are. However, she has a flaw.” Ji Chen was extremely serious when it came to work.

“What flaws?” Ning Sheng asked Tang Tang.

“Too honest.”

Ning Sheng:”??”


“In the variety show, everyone is fighting for the spotlight. She’s the only one allowed to work hard.” Ji Chen said, “Although this kind of character is good, she’s a newcomer. She won’t be able to please the audience in the variety show.”

Ning Sheng didn’t expect Ji Chen to pay attention to Tang Tang.

However, she didn’t want to tell Jichen that Tang Tang was like this because Mr. Gu was there. She was a fan of Movie King Gu and didn’t want to cause any trouble. She wanted to share some of his burden.

“So, what do you think?”

“Doesn’t she have a management company? Where would they shoot the movie? I’ll go over and take a look. I’ll personally ask her if she wants to join Chenguang Entertainment. I’ll ask her what she thinks of herself and then arrange the follow-up work. The premise is that she’s willing to join Chenguang Entertainment.”

Young Master Ji, do you have a girlfriend recently?” Ning Sheng asked.

Jichen was speechless.^!.

Just one word, embarra.s.sed!

He was so embarra.s.sed that he couldn’t speak!

Girlfriends are like floating clouds in the sky!

Tve been too busy recently. I’ve been busy with my family and work. I’m not in the mood to think about a girlfriend at all. Besides, I’ve already decided to find the right person. Ordinary people can’t pique my interest.” These words were Just short of castrating himself to prove his innocence.

Ning Sheng did not say anything and hung up.

“Do you think it’s okay? If it’s possible, I’ll give Jichen your contact information Although he’s unreliable, he’s still capable. A talent like you shouldn’t be buried by this big dye vat.”

“Why are you helping me?” Tang Tang looked at Ning Sheng and asked calmly.

“I told you, we are friends.”

Tang Tang was a little embarra.s.sed when she heard this answer.

“Actually, I don’t really want to trust my friends because I’m always betrayed. My former colleagues, my management company, my manager. But then I thought it through. Fortunately, the idol I’m a fan of is the most upright person in the world. You too, Ning Sheng. You’re a very outstanding girl.” Tang Tang looked at Ning Sheng.

She was so outstanding that people yearned to be her.

“You too. Work hard to become a shining person.” Ning Sheng looked at Tang Tang. “Only when your ability and strength match your status will no one say that you’re stepping on Movie King Gu. You don’t have to worry about being a freeloader. You can communicate with him.”

They were two extremes.

At first, Luo Xiang almost stuck to Movie King Gu.

However, Tang Tang was a true fan, and she was afraid of being criticized by her idol..

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