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Xi Anwei asked Xi Sheng with a voice akin to begging and threatening:"Can't you accept me?"

He stood up and sat beside Xi Sheng and look at her fondly with a touch of insanity.

His mind is currently hanging in a dangerous and obsessive state. If Xi Sheng's answer didn't satisfy him, it can lead to her death. One sentence can decide whether she live or not. His nature is 'If I can't have you, might as well destroy you.'

Xi Sheng saw his pretentiousness. She smirked at him, causing Xi Anwei to soften his gaze and lose all of his focus.

'Finally, you smile and focus all of your attention on me.'

When Xi Sheng saw his response, she chuckled even more. She was about to deliver a slap in Xi Anwei's face.

Xi Sheng:" Xi Anwei, even if you capture me and injected an aphrodisiac, I will never satisfy myself using a used goods like yourself."

The smile in Xi Anwei's face vanish and replaced by shame, anguish and deep resentment. He failed to notice the ridicule behind her words, but give more concern to his own interpretation.

'If I wasn't use by Xi An, then you will accept and love me right?'

Xi Anwei who was dissolved in laughter, grab Xi Sheng collar and look straight into her eyes.

"Used goods or not, I will make your body love me."

He unfastened Xi Sheng's belt and unb.u.t.ton her shirt.

"Xi Anwei!"

She can't do anything but to wriggle her body to slow Xi Anwei stripping her.

"Stop moving."

He saw Xi Sheng's collar bones and slim waist. This is the person he dreams about, the person he longs the most, the person he wants lo love but seeing Xi Sheng refusal towards his advancements, he didn't feel the excitement but the torment. His so-called love met with demise. He tried to hold back the tears as his lips trembled. He wants Xi Sheng, but he never wanted to be scorn by her. The past...he can never go back.

Before his plans could sail, a sudden bang was heard in the room. The man who betrayed Xi Sheng and put her into a shameful state quickly charge at Xi Anwei and punched him.


Xi Anwei's body was sent flying into a corner by Zhao Fang's punch.

Zhao Fang tilted his head and walk to Xi Sheng's. He thought he was late and Xi Anwei have already defiled her. Thankfully, Xi Sheng was still alright. He didn't dare to look directly into her face so his head hung low while fixing her clothes. He sells this person to a devil in order to benefit himself. Zhao Fang regretted his decision.

His skin brushed into her waist, making him nervous. Not only Xi Anwei dreamed of Xi her, Zhao Fang was also haunted by Xi Sheng's silhouette from the day Xi Ansheng proposed 'sleeping.'

He was unwilling at first, but after Xi Sheng rejected his offer, he was delighted and disappointed. When Xi Sheng 'saved' him from the hands of a pervert, his heart beats faster and blood rushed into his face. He was fascinated by her touch, he can't even explain how and why; It's just like an instinct.


When Xi Sheng gasped for a mouthful of air, it was witnessed by a lunatic and a deviant. Zhao Fang had the urge to touch her but before he could achieve his goals, he met Xi Sheng's savage and menacing look, it gave almost gave him a heart attack. Before he could recover from his stupor, he felt stinging pain in his left cheek. He was forced back to retreat from his previous location.


"Hmp! Little traitor, how can you have the guts to face 'him' ? Aren't you ashamed by yourself?"

Xi Anwei stood up and look down at the lying Zhao Fang with maddening provocation.

Zhao Fang was stricken by his words but retorted back:" Heh... At least I'm better than you who seduced his own uncle in order to detain his cousin."

Xi Sheng's blank eyes watch them as they quarrel. Her hands are starting to feel free from the rope. A small smile escaped from her lips. Beautiful but contains no joy.

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