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Above the flat white ground, a huge explosion sounded.

Instant kill!

The Ascension realm Yao Qing was split into half, blood spurted all around. It was a miserable death.

With Yao Qing dead, much of Qin Tian's anger had dissipated. He can’t help but laugh while hearing the prompts of the system

"Congratulations to player 'Qin Tian' for killing Yao Qing. Gained 500 000 experience, 110 000 Qigong value, 10000 survival value……"

"Congratulations to player 'Qin Tian' for gaining Taixu swordsmanship (immortal grade). Learn?……"

"Congratulations to player 'Qin Tian' for gaining Flowing Cloud robe (Immortal grade)……"

"Congratulations to player 'Qin Tian' for gaining "Fiery Soul Poison art (??? grade). Learn?……"

"Congratulations to player 'Qin Tian' for gaining 10 Peiyuan Dans……"

"Congratulations to player 'Qin Tian' for gaining 17 rank five cores, 9 rank six cores and 1 rank seven core……"

This is what a huge haul means!

The series of prompts made Qin Tian thoroughly elated. Whenever he meets a BOSS, he can’t help but be excited. From the beginning when he met Yao Qing, his expression changed. Qin Tian started planning in secret, there will definitely be good items when he's killed.

Now that everything went as he planned, his mood was great.

"Brother Hei's poison is cleared and Yao Qing is dead, I seemed to be forgetting something……" Qin Tian thought dreamily. Suddenly, he thought about Yao Kong.

Yao Kong was currently unconscious, his face was getting increasingly pale.

Wanting to kill him now was easier than pinching an ant to death.

Qin Tian frowned. After a while of deep contemplation, he opened his system and checked out the Fiery Soul Poison art. Seeing its details, he was baffled. The grade of abilities were all ranked, even the G.o.d grade Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture was distinguished, so why was the grade of Fiery Soul Poison art just question marks?

"Could it be that it is beyond the ranking system of Tianyuan continent?"


The light in his eyes changed. It was like some guard finding a huge boulder of gold and itched to just jump into the piles of money he would get.

Immediately after, he chose to agree to learn the ability.

In his ability panel appeared another ability.

Fiery Soul Poison art: ??? Grade

Ability's rank: rank 0

Proficiency: 0/10000 (Each use consumes 10000 Qigong)

Note: ? ? ? ? ? ?

"F**k me, even the notes are in question marks. Have you become an idiot, system?" Qin Tian grumbled. However, when he thought about Hei Yan's condition, his heart beat faster. Looking at the half dead Yao Kong, Qin Tian bit his lips. His frown loosened, "I’ll experiment on you first."

Killing the Rebirth realm Yao Kong would require more than a hundred thousand Qigong, while using the Fiery Soul Poison consumes 10000 Qigong.

Using it ten times and Teng killing him would not be much of a loss.

And, if he could control The Rebirth realm expert……


Unknowingly, saliva dripped down.

The thought was evil and it excites him. The feeling was greater than disciples seeing Yesu.

Suppressing the excitement, he stared at the weakened Yao Kong and started to laugh sinisterly, "If you do not want to die, let me take control of you. If you want to die, hehe……"

“I will not show any mercy!"

On Yao Kong's pale face, his muscles twitched. The unconscious him understood that he was now at the moment of life and death.

Die, or obey Qin Tian forever.

To be forced to such a situation by a spirit refining cultivator, Yao Kong was the first in history.

Qin Tian did not wait for his reply, though it was not as if he could anyways. His blood essence was in a turmoil and was now extremely weak, how could Qin Tian let go of such a great opportunity?

With a thought, his Dantian moved and 10 000 Qigong was gone.

A powerful spiritual energy emerged from within him.

Qin Tian's spiritual force was unprecedentedly strong. Under the control of the Fiery Soul Poison art, it was strengthened greatly. His spiritual energy formed into a golden mist, which entered Yao Kong through his breathing.

"Poisoning failed……"

Qin Tian did not lose heart. On the contrary, he put in more effort because of the failure.

Yao Kong was after all a Rebirth realm expert, while Qin Tian was a rank six spirit refining realm cultivator. His spiritual energy definitely could not be compared with Yao Kong. Failure would be normal.

During the second time, Qin Tian repeated his actions. A golden mist entered Yao Kong. In less than half a second, the system prompted him, "Poisoning failed……"

"Failure is the Mother of success!"

A second later after his third attempt, the system prompted his failure.

"As long as you work hard enough, you can grind an iron bar into a needle!"

Qin Tian kept self-comforting, but his confidence was shaken.

The fourth attempt was a failure……

The fifth attempt failed……


The ninth attempt failed……

"Laozi warn you that this is the last time. If you dare to resist, Laozi will take your life!" Qin Tian squatted and cursed, pointing at Yao Kong's nose. Once again, he gathered his spiritual energy and activated the Fiery Soul Poison art……

Three seconds later, the system prompted: Failed.

"F**k you."

Qin Tian was finally unable to restrain himself. He gave a kick and glared at Yao Kong, the unwillingness to lose attacked his mind, "Laozi don’t believe!"

After condensing his spiritual energy continuously ten times, cold sweat emerged. Sitting on the snow, he frowned. It cannot carry on like this. Though Yao Kong had fainted, Qin Tian was sure that his consciousness was still awake. To plant the fiery soul poison inside him, another method was needed.

The law of aura was released and he felt the turmoil in Yao Kong.

Suddenly, the edge of Qin Tian's mouth rose. The law of aura could sense much more than any abilities.

Although it does not have any attacking attributes, it is a powerful support.

Currently, it was used by Qin Tian as a healing skill.

Under the control of Qin Tian's spiritual sense, the turmoil within Yao Kong was guided towards his Dantian. Gently, he spoke into the ears of Yao Kong, "Had it ever came into your mind that I could control the aura inside you? Let me tell you, there are many things which are beyond your imagination. You should consider again now."

"Since I can make them enter your Dantian, I can also make them calm down."

"How about that?"

"Don’t force yourself anymore. It is not easy to cultivate up until the Rebirth realm, won’t it be a pity if you die? I’m sure you’re not willing to die like this right?"

"Rest a.s.sured, I will not treat you like Yao Qing."

"I know you can hear me. Agree or not agree. Agree by moving your eyebrows. If you don’t agree……"

"Then you can just die."

Qin Tian exposed a look of wanting to eat Yao Kong up after he finished speaking. In actual fact, he was worried that Yao Kong will not agree. It would be such a pity for a Rebirth realm expert to die just like that.

With a Rebirth realm expert by his side, who would dare to make a move against him?

The whatever rank three ascension realm w.a.n.g Ye can just wait for death!

A while later, Yao Kong's brows moved slightly.

Qin Tian felt a flower bloom in his heart……

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