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Chapter 472: Terrifying

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“Well, we’re just pa.s.sing by.” Ning Sheng said.

It was better for this brother not to act pretentious. It was not good.

Moreover, this woman looked murderous and did not give them any face at all. Were they also residents of Yong’an Village? Why did it look so terrifying?

“Pa.s.sing by? You’ve been here for a long time, and you’ve even taken photos. Do you think I didn’t see it?” The woman’s voice was very cold. As she spoke, the snake beside her was also very aggressive and threatening.

Ning Sheng was speechless.

How long have you been here?

How terrifying.

However, Ning Sheng was most afraid of snakes.

She could still accept those insects, but she had almost been bitten by a snake when she was young and had a strong psychological trauma. Now that she saw this snake, she could think of what had happened before.

“Then tell me, what do you want?” Ning Sheng asked.

“You have to forget what you saw.” The woman said. Then, she took out a box from her bag and opened it. There were three small bugs inside.

Ning Sheng looked at the box.

Lu He and Lu Cheng also looked at the box. They had long been prepared to fight. They were not afraid of this woman, but the snake on her body was a red snake, and it should be a snake king. If something really happened, it was very likely that they would be surrounded by snakes.

Unfortunately, Miss Ning Sheng seemed to be afraid of snakes.

“Eat it and I’ll let you go. If you don’t eat it, you’ll die.”

This was a choice.

Eat this strange bug and live.

He didn’t eat. He chose to die here.

“Excuse me, is there a third option?” Ning Sheng raised his hand weakly.

“You’ll become like the person behind you,” the woman was stunned.

“Then forget it.”

Lu He and Lu Cheng had already subconsciously blocked Ning Sheng in the middle. Although Ning Sheng was afraid of snakes and her legs trembled, she still stood up straight and asked,” May I ask what your name is?” Do you know him? Or do you know the village chief? Are we friends of the village chief?”

Now, he could only start a psychological war.

“Are you guys Arso’s friends?” The woman was puzzled. “It seems that I have to make sure you can’t leave this place. He told the people outside the village the secret and killed my child.”

It was over.

This snake girl had a grudge against the village chief.

“That’s fine. Since you have a grudge against him, why don’t you kill him?” Ning Sheng asked in return, gesturing for Lu He to look at the escape route. He could not continue to waste time here.

Dragging it out was equivalent to courting death!

“Kill him? If not for the fact that I can’t kill him!” Snake Girl was furious.

“What if I kill him for you?” Ning Sheng looked at Snake Girl and asked. Are you willing to let the three of us go?”

When she said this, not only Snake Girl, but Lu He and Lu Cheng were also shocked.

Miss Ning Sheng, what’s wrong with you?

“Do you think I’ll believe you? You just said that you were friends with that person, but now you’re saying that you want to help me kill my enemy. You’re simply joking with me.” Snake Girl looked at Ning Sheng coldly, not believing him at all.

“We used to be friends, but!” Ning Sheng’s tone suddenly changed.” Previously, he said that he wanted to do business and we risked our lives for him. In the end, he actually changed our original business route and took all the funds by himself. We had no choice!”

As he spoke, he looked at Snake Girl and realized that her expression had changed.

Then, he continued, “That’s why we’re here today to settle scores with him. In the end, we haven’t even found him yet, and we’re already here. This is our first time here in Yong’an Village, so we’re not familiar with the roads.”

Snake Girl didn’t say anything and was still weighing her options.

So they were friends. Had they changed because of a conflict of interest?

Indeed, humans were like this.

Money transactions were always the most important.

Nothing else mattered.

For the sake of benefits, what was a friend? Life was nothing.

“You don’t even know the way in Yong’an Village. How can I expect you to help me take revenge? Besides, you would betray Arso for your lives, and you would betray me for other choices. Outsiders like you are not worthy of being trusted!”

When he said the last sentence, he was furious.

The emotions of the Red Serpent beside him were also affected.

Ning Sheng was exhausted. Couldn’t they just talk nicely?

“Lu Cheng gave us the news. They’re in Yong’an Village now.” Lu Qi said.

“Is there any danger?” Lu Chuyao asked. “There are poisonous insects and snakes there. I remember Ning Sheng’s information saying that she’s very afraid of snakes. I wonder if she’ll encounter them.”

He was a little worried.

“Should we go over and take a look? It’s only for 10 minutes.”

Lu Qi could tell that Master Yao was worried about Miss Ning Sheng.

However, he didn’t understand. Since he was worried, why didn’t he go over?

“Lu Qi, she must know something in Yong An Village. If she knows that I’m hiding something from her and is unwilling to see me, what should I do?” Lu Chuyao seemed to be really worried about this problem.

He was not afraid of anything.

He was afraid that Ning Sheng would be in a bad mood and lose confidence in him.

Lu Qi had never seen Master Yao not confident before, but ever since he had Miss Ning Sheng, it was as if he had a soft spot. She had always been afraid of losing him.

Lu Qi couldn’t help but say, “So what? Miss Ning Sheng loves you as a person and nothing else. Moreover, when she met you, she thought that you were just an unemployed person who had just lost your job in a nightclub. At that time, she didn’t despise you. Why would she despise you now?”

After saying that, he just wanted to slap himself.

His mouth was too fast, and he spoke too quickly.

In the end, he offended his superior.

He looked at Master Yao and said, “Master Yao, I was too impatient. Please forgive me.” I can organize my words and say it again.”

She was scared.

“You don’t have a chance anymore.”

Lu Qi was speechless. It can’t be, right?

“Go and prepare. Find Lu Cheng’s location.”

Lu Qi was originally dejected. When he heard this, he immediately raised his head and said seriously, “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely prepare well. We will definitely be able to find Miss Ning Sheng.”

“Don’t alert the enemy. If she’s fine, we’ll pretend that she didn’t appear. If there’s anything, we’ll go over, understand?” Lu Chuyao patted Lu Qi’s shoulder, signaling him to stop being so aggressive.


Lu Chuyao looked at his phone, hoping that he wouldn’t get any news that would make Ning Sheng break down. He had received information about this place before, and they were all selling poisonous flowers, insects, and snakes to other places.

Especially poisonous insects.

It was said that some poisonous insects were refined. If it was not the pure blood of a young girl, it would cause a woman to feel the eggs of pregnancy. The woman must wait until she was pregnant for ten months before she gave birth and torture her to death. Only then would the fear and hatred before her death pa.s.s through her body and enter the eggs she gave birth to when she died. It could be said to be a deadly poison.

There were also some poisonous insects, scorpions, and snakes that ate and killed each other. The last thing left was the most poisonous Gu worm..

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