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This is ALSO not the next chapter!!


This is an extra the author wrote during some point in a future arc. Surprisingly has some info-dumping, but it’s a shame this isn’t canon xD I love me some n.o.ble villainess girl stories, so when I saw mofunade combined with this, I couldn’t resist hehe

The only spoilerish thing is in the author’s note down at the bottom, so  if you don’t wanna know what Nema’s dealing with in the future, don’t read the note. (It’s not even bad tho.)

Some info that might be helpful though:

Author wrote this in like, the 3rd arc (around there I think?). By this time, Nema is 5 years old (ish), has sorted out her speech problems and learned some n.o.ble’s etiquette. Since Nema is 5, Vi and Ralph are 15, Carna is around 12. Vi’s full first name is Vilhelt ヴィルヘルト as you can see in the “ch 12” character intro.

Raw here:

Carnadia Osphe, duke's daughter, was told by her fiancé that he wished to break off their engagement at the academy's graduation party. But Carnadia wasn't one to say "yes" meekly and stay silent!  A villainess story with the characters from Isekai de Mofumofu Nadenade suru Tame ni Ganbattemasu. //

The Day Carnadia Osphe Became a n.o.ble Villainess Girl

I tried doing a villainess n.o.ble girl story with the characters from mofunade.

There is no relation to the real story at all, so please enjoy it as a parody.

The Gashe Kingdom's Imperial Academy's graduation ceremony commenced, and it was now time for the graduates and undercla.s.smen to say their farewells.

Though it was the graduation ceremony, a ridiculously extravagant party was thrown, and I was able to partic.i.p.ate using the privilege of being related to my graduating brother and my currently enrolled sister.

Of course, Papan and Maman were here, and so were the King and Queen.

It was because this country's Crown Prince His Highness Vilhelt was also graduating.

Within there, an event happened.

「Carnadia Osphe, I hereby break my engagement with you」

The surroundings were sent into an uproar from Vi's single sentence.

Well of course.

The engagement with my big sister was made with the intention to balance and influence various foreign and internal affairs within the country.

It wasn't a discussion on the level where Vi could act on his own accord.

「Heh? I'll ask your reason, for the time being.」

If I had to say one of the other, big sister seemed to be enjoying this situation.

「You've acted maliciously towards this baron's daughter, Ruderia Vance, did you not? I cannot forgive you as a duke's daughter, no, as a human being!」

Nahー That's definitely a lie. What benefit would there be in that for my sister?

It'd make more sense if Vi was the bully here…

「Haa. I don't know how Ruderia-san b.u.t.tered up Your Highness, but it doesn't matter at this point. Just, on the honor of the Osphe house, I swear that I haven't done one malicious thing. What I did was lecturing!」


Or rather, everyone fell silent at my sister's scathing words.

「Between us, Ruderia-san is a giant problem child. Haven't you just taken awareness of Ruderia-san lately, Your Highness?」

「…Ahh. Around half a cycle ago」

Half a cycle, that would be the period when the second season pa.s.sed. In other words, half a year. A year was called a cycle, and from spring it was the Wind season, Water season, Fire season and Earth season.

「Because Ruderia-san's body was sickly, she entered school lately in the 3rd cycle. However, her att.i.tude towards Takae who was employed as the head physician of the mayor under Baron Vance. Even now that three cycles have pa.s.sed, she doesn't understand her position, is unskilled at etiquette, her speech is beyond repair and she doesn't put any effort in improving herself. What's wrong with lecturing such a girl like her? She can't even do what my little sister can do, you know?」

Oh sister, even like this, I am more or less applying enough etiquette so that I won't be embarra.s.sed as a duke's daughter.

But, for a 14 year old to be unable to do what a 5 year old child can do, something this weird. Even the other n.o.ble ladies are able to do it.

Incidentally, the academy's ages ranged from 8 to 15 years old, and from 16 you'd be recognized as a mature adult in the Gashe Kingdom and could take up working.

Of course, that only applied to the n.o.bles, and it wasn't strange to see a child working in the streets.

Also, depending on the field, you could stay at the academy as a graduate for 2 years.

There were courses for nurturing magician's field of studies, or commanders for knights or officers.

「Moreover, though I look like this I am busy, so I don't have the leisure to commit the vicious acts Your Highness has said I've done. There is the magic research for the academy, and most importantly, I have a duty to fawn over my little sister.」

Yes. My sister is terribly busy.

Even at this age, she helps Maman out with her job and commutes to the palace to receive training from the Queen, and in between that she's also my playmate.

But I can affirm that I'm not her duty!

「And, though I highly doubt it, is Your Highness fond of Ruderia-san?」

「If I am, then what of it?」

「Ruderia-san would be suspected of committing a crime, so the intelligence unit will be dispatched to investigate.」

「I haven't done anything bad…」

Perhaps pressured by my sister's force, tears brimmed in Ruderia's eyes.

「That's quite absurd. His Highness is a lolicon, after all.」

B-b-b, big sisteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!!


「It's a word to describe people with a preference for loving young girls, like His Highness.」

「It's not like I'm a lolicon…」

「My. Didn't you agree to our engagement because you wanted to become her brother-in-law?」

Somehow it feels like there are sparks shooting towards meー!!

Don't involve me in thisー!

「If it's about Nema, then…」


I don't wanna hear iiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt.

Someone! Anyone, please save me!!

Papan! He disappeared somewhere!!

Maman, why are you smiling!?

You King and Queen too, stop grinning and stop these two from their rampage!!



There's a savior!!


Without caring, I plunged into Wrath-kun's fluffiness.

Your master is scaryyy.

「Well, it's not like I don't understand His Highness' feelings」

「Nefertima-sama is healing after all」

You imperial knights who are attached to Vi as his guards!!

What are you saying!!?

「The time when she's with the sacred beast-sama is especially terrific」

「Right, right. It feels so sacred, like you shouldn't interfere.」

You over there!

Don't relate with them!!

「Letting Nema alone call you with that pet name is for that reason as well, isn't it?」

That was just because my articulation sucked and I couldn't say Vil…

Big sister, my HP is already in the red zone.

「There's no way such a Highness would fall in love with Ruderia-san. It makes me suspect she used a brainwashing spell, or a forbidden magic tool. 」

Somehow some frightening vocabulary came out, but can they even do something like brainwashing while the strongest guardian Wrath-kun is with him?

「Wrath-kun, is Vi being brainwashed?」


Ummm. I heard it as affirmation, but am I just imagining things?

「Why? Even though you're with him, Wrath-kun?」


Because master is an idiot.

Wrath-kun sure has it rough.

「It looks like the sacred beast-sama has confirmed it. Your Majesty, I ask for your decision.」

「The Osphe house is really blessed with good children.」

「Fufu. It's an honor to have your praise. All three are my pride and joy.」

It's been a while since I've seen Maman's full faced smile.

Sorry for being the one who troubles you most.

「Miss Ruderia Vance, as you are under suspicion under the offense of using taboo practices, you are under arrest」

Taboo practices were things prohibited by the law, like using magic that contracted ethics or forbidden magic tools.

For example, brainwashing magic, fascination magic and necromancy are some of them.

These are magics discovered by coincidence, but they were the impetus for major historical  events that happened in past.

Necromancy is especially prohibited, and the spirits wouldn't stay silent about it.

The necromancer would be discovered immediately, and a depraved one's mark would be stamped on them.

The world of the dead was G.o.d's domain. Those who invaded that wouldn't be forgive, no matter who they were.

「Stop! Let me go!! I didn't do anything like that」

Ruderia-san yelled while she was being detained by the knights.

「Vil! Save me!!」


Ooh! Just by the impression, they look like a pair of lovers torn apart by fate!


To that Vi who was playing a tragic hero, Wrath-kun's hammer of fury descended upon him!!

Tte, he just slapped Vi's face with his tail.



It seems Wrath-kun was explaining something.

「You're saying I was under a charm?」

Oh. Vi has returned his sanity?

「Vi, are you ok?」



Don't cling onto meeeeee.

You lolicooooooooooonnnnn!!!

「Yes, stop right there」

The one who rescued me was my big brother.

Waaaaaaaaahhhhh, it was scaryyyy.

I desperately clung to my brother.

「It’s ok, it’s ok. It must've been scary. You’re safe now.」

「With this, you know by now. His Highness is a lolicon, and he likes Nema!」

Ah, big sister dealt the finishing blow.

「However, I won't accept it even if it is His Highness, so do your best at struggling to the utmost」

My sister who was laughing "ohoho" loudly was truly that of a n.o.ble villainess girl.

I did it in between my night shifts.

The kobold doggies weren't moving at all in the main story, so when I imagined with my beloved n.o.ble villainess girl genre, I wrote it.

But, I have no regrets!

To lolicon or not to lolicon, that is the question. (lol)

……But, does this mean that Vi can be considered canonically a lolicon for Nema now (since the author herself keeps saying it)? Or not??

Which one is it!!!???

……Wait, what am I saying? They’re ALL lolicons for Nema, lolololol. Problem solved I guess.

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