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"To tell the truth, my impression about Gondou wasn't bad at the beginning. I could guess that he was someone from the back of society, but he was a gentleman when we first met. However, when he visited our home for the second time, he looked like a completely different person. His gaze made me feel uncomfortable. I wondered if it was his real nature…." (Rio)

"Hmm, come to think of it…. he talked about seeing a ghost or something beforehand…." (Rio)

"By the way, about the foreign girl that's staying in your house, she is not actually your girlfriend, right? She is not, right? Right?" (Rio)

"I see, so she's not your girlfriend…. Thank goodness…. N-No, it's nothing…. Oh right, let's exchange numbers! I'd like to properly thank you later." (Rio)

       The words that Rio said before they parting kept playing inside Keisuke's head.

Ghost, ghost, and…. ghost again, huh….

Not only in my neighborhood, it seems there's also ghost disturbance in her neighborhood.

What if Gondou's personality changed because he was possessed by an evil spirit?

What if Gondou's madness was because of the evil spirit, not drugs?

In that case, he may have been a victim too.

Because of such thoughts, I appraised Gondou's status for precaution.

I wonder what I should do if it turned out he attacked Rio because he was controlled by ghost. However, "—a high-school-girl-loving yakuza. He loved high school girls even before he was born." was written on his remark column.

He was harboring l.u.s.t over Rio from the beginning. Even so, he behaved like a gentleman and suppressed his desire. However, it seems his brakes stopped working after he saw the ghost.

If I guessed it right, this evil spirit has the power to drag out the evil side that people are suppressing inside.

Ugh, my head hurts…. I'm bad at spiritual body perception, so it's going to be really troublesome.

I was originally the weakest hero. I'm a clumsy man so the skills related to search, sense, and production have never been my forte.

I'm a physical-type hero, after all. No matter how much I trained, my ability in those fields will always be below the average.

I will not lose, but I have no means to find an invisible enemy which is running rampant somewhere even as we speak now. In a place unknown to me, it's spreading threat as if it's poking fun on my weakness.

But well, I have Angelica with me right now. That girl is a user of sensing skill which could cover that weakness.

       Getting into a good mood, Keisuke looked into a paper bag in his hands.

I was splurging quite a money to buy clothes and other women's stuff that Rio recommended.

With these items that put special attention to the teenage girls, I hope it will motivate Angelica to help me. Let's make use of her skill and become a ghostbuster tomorrow.

"I'm home." (Keisuke)

This is the first time I say "I'm home" after living alone for quite a long.

       Keisuke felt a warm feeling spread inside his chest as he opened the door of his apartment.

I wonder what kind of reaction Angelica will make when I give her this present. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm a little afraid.

I mean, she wouldn't greet with me in naked ap.r.o.n like a newlywed couple, would she? But considering her personality, I can't get rid of that possibility.

If she imitates such a thing, it's a sermon time.

I'll tell her to treasure herself more.

Besides, I'm not into that kind of a thing.

It will be dangerous if she plays as a widow (31) in mourning clothes though.

The setting of an apartment wife will be also effective.

Well, it's not like someone from another world like her will understand such things.

That's why I'm invincible.

       While Keisuke was taking his shoes while humming, he heard a rattle and footsteps coming from the living room.

That must be Angelica's

"Daddy! Hero-sama! Keisuke-sama! It's bad! It's really bad!" (Angelica)

"Hey, the way you called me was messed up. I mean, why are you in such a panic?" (Keisuke)

"Father!" (Angelica)

       Angelica hugged Keisuke. She was dressed in a sacred shrine maiden's attire just like when he left home.

       In other words, some kind of another world bra and valley were visible under a thin material like a tissue. In such a risqué appearance, various parts were being pressed against Keisuke.

"Oh, nice try! However, I've gotten used to it now. I've built my resistance." (Keisuke)

"Ghost! There's a ghost over there…!" (Angelica)

"Is this the setting where a widow saw a ghost of her deceased husband!? Since when did you know my weakness!?" (Keisuke)

"Over there, it appeared! The ghost with only its upper body, it popped out!" (Angelica)

       Looking at Angelica's face who was really frightened, Keisuke realized that she wasn't playing a prank on him.

"…….. did it really appear?" (Keisuke)

       Angelica nodded with tears flowed from her green eyes. Keisuke wiped off the tears from the corner of her eyes with his thumb, and then headed to the living room.

The Sacred Circle I applied on Angelica should be still in effect. If the ghost could still invade this place, it must be not an ordinary opponent.

It will be either a devil G.o.d or a spirit.

【Hero Keisuke consumed 300 MPs. Holy Sword skill activated. Your attack power increased by 300%】

【This skill is effective against spiritual body, devil, and undead opponent】

       Suddenly, a light sword appeared in Keisuke's right hand. He took a fighting stance and then stepped forward. His left hand stretched out in front of Angelica's face, beckoned her to step back.

"Government is taking measures to increase social security expenses …"

I can hear the voice of announcer who doesn't put emotion on it from the inside.

It's a TV news program.

Did she turn on the TV?

Or is this a poltergeist phenomenon when the TV turns on itself?

"What's actually going on?" (Keisuke)

"Umm, that…. when I was playing with the square object on that table…. a light suddenly came out from it…." (Angelica)

"…and then?" (Keisuke)

"Then, a person with only the upper body appeared, and started talking! That was absolutely a ghost!? It's going to jump out of that lithograph soon, crawling with only the upper body, and looking for its lower body!?" (Angelica)

"Your imagination is rich…." (Keisuke)

       Afraid of her own words, Angelica shrunk back more and more. Keisuke canceled his skill while feeling relieved.

"Angel, that thing is called TV. It is a tool that shows the scenery in the distance or events recorded in the past." (Keisuke)

"From distance?" (Angelica)

"I wonder how should I explain this. It's like a far-sighted crystal ball from your world, but it was made rectangle." (Keisuke)

"…….. then, is that person alive? Is it not a dismembered ghost?" (Angelica)

"From the waist down is only hidden on the desk. They didn't show it on the screen, though." (Keisuke)

       Angelica breathed out relief, "so it's not a ghost" while having such a thought.

"The image from far-sighted crystal ball is more blurred than this. But it was so clear so I thought it was a person. This is the first time I heard it! It's not my fault!" (Angelica)

       Angelica was talking so fast while avoiding eye contact.

She seems to be embarra.s.sed.

I really want to tease her but it's better to not.

I've also experienced a terrible culture shock that I can't tell to other people.

You will be obviously confused if you suddenly come to a different world.

I couldn't believe that I was summoned to another world at first. For almost a week, I convinced myself that it was some kind of a prank TV program.

Compared to that, Angelica 's adaptability is better.

"Well, let me say it again; I'm home!" (Keisuke)

"Welcome home…." (Angelica)

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***This will be the last translated chapter of this series***


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