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       Immediately on the second floor, there was a door with "President's Office" written on it. The door was made out of metal, in case of a raid.

       Keisuke twisted the door k.n.o.b, but it was locked and wouldn't open. Having no other choice, he penetrated the door with a punch, reached out for the k.n.o.b, and unlocked the door from the other side.

This serves as intimidation, too.

I would appreciate it if they could understand the difference in our strengths and surrender peacefully.

       Keisuke opened the door slowly. The first thing that entered his field of vision was a leather sofa. Turning his line of sight to the side, he found that a tall man in a black suit was sitting on it.

He looks like he is in his early 40s. Though it seems like the blood has been drained from it, that must be the face of a man feared by his subordinates under normal circ.u.mstances.

He has thin, hung-up eyes, like a cut that was made in clay by a cutter knife. In those eyes, there is a lowly light similar to that of a rat or a stray dog, that gives out an unpleasant feeling.

He is missing his left hand's little finger, so there's no doubt, this man must be Gondou.

"You saw it too, right? I can even tear a metal door open like it was a paper door. I want you to surrender peacefully." (Keisuke)

"…….. do-don't screw with me, are you even a human?" (Gondou)

"You're Gondou, right?" (Keisuke)

"So what?" (Gondou)

"I came to reclaim the eldest son of the Saitou family…. also, don't put your hands on the little sister, break up with the mother, and don't ever come near their house anymore!" (Keisuke)

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what's your relationship with them?" (Gondou)

"That's my question, who are you to them? Looking at Rio with those disgusting eyes and even half-killing her big brother…. aren't you ashamed?" (Keisuke)

       To show that he was serious, Keisuke grabbed Gondou's collar and lifted his body while making a frightening expression.

"Can you hear me?" (Keisuke)

It would be good if he surrenders after getting a taste of my power. No matter how sc.u.mmy he is, solving this problem without violence is the best.

"Yeah, I hear you. I hear you. I won't go near them anymore. I promise!" (Gondou)

"…….. that's not convincing at all when you say it while sticking a stun gun to me." (Keisuke)

"Hihihihi! You let your guard down! You let your guard down! Hahahaha! Serves you right! Hahahaha!" (Gondou)

       Gondou poured the electric current into Keisuke's body while laughing like crazy. A dull sparking sound could be heard.

Just for your information, I didn't let my guard down. He kept one of his hands hidden inside his pocket, so I knew that he was planning something. I could easily predict what he was going to do.

So, why did I do nothing if I knew he was going to do something? It's because I judged that the discussion may proceed smoothly if he understands my power.

"…….. what the h.e.l.l? How can you still stand? Oh, it seems that I'm having a nightmare right now. Hihihihi….." (Gondou)

"I have a high magical and physical defense, so electric shocks or flames wouldn't work on me." (Keisuke)

Unless he was using a non-attribute attack with big firepower, he couldn't inflict any damage on me.

But, well, even if I gave him such a game-like explanation, nothing will be transmitted to him in his current state.

"Dream…. I'm inside a dream now…. Hihihihi…." (Gondou)

       Gondou tumbled from the sofa while laughing a disgusting laugh. He crawled on all fours and moved closer to the sleeping bag in the corner of the room. Then he opened the zipper, and from inside, the b.l.o.o.d.y figure of King Leo could be seen.

"You came to help this kid, right?" (Gondou)

       Gondou took down the katana used as a decoration nearby, and pressed it against King Leo's neck.

"I will cut his neck if you try anything funny!" (Gondou)

       Keisuke heard footsteps from behind. Looking back, he saw four men holding rifles gathered in front of the room. He was sandwiched by the enemies.

I'm not afraid of the rifles, but it will be bad if King Leo gets shot.

I can restore missing body parts but it's impossible to bring back the dead.

However, Gondou can't be left alone.

What should I do? I have to take care of Gondou in front of me and the four men with rifles in the back at the same time, somehow.

"Hey, what are you going to do, Superman? The tables have been turned now." (Gondou)

       Gondou narrowed his eyes and seemed to be having fun.

"Let's stop here! Don't you want Rio to like you? If you kill her big brother, you will be hated by her for the rest of your life. It will be painful if a stepfather is hated by his stepdaughter." (Keisuke)

       To those words, Gondou began to laugh with drool dripping from his mouth.

"I see, you're her acquaintance, huh…. Did she ask you for help? That b.i.t.c.h! I won't let her get away this time! Yeah, bring her! Bring her to me! Come here naked and beg to me! If she will be my pet, I will spare her brother!" (Gondou)

       A shaky laughter echoed.

I know he's a gangster, but those words make him fail as a human being.

So this is what a boss of the yakuza looks like, huh…. But perhaps he's under the influence of drugs right now.

It seems like his sense of pain is dulled. There's no need to hold back now.

       Keisuke poured magical power into his limbs and got ready to cast the skill.

【Hero Keisuke consumes 2000 MP. The Two Actions skill is activated. 】

【Two rounds of action per turn for 180 seconds will be possible. 】

       The mechanical system message popped out in front of Keisuke

This skill fits the bill when facing multiple enemies.

"Bring Riooo~! Riooo~! Hurry uuup~!" (Gondou)

       Immediately after Gondou barked, Keisuke started to move.

The Two Actions skill is different from a skill that raises speed.

If I had to choose one, this skill is better because it interferes with the rules of the world.

In exchange for magical power, two actions become possible to be executed in one action.

I just need to think, "I want to break Gondou's arms" and "I want to neutralize the men behind me", and those can be done at the same time with this skill.

From my perspective, I charged towards Gondou and cut off his arm which held the sword with a hand-chop.

But at the same time, innumerable screams, along with the sound of rifles being destroyed, could be heard from behind me, and I received the memory about charging towards the men behind me and destroying their rifles.

It feels like there's another me that does the other job and comes back into me again after finishing it, together with the memories and the experiences.

The feelings when I use this skill can only be described like this.

A skill that bends the laws of physics and exceeds the human cognitive ability.



       The enemies who were attacked from two directions at the same time, were stuttering with a stunned face. Then, Keisuke pulled King Leo out of the sleeping bag and called out to Gondou.

"Look here! No matter how bad the wounds, I can heal them in an instant." (Keisuke)

     Using the power of restore magic, the swollen Leo's face returned to its original color. His ballooned cheeks turned back into smooth lines, and regained their sharp impression.

Only this sharp impression resembles that of Rio's.

       Leo slowly opened his eyes and took a glance at Keisuke and Gondou alternately.

"The old man…. from the game center…. why are you here…?" (Leo)

       He asked the question with a voice that sounded as if it were about to vanish.

"Thank your little sister! She lowered her head and begged for me to save her big brother." (Keisuke)

"But I've…. tried…. to attack you…. before…. so…. why…?" (Leo)

"Because I was asked to." (Keisuke)

"Seriously…." (Leo)

"You're still a brat. Unlike this old yakuza bunch, there's still room for rehabilitation. You need to return alive, and quit being a delinquent." (Keisuke)

"You're…. a str…ange…. one…." (Leo)

       Leo lost consciousness once more while uttering such words.

His vocabulary seems to be poor.

"Now, Gondou-san. Do you understand the situation? I could heal a dying person in an instant. If I wanted to, I could even restore your missing hand. What will you do?" (Keisuke)

"Ooh…. P-Please…. my hand….!!" (Gondou)

       Thinking that he had been subjected to mercy, Gondou approached Keisuke with a happy expression.

"Restore it…. hand, my right hand…. please…. turn it back…!!" (Gondou)

"It seems you've gotten the wrong idea." (Keisuke)

       Keisuke said, while picking up the right hand that had been separated from Gondou.

"What I'm trying to say here, is that I can cut off your limbs over and over again until I get tired of it." (Keisuke)

       Gondo began to spasm with foam coming from his mouth.

Is this because of fear or drug overdose? I can't stand it anymore. Let's finish this quickly.

       Keisuke grabbed Gondou's hair and brought his face closer.

"Hey, do you hear me?" (Keisuke)

       Neither fighting spirit nor reason could be felt from Gondou who kept nodding like a broken doll. He has turned into a slave who could only obey his master's orders.

Don't ever come near the Saitou family.

Don't contact the police.

Bring me a change of clothes.

If you're eating at a ramen shop called Akaryu-do in front of the station, and hear the sound of a broken dish and the shouting of its store manager, tell him to stop it.

       After making sure Gondo has swallowed all his demands, Keisuke treated all the yakuza using magic.

It's better to make use of them rather than killing them.

       Keisuke left the office while lending his shoulder to Leo.

"Leo! Nakamoto!" (Rio)

       They were greeted by Rio in front of the gate, and the mission was completed. Fanfare resonated inside Keisuke's head together with a huge amount of text messages popping out in front of him.

【Keisuke Nakamoto won the battle! 】

【Gained 226 EXP】

【Gained 15 Skill Points】

【The performance of the unique skill "Paternity" has been strengthened.】

【The feelings of party member Rio Saitou have changed from "interest" and "admiration", to "love" and "l.u.s.t".】

【The favorability of Rio Saitou has reached a level where s.e.xual intercourse and marriage are possible.】

【Would you like to name Rio Saitou as your spouse?】

Come on, please give me a break already!!

       Keisuke tapped his index finger repeatedly to close all the windows, while pretending not to see Rio's feverish gaze.

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