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Published at 6th of May 2020 08:41:07 AM
Chapter 67

“WYD’s Mid-laner, Ca.s.siopeia is actually trying to cut off the jungle area . The mid-laner’s IQ is utterly crushed by G.o.d Kun!” wawa held back his laughter while saying .

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There wasn’t a choice, when being a shoutcaster, one must not have too much personal feeling .

But Ca.s.siopeia, Braum, and Caitlyn were truly like fools as they were still searching for Sion .

Little did they imagine that Sion had already been pulled back into the brush by Kalista and was waiting to ambush someone .

“WTH, where is Sion?!” Braum went into the brush near the inner turret and still didn’t see any signs of Sion, causing him to curse with anger .

“G.o.d d.a.m.n it . He must have entered the jungle area . I will go over from the mid-lane!” Ca.s.siopeia disregarded her mid-lane’s minions .

When comparing a kill to a few minions, getting the kill was much more profitable .

Ca.s.siopeia entered the jungle area to search for Sion while saying in the team voice chat, “Sion missed his ult and Kalista has run . The bot-lane has a large minion wave, Caitlyn should go back and get the minions, I will take Sion’s head . ”

“Wth, I am not farmed at all, why don’t you give me the kill!” Caitlyn was rather unhappy .

“If you go to the bot-lane now, you will be able to take three to four waves of minions, it is much better than a kill . Furthermore, I am a little more farmed than the opposition’s Mid-laner and we will at least be able to win on one of the lanes . ”

Caitlyn wasn’t satisfied, but it was indeed the case .

She was behind by a lot and even if she took the kill on Sion, it wasn’t going to be useful . It would be better to give it to their Mid-laner, at least they might be able to turn the match using the mid-lane .

Furthermore, there were plenty of minions at the bot-lane while Sion and Kalista were not around . If she could push the lane back, she wouldn’t just be able to farm, she could also make Kalista lose out on one wave of minions . No matter what, the outcome would be good .

As such, Caitlyn gave up on the search and returned back to the bot-lane .

When Caitlyn walked onto the bot-lane, wawa sighed: “Caitlyn is done for . ”

Just as wawa’s voice ended, Xiao Ran let out lowly laughter and said, “Haha, she is coming, take a look at my great Q!”

Caitlyn was totally unaware that there was an ambush in the crush and was smashed up by Sion’s fully charged Q .

Knockup + Stun .

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Another E spell was used for the follow up .

There was also Kalista who was leading Caitlyn by one complete item .

There wasn’t any suspense at all .


Kalista, 5/0/0, a dream match .

Rita was stunned: “I feel that my worldview is about to collapse . Everyone says that G.o.d Kun has profound strategies but I didn’t think it would be so profound . It is simply extremely and incomparably dirty!”

Mille: “Ahhh, I didn’t think that these two champions can be played like this!”

wawa looked at Mille and Rita while asking: “Do you understand this strategy?”

Mille shook his head: “I never imagined that these two champions could be played like this . You better explain to the audiences that are flabbergasted . ”

wawa spoke excitedly: “First step, all bot-lane wards in the brush must be removed and to make sure that the enemy doesn’t have vision of the brush . ”

“Second step, release all spells brainlessly and push the lane with an insane pace . When the minions are all dead, Sion will immediately start the ult and it must miss the enemy champions . ”

“Final step, wait for the prey and kill whoever comes!”

Rita didn’t know to laugh or cry: “When WYD was searching for Sion, it seemed like all of them were feeling confused as to where Sion was? They never imagined that Sion had been pulled back into the brush by Kalista and were lying in ambush . ”

Mille: “I suddenly recalled a variety show . ”

Wawa immediately sang: “Father, father, where have you gone…”
(TL note: The variety show is )

“I reckon that Caitlyn’s head was filled with question marks when she was ambushed . ”

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“Take a look, Sion and Kalista recalled to base after clearing the minion wave . Why didn’t they push the turret?”

wawa chuckled: “They are probably saving the turret to kill the enemies a few more times to get fed . ”

wawa was right . Next up was purely Sion and Kalista’s performance .

Kalista would use her ult to pull Sion before smashing at Caitlyn .

1 . 5 sec knockup + 1 . 25 sec stun . It was a chain cc!
(TL note: CC is crowd control like stun, slow, immobilize, etc)

With Caitlyn’s current weak health, Sion didn’t even have to use ult . They would dive the turret with Kalista’s ult knock up + Sion’s QE combo to force a kill .

There wasn’t a need to elaborate on the things that happened later on .

The gold lead was simply too much .

During the first team fight, Sion used his ult and immediately followed with a Q to stun three enemy champions . When Sion used his ult, Rumble had also immediately used his ult to burn the opposition .

The outcome was three clean kills and two mid-lane turrets taken down .

During the second team fight, Sion used his ult and followed up with Q, but the ally Graves and Malzahar weren’t around, causing Sion to die at the frontlines .

But WYD was stupefied again . Originally, they thought that this team fight was their win, in the end, Kalista pulled the reanimated Sion and tossed Sion into their team .

Sion who had been reanimated by his pa.s.sive ability had smashed into the enemy team with Kalista’s ult, causing a knock up . Rumble, Kalista, and the reanimated Sion went into a 3v5 team fight, killing 4 in exchange for 1 ally death .

The outcome was two top-lane turrets taken down .

At the bot-lane, Malzahar worked together with Graves to take down the two turrets too .

Subsequently, they took down Baron and entered the enemy base .

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“Haha, they are all dying, hurry up and kill them! Rend!” Xiao Ran’s screen turned black and white but he had already fulfilled his role thoroughly .

Kalista used E to pull out the spears and executed consecutive Es to take three clean kills .

“How is my Support? I fed you well right?” Xiao Ran laughed heartily .

“Yes, yes, having your as Support is the same as having the world!” Kalista gave an emotional reply .

Actually, inside of Xiao Ran’s heart, he was thinking…

Isn’t the ADC just a mad dog that I raised? I will ask him to bite whoever I want him to bite .


He bit three enemy champions to death in this team fight, satisfying!

Xiao Ran had yet to revive, but the four dogs he raised…

Oh… his four teammates had already destroyed WYD’s nexus!

A brilliant victory . The four other members of JAY had been feeling apprehensive for an entire day, but had now let out a breath of relief!

“Ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t expect for this match to end so quickly . But this match’s marvelous highlights were totally outside of my expectations . ”

“Let’s congratulate JAY for the victory and for G.o.d Kun’s victory for his professional debut!!!”

When the red side’s ‘Victory’ symbol was displayed on the giant LED screen, there was silence .

JAY had defeated WYD?

Furthermore… it was a victory with such dominance?

This was an outcome that none of the supporters for either team had expected .

Most of the JAY supporters were actually here to support Xiao Ran but they knew that JAY and WYD had a huge skill difference .

But at the end, JAY had actually won and it was such a clean victory!!

The venue was so quiet that a pin drop could be heard until the first applause .

It was a solo applause without regards for others .

Immediately after, the person beside stood up to applaud too .

The audiences stood up one after the other .

The applause gradually converged .

The sound of the applause was getting louder and louder . Many of the players and audience in the venue had suddenly come back to their senses and had also stood up to applaud vigorously .

Finally, the entire venue hall was filled with unending and pa.s.sionate applause, cheers, and screams!




“G.o.d Kun!!!”

“G.o.d Kun!!!”

“G.o.d Kun!!!”

The stadium in Shanghai was echoing roof-shaking cheers for JAY and G.o.d Kun!

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