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(From my thirteen year old self)

Just thirteen years old

Such a young age

To go through so much

Through so much pain

Pain that others gave her

Just because she wasn't like them.

That she was not beautiful like them.

And that she would never be special.

She will never be something in this world

That she is some pathetic girl

Who will never go far in life.

And that she should be dead.

She was only thirteen years old.

Such a young age to become depressed.

To feel alone and think that the world

was against her and not beside her.

That she would never fit in with any one.

Because of what others told her.

By what the bullies say to her constantly

Destroying her life, little by little

Until she was completely gone.

The things they say to that girl

Was absolute bizarre and should never

Be said to a human being. Ever.

The bullying caused her so much pain.

Sadness that became depression.

Depression that lead to self harm

And self harm that lead to attempted


Which lead to 14 times in the hospital

Now eighteen years old

Being mentally abused.

Bullied by family and strangers.

Feeling as if the world was still against her

But she isn't going to give up.

Instead she's going to walk through this h.e.l.l

With a smile across her face and her head held high.

I will conquer this depression.

Overcome the bullying.

And fight the darkness until I see light.

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