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Chapter 82



We decided that Ojas is to be a.s.signed to work as a guard . He is part of the fighting proficient people after all . With him around we have secured people with fighting power, and troublesome situations I the city are being handled by them . Because of that, security also greatly improved and even if there were slave merchants who would try to do something coming the human’s side, they would be able to sniff them out easily because of their natural hunting habits .

「But, don’t you think Ojas’ change was too drastic?」

「I did find him pitiful…… but that’s probably because he’s a beastman」

No matter how tricky and suspicious he was when declaring that duel he still follows traditions properly, right now he is doing his job properly . Also at the end of his work, he would go out drinking with his friends and seems to be enjoying himself .

After all, that day after the Duel and the 『Kemomimi Ondo』, everyone reconciled . It was an absolute decree .

And then after that, I’ve been mostly helping in infrastructure development, along with the creation of the Hot Spring Region, then playing Mika and Arena, and also nurturing Idols . Ah, the Idol training would be something like the development of『Entertainment』 . It was very active .

It started when I visited an orphanage managed by the church .

「It’s Kami-sama〜♪」

「Kami-sama〜play with us〜♪」

「Read us a book〜♪」

「Aidle〜Play tag〜♪」

「Is this the promised holy land . I want to spend the rest of my life in this orphanage」

「I would like to agree to that but for the time being please listen to the situation first, and also your true desires are starting leak out」

Woops dangerous, dangerous, I was about to bring corruption in a pure and sacred place like this .

But now what to do with this? Cat people, Dog people, bear, panda, fox, white wolf, rabbit, and horse people, a bunch of children with different races are crowding before me with their tails swinging around in excitement? Uwah, it’s overflowing . Even Arena is currently included in that bunch .

「This is one of the only benefits I would like to have for being treated as a G.o.d」

「Treating you as G.o.d is no good though…… by the way, why did we come here today?」

「Ah, it’s regarding Cielo, there’s just something we need to discuss about」

No matter how much money Ladaria has at the moment, it won’t be able to continue supporting the children until they grow up, that’s we need to at least find a source of income for them, right? That’s the current situation . They said that it should be enough if the orphanage would be able to function on their own, that’s why I also agreed to help .

And today, I came here to give jobs to the orphans .

「Today, I came here to introduce everyone to a certain job . It’s a job where everyone could have fun while working hard to improve while earning some money, will everyone partic.i.p.ate in doing it〜?」

「「「We can~~!!♪」」」

Alright, I have captured the little angels . I will be producing everyone with everything I’ve got .

「Aidle~, What about meー?」


「Arena will be part of our group . This time though, I have to do it first on my own」

「Ah, we are going to do that again……」

We have already done this in Galania . Now then, I have to prepare these kids until the time before the Hot Spring Town is opened . If everything ends up well, then the orphanage is also going to be transformed,

「Alright, everyone let’s do our best」


And with that, the intense training of the kids has started . First of all, I divided them into ones with dexterous hands, ones with a good rhythm, and those that were filled with energy and quite playful separating them into different roles .

For dexterous kids, they were set as directors .

For kids with a good sense of rhythm, they will practice with instruments .

And for the energetic ones, they will be singing and dancing .

It’s good that they were roughly even when they were divided and didn’t really complain . Were they all good friends or maybe because the ordering is someone they consider a G.o.d? No, it’s probably because Arena was there to be the ice breaker . That girl would happily join if she finds something fun to do after all . But well, in the end I will have everyone become all-rounders .

I alone designed the props, costumes for the production including singing lessons and dance ch.o.r.eography . I asked La Veil to bring our luggage to the Hot Spring Town . The place where everything was set was a in front of a large hall close to the accommodations .

At that time, she shows me a strange look .

「Never in my mind would I have thought to be working with beastmen in the past . After all I only think of them as intelligent beasts before . Like a barbaric race of hybrid monkeys of some sort, and I only think of fairies as insects . If I didn’t lose to master, I would have only been searching for stronger foes just like what I’ve been doing before」

「Well, you were are probably being influenced by my taste and hobbies the longer you stay with us」

「That might be the case, however I value Arena more than anything else in the world . For a very long time now, Fairies have always lived far away from people, and just making contact probably won’t change anything drastically . She is truly a pure fairy similar to the ones I knew of . Master on the other hand is different, I would say that were even beyond 『Heresy』」

After saying that, La Veil carried more tools to deliver . Even though you are saying that, I know that you are also having fun . I’m also not forcing to get used to it .

Well, speaking of『Heresy』 . It feels like I turned into some kind of Bug . My unique race is already quite a mystery to me . If there’s someone else similar to me then I would like to look for them, however it is more likely that they have already perished at the time that were was born . I was also only able to survive because of Arena .

「Well, thinking about something like that doesn’t matter so don’t worry about it . Now~then, let’s show them our little angels~♪」

「「「Will show them~」」」

「Yes, yes, I’m sorry」

That’s how I continued to enjoy teaching, playing, eating and sleeping with them repeatedly for 3 months . Right now the Hot Spring Town was finally completed, and today will be its grand opening party .

From now on, tourists and Guests from Galania also came and greeted Forna with a slightly tense atmosphere . This will be our first big business after all . I think most of the people from the country are partic.i.p.ating, and when it comes to revenue I didn’t really care about it .

First of all to see, the Hot Spring Town was built next to the natural wall of the country . The walls of Ladaria is a natural barrier made out of large trees weaved together surrounding the capital, and with the use of Fairy Magic I folded an area which serves as it’s gates . Because of the amount of nature here, even the street view became a tourist attraction . Adding to that,

「I didn’t expect them to develop this shooting target range . The prizes are simple magic tools that are useful for both children and adults . 」

「I really wanted to live in Ladaria . I want to quit being a Hero……」

「You kept spouting that nonsense, don’t let the hot springs distract you」


Although this is a Hot Springs Town, it is still part of Ladaria’s Territory so the barrier in the surroundings is quite similar . The building materials used for construction were harvested from the nearby forest, adding to that, cheap ores that were mined in the quarry were also used as building materials . It was convenient because they could easily be processed by magic .

Although I say a Hot Spring, it separated based on different an effect they would give, that’s why there were quite a number of them . Well, I was also quit surprised because there are many effects that couldn’t be found on my previous life . Like 『when entering, status values will rise』 . It was quite peculiar for this world though . A different one would be found on different springs . Although the amount it increases is almost insignificant, it is true that it will increase gradually . It was quite popular to beastmen as they entered it frequently since after it was built while Cielo and Mika aimed for the one with 『Beatiful and Smooth Skin』 .

There are many Inns . However, there are 3 major Inns tops it all . They all have rooms that were really well conditioned, not to mention that every room is complete sound-proof . Reservations won’t be fast because there is almost no long-distance communication in this world however it was still alright because there are part-time children who would deliver notes from the gate to the hotel .

And finally, it’s about the employees . It’s mainly composed of children, women and elderly . The men are earning money by doing their established jobs, so they can’t leave it behind . It was also a policy to increase the employment rate in the country, and they were willing to work for us with the story of working without risk while getting a good income .

Well then, I’d like to introduce everyone to what we have prepared in the special banquet hall that we created in front of the top 3 Inn .

「Oh, there sure are a lot of them~」

Adventurers, traders and merchants, families, lovers, and after job workers were currently eating and drinking in the large banquet hall . Now then, I don’t know what the results would be, but I believe in the power of 『Cuteness』 .

I look at the faces of the children preparing for the show, and it seems like everyone is confident . There’s no one who seems to be too nervous so it will definitely be a good result .

「Is everyone ready?」


「Good answer . Now, it’s time to give our customers a surprise」

The first one who noticed, was the man who started a business in this town .

「Nn? Oi, look at that . Why are those children carrying out instruments?」

「……That’s true . Are they going to start something?」

Everyone began pointing at us . Then, in front of the special stage, children lined up after preparing special seats and sat down while preparing their instruments . There were also other children who sat down without instruments that seem to be preparing something . The whole stage is currently covered in a thin veil so what was inside is not really that visible and they would only be able to a.s.sume what was inside .

When it was about to start, the noise from the audience also started to tone down, and then focused on what was going to happen . Before the children started playing their instruments, one cat beastman stood in front of the audience .

「h.e.l.lo everyone . We are called the 『Young Beastman Group Eneku』 . Today, we are here to celebrate our anniversary, and to liven up the beastmen and everyone with all our hearts . Please give us a round of applause!!」

The guests couldn’t help but give the announcer a warm applause despite the childish way of their introduction . The child then turned her back to the guest and took out a baton that Aidle made from her waist .


The guests were shocked when the music started . The performance was way too skillful for a child’s performance . With the light beats of the music, it was natural for everyone to move their body to the rhythm .

And then the curtain was opened .


The stage inside the curtain looked as if a building was cut out . It was decorated with planked walls, marble-like columns, and even luxurious chandeliers .

Then children wearing folk costume came out dancing in bold ch.o.r.eography making their way to the stage . It was a dance without shortness of breath and a smile was plastered on everyone’s faces as if they were all having fun . Then more children get into position and started singing in soprano and tenor despite having a child’s voice .

But what caught most of everyone’s attention were the tail movements that were being emphasized……… it was like fluffy pompoms being waved around which was really cute and fascinating that everyone couldn’t help but stare .

「Beastmen, I didn’t expect them to be so cute……」and so on……

Bestmen have always been blessed with high physical abilities since childhood . Even a small child would be able to leap at about two meters easily, and would be strong enough to carry weight as heavy as their own .

Taking advantage of this the children precisely jumps over each other’s head following the rhythm, or leap high up into the air while doing some acrobatic flips . Every time the action took place the audience would also react appropriately, raising the voltage of the banquet to a higher level .

The reason why this is becoming so exciting is that even though there are theaters, opera groups, and music troupes all over the world, most of them are operated by『Adults』 and you won’t normally find 『Children』 included, not to mention that they are mostly done by humans . Beastmen have never done something like this before .

Adding to that is the fact that only rich people and aristocrats normally attend it . Also because of it becoming a formal display, it is usually strict and quiet, while ordinary people would only sing and dance freely on festivities . Some travelling orchestra may stop by to play for a change of pace, but that is already considered to be an exception .

That’s why technically Aidle would be the first one in history to establish this way of ensemble . Along with an aggressive, nimble and fun music that is friendly to all . It would also be good to enjoy with food, alcohol and everything else . The more the guests enjoy the tune, the more orders they took, continuously calling out to waiters to bring more food and drinks .

Then after arranging themselves together, the children held each other’s hand hand bowed, spreading out their cute skirt costumes to be seen by everyone on the hall . Then, the cat girl with a baton,

「If you’d like to see us again next time, please give some『Support』!!♪」


After that, the children ran around with a smile to different locations while catching the coins tossed at them with their skirts showcasing their ears and tail moving around . This will be a salary for everyone at the orphanage including the material cost for the production of props and costume next time .

At first Aidle thought of donating 100 Gold Coins to the orphanage, but La Veil stopped her with reasons that it would break the purpose of letting the children enjoy the results of their hard work . Because of that, it was decided that it would be more natural for then to accept donations after the training was done .

「Iya, that was amazing . Forna, were you able to take that properly?」

「Un, I was able to use『Recording』 using this crystal . However, is this really going to sell? 」

「If there are fans, then it will」

As a matter of fact, I was also producing things in the factory . One of the products I’ve made is this 『Recording Crystal』 . When magic power is applied to the tool, the crystal will record the sight reflected on it . As long as there are crystals, Aidle would be able to create it without any cost, but for the time being she limited the number to 100 crystals . She was also using her magic to record from various angles .

「Now then, why don’t we sell it right away . We have recorded that moment so it would last forever~In regards to Recording Crystals~~This time will be a special case limited edition of 100 crystals that have recorded that event~~Welcome~」


「Can I buy that~?」

Members of 『Fairy’s Banquet』 were in charge of selling the records . Oh, it seems like everyone was quickly attracted to this place, especially the merchants . I did hear about magic tools from beastmen being exceptionally rare and unique,

「Please sell it to me!! How much is it!!」

「How about 1 silver coin」

「I got a cheap one!!!」

I have a feeling that it would sell out in an instant . Oh, they bought it for 1 gold coin . A single one of those would be around 50 coppers each, it increased the sales to more than double the amount . This is also going to be donated to the church .

When everything was finally over, and the children finished changing their clothes, everyone came to my place . I was immediately surround and was glomped and was dragged away . Ararararara .

「Thank you, Onee-chan!!!」

「It was really fun!!」

「I was given a lot of money!!!」

「Ooh~everyone did their best . Starting today, everyone will be officially recognized . Be sure to do your best from now on, okay?」


On the way home, everyone joined hands as they went back to the church . I have finished teaching the children, along with the necessary knowledge to live . I don’t know what developments this will entail .

Hopefully, it probably won’t go wrong, but……



Arena who was beside me smiles at me . Her eyes that were illuminated by the city light reflects to me a feeling of warmth .

「It, willーbe fine~♪」

I put my head on her shoulders and cuddle her . She also strokes my head which made me feel warm . You are so kind…… my best friend .

「Fufufu, alright…… shall we go back?」


While feeling comfortable from the fading laughter of the children and the warmth of my friend’s shoulder, we arrived at the back of the church……


La Veil「It doesn’t look bad~」Crystal Activated

Forna「Everyone can’t enter~」Crystal Activated

Cielo「Amazing~Aidleー……」Crystal Activated

Mika「Everyone is so cute……」Crystal Activated

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