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Chapter 506

Chapter 506 -Return To Sheng Domain Part 3

She suddenly raised a hand to cover her lips as tears of excitement slipped down her face. Her body shuddered slightly as her gentle eyes stared unblinkingly at those few people that were nearing them.

It was them… They had finally returned!

The heavens knew how greatly she had missed them these past two years. How could she not be jubilant from this two year reunion after going without any news about them.

A white robed figure descended to stand before Madam Sheng Yue.

This girl also couldn’t help but be stirred up, but she forcibly suppressed it as she said, “Mother, I am home…”

That’s right, she had returned.

How could she not missed her parents after being separated for two years? But she definitely wouldn’t return to the Xiao family if she hadn’t yet reunited with her eldest brother. Many incidents had occurred during her search for him which resulted in this delayed reunion with her parents…

“Yue Er!”

Madam Sheng Yue raised a hand to pull Mu Ru Yue in her embrace as she said repeatedly, “It is good that you’re back.”

Xiao Tian Yu stared at the crowd before him and his heart gradually relaxed. When his gaze shifted toward Yao Yun Qing and Zi Qian Jing, he couldn’t help but feel that Zi Qian Jing’s appearance was similar to Ye Wu Chen’s…

‘Can that fellow be Ye Wu Chen’s illegitimate son?’

Xiao Tian Yu’s expression darkened when he thought about that and looked somewhat displeased at Ye Wu Chen as he asked, “May I know who these two people are?”

Ye Wu Chen’s brows rose with doubtfulness in his purple eyes. He didn’t know how he had provoked his father-in-law.

“Father.” Mu Ru Yue left Madam Sheng Yue’s embrace as she said with smiles, “Let me introduce them to you. This is Yao Yun Qing. She is a friend that I had befriended in the Central Region Academy. She is also my future sister-in-law.”


That phrase struck like lightning into the hearts of the crowd.

Madam Sheng Yue sized Yao Yun Qing up from top to bottom. The more she looked, the more she was satisfied with her. No matter what, she was far superior than that woman from the Wu family.

She went forth with a smile and grasped the other’s hand as she asked gently, “You are Yao Yun Qing?”

Yao Yun Qing nodded slightly. With a dazzling smile, she replied, “That’s right, Madam.”

“Little girl, you are going to be my daughter-in-law soon. Why are you still calling me Madam? You can just call me mother like how Feng Er calls me. Feng Er is really fortunate to find such a sensible and pretty wife.”

Yao Yun Qing’s complexion flushed as she lowered her head with slight bashfulness.

Yue Er didn’t tell her that her mother was this pa.s.sionate…

“Yue Er, who is this little brat then?” Xiao Tian Yu narrowed his eyes and continued, “He can’t be Ye Wu Chen’s illegitimate son, right? How can he look so similar then?”


Ye Wu Chen was at a loss of words for a short moment. Now it wasn’t a mystery as to why his father-in-law had some animosity toward him. It was due to Zi Qian Jing…

“Father, even if they look similar, they should still be brothers. How can Wu Chen have such a grown-up son?” Mu Ru Yue shook her head helplessly.

Xiao Tian Yu suddenly got back to his senses.

‘That’s right. Ye Wu Chen is only about twenty years of age. He wouldn’t be able to have such a grown up son even if he had that child when he was ten. It seems that I have really misunderstood him…’

“Then who is he…”

“He is Zi Qian Jing.” Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze toward Zi Qian Jing. With a smile, she continued, “I will explain more about him once we head back to the Xiao family. That’s right, there are a couple of people that came to the Sheng Domain with us. Ancestor elders of the Xiao family, you can come out now…”

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