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Chapter 995 - 995 Body Search

995 Body Search

Qiao Yu was still in dire straits. Every day, not only did she have to serve Su Liang, but she also had to go out to buy groceries. At first, Su Liang was very generous, but as it approached the end of the month, he gave her less and less money and yet he wanted to have meat for every meal. If Qiao Yu did not buy meat, she would get scolded when she returned home.

Did he think she had magical powers? It was as if she could conjure up whatever she wanted.

At night, Su Liang would happily go to Qiao Yu’s house to wait for dinner. His current lifestyle was what he had always dreamed of. He did not have to endure Old Madam Fan’s nagging and Su Yang’s noisiness, and he also had money every day without having to work. Once he went home, there was even hot food on the table. Most importantly, there was also a beautiful young lady waiting for him to go home.

Such days were really too blissful!

However, as soon as Qiao Yu brought out the food, Su Liang was very dissatisfied. For a few days in a row, Qiao Yu had only made one dish, and it was always a stew. The dish was tasteless and she did not seem to know how to cook something else.


“Why is there so little meat today! Didn’t I give you meat coupons!” Su Liang said unhappily.

Qiao Yu looked at Su Liang aggrievedly and said, “I don’t have any! The money and coupons you gave me are only enough to buy so much!”

“Do you take me for a fool! My mother can buy a lot of things with those coupons, but you only manage to make this vegetable dish! Tell me! Did you pocket everything!” Su Liang shouted as he pointed at Qiao Yu.

“I didn’t pocket anything. There’s really only so much. What’s the use of me pocketing these things!” Qiao Yu said aggrievedly.

The amount of food that Su Liang gave her was not even enough for her to eat on her own, so why would she want to pocket any? Before having to run a household, she really did not know how expensive things like firewood, rice, oil and salt were. Old Madam Fan had so much stuff because half of what she had were a result of her s.n.a.t.c.hing them shamelessly from others. Was she supposed to go out and s.n.a.t.c.h things too?

Su Liang did not believe what Qiao Yu said and went forward to rummage through her pockets. Just as the two of them were struggling with each other, the b.u.t.tons on Qiao Yu’s shirt popped open. Qiao Yu was so frightened that she quickly covered her chest and ran out crying. Su Liang did not even know what had happened.

“B*tch! You still know how to run away! If you have the guts, then don’t come back! You can freeze to death outside! I hope you starve to death!” Su Liang muttered to himself.

Even if Qiao Yu was not around, Su Liang would still finish all the food. It would be a waste not to eat the food that he paid for.

Qiao Yu was not even wearing a cotton-padded jacket. Everyone watched her run down the street with disheveled hair and clothes. Many people were curious about what she had experienced.

“Isn’t that… Su Yang’s girlfriend?” an elderly female neighbor said hesitantly.

“That’s her! Why is she running out in the middle of the night? Where is she going?” Another female neighbor looked curiously in the direction Qiao Yu had left.

“Forget it, forget it. Let’s go back. It’s the Su family’s affair so let’s pretend that we didn’t see anything. Otherwise, Old Madam Fan will come and cause trouble again.” Everyone returned home and closed their house doors tightly, worried that they would be implicated.

Qiao Yu only stopped when she reached Qiao Mei’s main door. She confirmed the location repeatedly by checking the mark she had left at the corner of the wall.

“Open the door!!! Open the door! Help!” Qiao Yu shouted as she banged on the door frantically.

Everyone in Qiao Mei’s family usually rested very early and everyone had long gone to bed. When the deafening knocks on the main door sounded, Xia He impatiently put on her cotton-padded jacket and went to the door to listen carefully to the voice outside. She found it to be quite familiar.

“I’m looking for Li Gui! I’m her younger sister! Open the door quickly and let me in!” Qiao Yu shouted.

Xia He gently opened the door a crack and Qiao Yu rushed in without another word. Xia He was caught off guard and got knocked into a pillar, waking everyone up.

Qiao Mei arrived at the courtyard in a daze. Before she could regain her senses, she saw Qiao Yu barging around the courtyard in a disheveled state like a headless fly, as if she was looking for something.

“What are you doing here? How did you end up like this?” Qiao Mei asked disdainfully.

Tears streamed down Qiao Yu’s face. Her entire face was red from the cold and she was trembling non-stop. She looked like a battered and exhausted stray dog which was wandering the streets in winter.

“I want to look for my sister-in-law! Get my sister-in-law here!” Qiao Yu said tearfully.

Qiao Mei took pity on her, so she asked Xia He to bring Qiao Yu to the main hall to warm up while she went to put on something thicker.

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