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Chapter 1632 Extracting Marrow

Lin Mu took out the six leg bones of the Tyrant Bull and concluded that drilling from the base of the bone would be the best.

It would maintain the bone's integrity and if Lin Mu needed to cut up the bone later for some weapon, it wouldn't come in the way either. Having decided this, Lin Mu picked up the first bone, finding it to be rather heavy.

"This is easily over a thousand kilograms in weight." Lin Mu was surprised by the density of the bone.

One must know that while large beasts were indeed heavy, their actually ma.s.s came from the muscles and organs. Bones themselves only contributed 20-30 percent of the total body weight.

Perhaps only Lin Mu's own bone density could exceed this and that was due to the True Gold Body Forging Arts.

"It'll be this then." Having chosen the spot, Lin Mu next took out a large jade bottle.

He would be using this to store the marrow. It needed to be kept as sealed as possible to maintain its efficacy and strength.

Lin Mu opened the cap of the jade bottle and placed it in front of him, making it easier to pour the marrow in later. He then held the leg bone and activated his spatial skill.


Lin Mu controlled the area of effect of meld finely, making it in the form of a long needle that pa.s.sed through to the hollow part of the bone all the way from the base. The skill was executed perfectly and Lin Mu quickly pulled out the bone fragment, creating a hole there.

Having done this, Lin Mu quickly held the bone over the jade bottle, allowing the bone marrow to flow out. With how viscous it was, it took half a minute just for the first drop to fall out.

And when it dripped, Lin Mu saw its vibrant red color that was simply bursting with vitality.

Thankfully, the arrays in the Formation Pavilion activated automatically and prevented any energy from escaping. The scent of the marrow was also like that of blood, but when Lin Mu smelled it, he felt strangely attracted to it.

His body instinctively desired it and all his cells were activated.

'Such strong reaction already… this is almost comparable to that of the Violet Mystic Life Tree.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

He had to hold the bone over the jade bottle for nearly ten minutes before all the marrow was emptied out. Lin Mu even used his immortal sense to confirm that every little bit of the marrow was removed before storing the bone away.

"There we go." Lin Mu looked at the jade bottle that had around two thousand milliliters of red bone marrow in it.

It seemed like a large quant.i.ty, but compared to the size of the Tyrant Bull, it was still reasonable.

If one compared this to an average human, one might not even have this much marrow in their entire body. And this was just from a single leg bone!

Lin Mu closed the jade bottle that was nearly full and took out another one.

'Thankfully I bought several storage vessels beforehand.' Lin Mu thought as he drilled into the second bone using Meld.

One by one, he repeated the process five more times.

By the end of this, Lin Mu had a little over twelve thousand milliliters of Red Bone Marrow divided in six jade bottles.

The Translucent Jade Bottles contrasted against the glistening red marrow in it, looking rather beautiful. But at the same time, the sheer amount of energy contained within these six bottles was ma.s.sive.

In fact, if even a single drop of this was fed to a cultivator at the Dao Sh.e.l.l realm or below, they might simply explode!

Even for those at the Dao Treading realm and the Immortal Ascension realm, consuming a couple of drops would be difficult. As for the Immortal realm experts, while they would have a higher tolerance, even half a liter of this marrow would be enough to kill them.

It was hard to tell how much a peak Immortal realm expert would be able to handle.

Perhaps for Lin Mu, this wouldn't be the same as his body was also cultivated, but even he didn't think it would be able to bear all this marrow at once.

'The Tyrant Bull Marrow Secrets will be key to managing the energy.' Lin Mu knew.

After all, he didn't need to consume and absorb the marrow through the crude route. He actually had the perfect technique that was meant for it from the start.


With the marrow ready, Lin Mu moved on to the next step.

He first cultivated normally and replenish all the immortal Qi in his body. Next chanted the Calming Heart Sutra and optimized his mental state.

With both his physical and metal aspects in the best condition, Lin Mu awakened in the real world. If he were to cultivate the Tyrant Bull Marrow secrets, he would have to do so in the real world after all.

He got down from the bed and directly sat on the ground. Then he took out a single jade bottle that was full of the Tyrant Bull Marrow.

Lin Mu gazed at it for a few seconds before a serious expression appeared on his face.


"Its now or never." Lin Mu opened the cap and brought the bottle to his lips.


Then with large gulps, he started to chug down the vicious bone marrow. As soon as the marrow touched his tongue, he felt a burning sensation on it. It was as if he was directly drinking boiling water!

What was even more strange that, this was not actual heat but the sheer energy that was radiating from the marrow!

Lin Mu ignored it as he had borne far greater pain before and finished the entire bottle. He quickly stored it away before reciting the Mnemonic of the Tyrant Bull Marrow Secrets technique.

The marrow had reached his stomach and was now emitting its dense energy.

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