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Chapter 1- The Trash

The Mu Manor

The sunset shone into the back-end courtyard and the leaves reflected it in faint gleams. Evenings here were so tranquil that it seemed like only the soft rustling of leaves in the wind could be heard.

“Your Highness, do you really think that our current actions are appropriate? After all, you still have an engagement with my elder sister.” The young girl flushed and raised her head shyly as she leaned her delicate, alabaster-like body into the man’s well-built chest. “If our relationship were to be discovered by elder sister……”

“Are you referring to that useless piece of trash?” The man frowned, an action which marred his handsome appearance, a trace of disdain in his response to the girl’s words. “When we are together, you mustn’t mention that repulsive girl to me. As for the engagement, it means nothing to me, I will rescind it someday. How can trash like her be my wife?! Ting Er, trust me, I will give you a legitimate ident.i.ty. Only you can be matched with me!”

“Your Highness……” Mu Ting Er was moved, but she replied again with difficulty, “Won’t this still be too unfair to elder sister? She’s still my elder sister after all.”

Hearing her words, the man tightened his arms around her as he said tenderly, “Ting Er, you’re too kind. It’s her fortune to have you as her sister. If she still doesn’t recognize your kind intentions, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Mu Ting Er had tears in the corners of her eyes as she lowered her head into his chest, but at the same time her lips unconsciously curled up into a sneer. Her scheme had succeeded.

At this moment, they heard a shriek.

“Ah! You two…..You two……”

Mu Ru Yue tightly covered her mouth as she gazed with disbelief at the adultery in front of her. The couple had been caught completely naked. Tears flowed uncontrollably. At this moment, her heart seemed to have been viciously pierced.

The man frowned, and used a piece of the clothing at his side to cover their bodies. He looked at Mu Ru Yue with a frown, expressing undisguised frustration and disgust.

“I’ve told you long ago to stay out of my sight! Now, you have actually disturbed Ting Er and I. If it wasn’t for you being a daughter of the Mu family, you wouldn’t live to see another day!”

Seeing the man protecting Mu Ting Er in his embrace, Mu Ru Yue bit hard on her lips, her eyes bloodshot and filled with tears born of grievance.

His words were like a sharp blade that ruthlessly pierced her heart, making her feel that she was in so much pain that she did not want to continue living.

‘So, in his heart, I’m only an insignificant person. Then why did he treat me with tenderness when I was less than 5 years old? If it hadn’t been for that tenderness, I wouldn’t have been attracted to him, unable to stay away.’

However, after being tested for her innate ability when she was five, she had discovered that all her muscles and meridians were blocked, making her a trash that couldn’t cultivate. All of his tenderness had left her then.

“Shut up!”

The sudden cry gave Mu Ru Yue a fright. She didn’t know what she had said wrong, so she looked back at him with feelings of hurt. His face had turned ashen.

Ye Tian Feng looked with disdain upon the young teary-face girl before him and sneered, “Mu Ru Yue, what do you have that can be compared to Ting Er? You don’t even deserve to be compared to her shoes!”

“Your Highness……” Mu Ting Er hastily held back Ye Tian Feng. “Your Highness, please stop. It is my fault. I shouldn’t…… I shouldn’t have agreed with Your Highness. Ting Er has always thought that our love would be blessed by everyone, but I have forgotten that elder sister is deeply in love with you. Your Highness, I beg for you to stop hurting elder sister. She is a good girl…….”

The single teardrop that flowed down the tender curve of her lovely face made Ye Tian Feng’s heart ache.

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