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Seeing the situation turn grim; Yang Guang did not fell into despair, he never once did. The rattan pole in his hands was raised up and towards the Burning Death Monarch, then he laughed at the d.a.m.n creature.

"Merely a rank 9 and you dare to face me?"

"Even Ryageroo can't kill me, so tell me what can you do?"

Dust rose and Yang Guang disappeared from his spot; the rattan pole then swung down onto the Burning Death Monarch, the strike pushed the d.a.m.n creature into the ground.


Before any of the Combusting Skulls can react to Yang Guang's attack, he had already swung the rattan pole to the side of the Burning Death Monarch.

The Burning Death Monarch then tumbled away from Yang Guang, who is now dashing back towards the gate.

A few Combusting Skulls decided to sneak through the gate while their leader is dealing with Yang Guang.

Fear Lock

Just like the Burning Death Monarch, those Combusting Skulls froze on the spot and with a swing from the Natural Bo Staff all of them dispersed into nothingness.

"Don't come at me…"

"Because I will come to you!"

Moving his arms in a frenzied manner, Yang Guang took out groups of Combusting Skull with each attack but it was not good enough as the Burning Death Monarch rammed into his body.

The sound of flesh sizzling would usually invoke the image of meat being cook, yet all Yang Guang could think of is the anger from hearing his body being cooked alive.

"f.u.c.k off."

Yang Guang rammed his fist into the Burning Death Monarch's face, the punch pushed back the both of them but the onslaught from Yang Guang did not stop there.




Yang Guang kept on striking the head of the Burning Death Monarch, once, twice, thrice, he did not stop for a second until he ended it all with a kick that sends the d.a.m.n creature flying far.

Dragging his battered body back to the front gate, Yang Guang stabbed his rattan pole into the ground to make a stance.

Although the Combusting Skulls are afraid of Yang Guang they still inched forward towards the gate, they knew it is the end of the road for the young hunter.

'd.a.m.n it… I think I just might die.'

"Dear spirit, be cleanse from malevolent intent."

A trail of snow-white flame blaze through the air and engulf the Combusting Skulls in front of Yang Guang.

On that day, Yang Guang had seen something that he will never forget for the rest of his life. A flame being burn by another flame, the Combusting Skulls evaporated from the snow-white flame and turned into black pearls that dropped onto the ground.

From the darkness, another source of light appeared a lone candle that was encased in a gla.s.s bottle giving off a faint orange light in the distance.

The light attracted a good portion of the Combusting Skull when the malevolent spirits were about to reach the candle; a rainbow-colored light burst from the ground and purify the spirits.

Off in the distance, a flash of light which was followed by a loud bang exploded causing disorder and chaos among the Combusting Skulls and stunning the Burning Death Monarch.

While chaos ensues within the army of Combusting Skulls a glint of light flashed as a broadsword struck down the d.a.m.n creatures one by one.

Just when one of the Combusting Skull was about to escape from the battle, it was split in half. The cut was clean as if it was the work of a pair of scissors.

Yang Guang who saw this scene laughed loudly as if he had gone nuts. Those who had helped him just now stepped out from the shadows and revealed themselves.

"Thanks for coming."

Yu Chen.

Lisa Beaux.

Wu Bai Wan.

Xiao Ying Ya.

All of Yang Guang's friends had come at the last second to help him repel the wave of d.a.m.n creatures.

"d.a.m.n ghosts, do you know how much argent that I need to pay that b.a.s.t.a.r.d if we broke the contract?" Lisa Beaux said as she walked towards the Burning Death Monarch.

"Yang Guang, take a rest. We will deal with this b.a.s.t.a.r.d." Wu Bai Wan said as he pulled out a few talismans and an S cube from his f.a.n.n.y pack.

A golden light shines from Xiao Ying Ya's wooden sword as it turned into her secret gear the winter jade sword.

"Let's go." Yu Chen said as he took the lead and ran towards the Burning Death Monarch.

The rest of them followed after Yu Chen and readied themselves to fight with the rank 9 d.a.m.n creature until a shadow blitzed past them.

"d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you tried to cook me!" Yang Guang shouted as he was the first to reach and smash the Burning Death Monarch.

"Let the carnage began!"

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