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Chapter 67- Man Slag Ye Tian Feng

Mu Ting Er‘s heart was in such incredible pain that her mind instantly blanked. She looked at the girl who coiled her hands around Ye Tian Feng’s neck, dominating his body’s warmth.

“Your Highness, I have sacrificed so much for you, and this is how you treat me?” Mu Ting Er bitterly smiled, her tears flowing like torrential rain. Her eyelashes trembled from the tears, making her look exceptionally fragile and thus attracting a person’s feelings of tenderness. “Initially, if it wasn’t for my hopes of marrying Your Highness, why would I even partic.i.p.ate in that compet.i.tion? If it wasn’t for you, why could it have happened like it had?”

There was guilt in Ye Tian Feng’s heart, but his guilt meant nothing. He could no longer marry Mu Ting Er as his wife. It was even more impossible for him to only have her in his entire life, so he didn’t feel unwarranted.

“Ting Er, I’ll give you a t.i.tle.”

Mu Ting Er’s eyes lit up. “Really? Your Highness will still marry me?”

Seeing the young girl’s hope-filled gaze, Ye Tian Feng found it hard to be cruel to her. Yet, even if he couldn’t bear it, he still had to toughen his heart. An immoral girl couldn’t be a part of the Royal family.

“Ting Er, I’ve already spoken to my Royal Father. He agreed to let you be my concubine.”


The ray of light in Mu Ting Er’s eyes dimmed, bit by bit. She suddenly broke into laughter. With a smile that made her look extremely crazed, she exclaimed, “Your Highness, I’ve done so much for you, and this is your repayment? Concubine? Hahaha! So, after all the things that I’ve done for you, it only ends with me becoming your concubine.”

Upon saying that, Mu Ting Er gritted her teeth, hatred appearing in her eyes.

“Your Highness.” The beautiful girl pouted, unhappy as she gave a side-glance at the pale Mu Ting Er. “Can you let her leave first? Your servant still wants to continue.”

“s.l.u.t!” Mu Ting Er’s expression changed as she brandished a white length of cloth at the beautiful girl. “You pester His Highness to do such things with you. I’ll ruin your face, and then we will see whether you’ll still be able to seduce His Highness!”

If it were the usual Mu Ting Er, she wouldn’t do that. But now, she had completely lost her sanity. Her mind was stuck on the image of their tangled bodies.

How could any girl endure seeing their beloved doing that with another girl? Currently, all she wanted to do was kill that girl.

A slender hand firmly held onto the white length of cloth Mu Ting Er had thrown out and tugged on it hard. Mu Ting Er flew uncontrollably towards them. Just as her face paled in fright, she saw a hand slap towards her face.

Ye Tian Feng looked coldly at Mu Ting Er. A gloomy expression was on his handsome face, his hand still tightly gripping that white cloth. Perhaps, it was due to his anger that the veins on his hand could be clearly seen.


He lifted his leg and viciously kicked Mu Ting Er’s stomach, causing her body to fly and viciously collide with the wall in a split second. A trail of blood flowed out from the corner of her lips.

‘It hurts. It really hurts!‘

Mu Ting Er gripped her chest as she curled up on the floor. Her beautiful complexion was terrifyingly pale. Cold sweat dripped down the delicate outline of her face. Her heart, however, felt a greater wrenching pain than that of his kick.

“Mu Ting Er, she’s my concubine, so serving me is natural. You actually wanted her life! It was lucky I knew your true character early on. If not, wouldn’t you have disrupted my entire manor after I married you?”

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