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Previously on Writer's Chatgroup…

LickMyShoes: What you write impacts the reader and it is an author's responsibility to know what kind of message their novel is giving out to others.

Sleepis4theWeak: True. But, it is the reader's own decision to be influenced or not. Either way, both have responsibilities and own mind.

Murakami Takai: Our brains seek out the "lesson" that is told through story. And if that "lesson" is saying, "**** is good and normal and you should do it," then go figure.

Mr.DropDeads.e.xy: That's like saying it's a child's own decision to do drugs when their parents are both drug addicts.

CoolGuySan: People are influenced by things we have no control over.

Mr.DropDeads.e.xy: It's not just ****, but pedophilia as well.

CoolGuySan: Like reaaally s.h.i.tty.

Mr.DropDeads.e.xy: If a pedophile is exposed to a culture where pedophilia and **** are normalized, a bunch of unfortunate kids are going to be needing therapy pretty soon.

Sleepis4theWeak: It is a s.h.i.tty thing done by s.h.i.tty people.

CoolGuySan: Also I know for a fact that younger audiences read here.

Mr.DropDeads.e.xy: Younger audiences are curious as well. You think an r-18 tag is gonna stop them? Of course not.

[A/N: It's true. If there are young authors, there are also young readers. The youngest author I know in the discord chatroom is around 13-14 years old.]

Sleepis4theWeak: Tagging of r18 doesn't help.

TrueDawn: Man r-18 content on WN should be removed.

Elyon saw the name and he knew that the time has come. Mod 'TrueDawn' has finally stepped in.

Murakami Takai: Oh boy.

Mr.DropDeads.e.xy: If you use "f*ck" more than once it's automatically rated R.

SpicyGinger: Author responsibility? Srsly? Then what about those famous stories where the protagonist commits suicide and it ends with that? Is it promoting suicide? Is the author wrong?

Mr.DropDeads.e.xy: By most country guidelines 'Glorifying' suicide is a huge problem.

TrueDawn: *sigh* Guys.

Mr.DropDeads.e.xy: When 13 Reasons came out, there was huge outrage.

Truedawn: Just stop this discussion.

SpicyGinger: That's just a wrong pov…

Mr.DropDeads.e.xy: Many psychologists said it was incredibly problematic and never should've been released.

Truedawn: I don't want this to become an argument between which one is better. I do agree that glorifying things that shouldn't be glorified is wrong. Like suicide, ****, pedophilia and so on.

SpicyGinger: In a story for kids... sure there is responsibility... but for an adults work... the writer can depict whatever he wants.

Truedawn: Plus authors should really think of what they're giving to readers. r-13, r-16, r-18 it doesn't stop young people from reading it at all even adults get affected.

CoolGuySan: Honestly they're just bigger kids with bigger problems.

SpicyGinger: @CoolGuySan But they are adults. They can make their own decisions.

CoolGuySan: Adults don't always make the right decisions.

Zenith: Neither sides are totally innocent or totally guilty.

WWfire: Can we stop? This is why censorship is a debate. *facepalm emoticon*

Zenith: It's a choice from either sides.

Truedawn: People have their own beliefs and it's not our fault if they believe in that or not. Mr.DropDeads.e.xy, SpicyGinger, stop. Let's just all calm down.

Elyon sighed as he read the comments. Truedawn has drawn the line and it means that the discussion has come to an end. The authors also want to change the subject. CoolGuySan decided to initiate the change and threw some random topic to start a new discussion.

CoolGuySan: U've all seen endgame?

Truedawn: Nope.

Mr.DropDeads.e.xy: Endgame was trash the end.

CoolGuySan: What? Y? *cry emoticon*

Zenith: Lel. I liked it.

Truedawn: I heard Antman entered Thanos' a.s.s was that true?

[A/N: That would really be interesting if it happened.]

Mr.DropDeads.e.xy: It would've been better if he did.

Truedawn: aww anyways for Ironman.

Zenith: It was more like a tribute to fans than an actual movie.

Mr.DropDeads.e.xy: The amount of plotholes in endgame — some writers in this discord could've done a better job.

CoolGuySan: Anyway u guys read any good novels lately?

Elyon: Yes, mine. Shamelessly promote own novel lmao.

Zenith: @CoolGuySan Yeah. I was reading my novel. I usually don't say the truth so loud.

CoolGuySan: My short attention span is my biggest problem honestly.

WWFire: Me, a student trying to save money, didn't watch, Black Panther and Endgame *derp emoticon*

Truedawn: Me, no money, can't watch hence.

Elyon: Why would you watch black panther when you have pink panther?

The discord chatroom resumed their happy go lucky ways and another episode has ended…or was it?


A few days pa.s.sed since that heated debate on the Writer's Discord Chatroom. Elyon was curious and asked the other authors who were not present during that debate the question "What is a Story?" The answers he got were quite tame, compared to the ones he had back then.

Elyon: What is a story to you as an author? *points imaginary microphone to a baby dragon*

Zehel2218: For me as a reader, novel is everything that makes me want to live on.

Cultivator_Requiem: But a story can be a ship to another world! Or a message from the past! Or a stupid creation of a 11-year-old edgy kid!

Longsun Fullmetal: There are many different forms of a story. All of them with a different purpose and goal. Some of them merely seek to entertain, others wish to send a message.

Some are about inspiring while others seek to cause specific emotions of the readers, Many stories were made by people who are disappointed with the "real world", reflecting what's happening around them inside their story, maybe wishing to escape it or suggesting a solution to the world's problems. The list is endless.

There are so many different types of stories we could keep this up all day honestly. But I think we can agree on one thing. A story is either enjoyable or not.

[A/N: Oooof! I had to dig for your "epic comment" Longsun.]

Elyon: Too hardcore.

Zehel2218: @Longsun Fullmetal Nice one.

Sleepteddy: I need to improve my English, for the sake of my reader's health.

Adorable miaomiao11: Me too.

Murakami Takai: me 3.

Zehel2218: me 4.

[A/N: me 5. ]

Mishak: Stories are escape from reality.

Cultivator_Requiem: But there is one thing that is not part of a good story, FILLERS.


Author's Thoughts

When I decided to start writing Writer's Chatgroup, this particular episode on the discord chat made a deep impression on me. If I remember correctly, It was just a week before I joined the server.

Everyone is ent.i.tled to their opinion. It is their right, their choice and something that they need to decide on their own. Most of the time, arguments and debates are often caused by conflicting opinions.

Even outside the boundaries of the discord chatroom, these conflicts happen. One good example of this is voting for politicians (President, Senators, etc.) You'd be surprised that sometimes, your friends, family, relatives, cla.s.smates, acquaintances, co-workers (name it you have it!) will not always agree with you on your choice of candidates.

There are times when you get "heated discussion and debates" on why this particular politician is good, why he/she is bad, so on and so forth~

So why am I telling you this stuff? Mmm, it's because I don't want the authors of the discord chatroom to kil- *cough* I don't want the readers to judge their favorite authors for voicing their opinions and beliefs.

We as authors write our stories so we can pa.s.s a message to you, so we can entertain you, so we can give you something to do when you're bored and have free time to spare.

In turn, we get happy if people read our stories. Just like what the author PoeticPenguin shared in a comment in one of the chapters of Writer's Chatgroup.

"I can't make someone laugh so I have defaulted to make my readers interested. Also, I wholeheartedly agree with you. A comment is basically 300 dollars plus bragging rights. Wait no, more than that. It's also a glimpse of heaven on earth."


So my beloved readers, please give us that $300 plus bragging rights. It helps pay the bills and make both of us happy. It's a Win-Win for everybody!

Please click Like and leave more comments to support and keep us alive.


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