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Evil Demon city was situated among the land covered with a layer of snow. Snow and wind struck all year round, the environment was terrible.

A chilly breeze blew across, pa.s.sing the faces of others like p.r.i.c.ks.

Cold, extremely cold.

In a dark corner, Qin Tian was not feeling the cold at all. He looked at the fight in excitement, "Luckily, Laozi wasn't the first to go up, else it will just end as a misery, hehe……"

The Rebirth realm Yao Kong fought against four ascension realm experts. Though he received a number of injuries, two among the four had died. The other two as tragic too, suffering from serious injuries, unable to continue much longer.

"Rebirth realm really is different, to be able to showcase such a shocking strength even when seriously injured. This fight's too interesting, haha……" Qin Tian was madly in joy, feeling fortunate that he escaped a calamity.

The four ascension realm experts were not Yao Kong's opponent, if he were to rush out first, he reckoned that he won't even know how he died.

"With only a few of you, how dare you try to take advantage of us! Why do you humiliate yourself, is Flowing Cloud sect a sect you can provoke?" Yao Qing stood by the side and cursed arrogantly.

Two of the four died, with the remaining tow suffering from serious injuries.

Even if Yao Kong doesn't take action anymore, he could also deal with them.

He would not be Yao Qing if he did not act arrogant at a time like this.

The faces of the two remaining people were ashened. Their eyes swept pa.s.s Yao Qing coldly and regret filled them. If they had known earlier, they would have killed him first.

"Yao Kong, kill them and let them know Flowing Cloud sect isn't something the likes of them can mess with." Yao Qing commanded.

At this current instant, Yao Kong was feeling an immense pain as if his blood essence was in a turmoil. He kept enduring, but every time he used his Qigong, he felt that his mind was crumbling.

Previously at Evil Demon city, the Evil Demon incarnation's universe force had caused his grave injuries. The aura within him was flowing like they were in a huge chaos, colliding recklessly around. Currently, he was left with less than a layer of his original strength.

During the half an hour, the four experts struck continuously. Although he killed two and seriously injured the others, he too was in a terrible condition. His state of mind was breaking apart and was left with almost no more Qigong. It was just that he used all his might to control himself, hence allowing him to not reveal it.

If they knew he did not have anymore Qigong left, the consequences would be great.

"Young master, why not let their dog lives off and have them never forget what happened today. Provoking Flowing Cloud sect, never in the remaining days of their life would they be in peace." Yao Kong spat his words out. There was no trace of him being injured.

Yao Qing's eyes brightened. He stepped forward and laughed coldly, "No, Laozi want them to die."

The word 'die' was emphasized heavily, almost like he was shouting.

Yao Kong's entire body trembled. He stared at Yao Qing in rage and his blood started to boil. If this carries on, he would no longer be able to control himself.

The faces of the two ascension realm experts changed. Seeing the rage growing on Yao Kong's face and the killing intent surging, their hearts tightened as they gave each other a glance. They ran along two different directions as fast as they could.

"Want to run? Impossible!"

"Yao Kong, kill them!"

The scene of the two experts running away delighted Yao Qing, making him more arrogant. Seeing Yao Kong not moving, he berated, "You dare to not listen to my order? Do you believe that Laozi will kick you out of the Yao clan?"


Yao Kong could no longer endure, his rage had reached the limit. A slap flew across. At the same time, blood spurted out of his mouth.

The snow around turned red.

Yao Qing widened his eyes in anger. He covered his cheeks and stared at Yao Kong in disbelief. "You…you…you dare to hit me?"

"You're only a dog slave of my Yao clan. Without my Yao clan, you're only a dog that roams on the street. To dare to hit me, are you tired of living?"

Yao Qing chose not to care about Yao Kong's injury. No, there was not even a trace of care for Yao Kong. In his eyes, Yao Kong was just a slave of the Yao clan and must follow every order. Injuries or death were not of his concern.

Being slapped by his slave, rage grew. Just as he was about to give Yao Kong a kick, Yao Kong closed his eyes and fainted on the ground.

His entire body was in immense pain and was without Qigong. He was completely unable to suppress the turmoil of his blood essence. If not for him being in the Rebirth realm and having the rebirth force refined protecting his meridians, he would be long dead.

Yao Qing was taken aback by the fall of Yao Kong. Still, he gave a kick roared, "Don't you dare act dead in front of Laozi."

Yao Kong was flipped over. His face was pale and blood continued to be spurted out. His injuries were extremely serious.

"Really injured?" Yao Qing's face changed. He surveyed his surroundings. Noting that the two ascension realm experts were not close by, he relaxed. Then, he shot a look of disdain at Yao Kong, "My Yao clan fed you for so many years and brought you up to the Rebirth realm. Today, Laozi almost died in Evil Demon city. Say, what's the use of feeding you for so many years?"

"Even a dog would be better."

Yao Qing spat at Yao Kong's chest and took a deep breath. Staring at the direction of Evil Demon city, his eyes narrowed, "Wait for it, Laozi will uproot you!"

"Hey second-hand good."

Yao Qing was shocked. He felt as if he had heard this voice before. At the next second, he suddenly retreated a hundred feet.

Qin Tian's face was full of smiles. He looked at Yao Qing like he was looking at a dumb treasure trove.

"What do you want?" Yao Qing felt his throat turn dry. Hatred filled him as his entire body trembled.

Qin Tian shook his head while laughing. He glared at the person on the ground, feeling that his aura was very weak, he looked back at Yao Qing. "Nothing much, perhaps just your dog head."


Yao Qing glared at Qin Tian. "Do you know who I am? By killing me, don't even think about living. Do not a.s.sume that just because you're Tianji sect's disciple, you are something great, Flowing Cloud sect can destroy Tianji sect in a blink of an eye."

"Oh, I'm so scared." Qin Tian walked a few steps to the front and laughed, "You really are a second-hand good. You still can't wake up at a time like this."

"Second-hand good? What do you mean?" Yao Qing questioned while activating his ascension force silently.

"Die, and you shall understand."

Immediately after, Qin Tian overflowed with power. Brother Hei Yan was in great danger. By not killing Yao Qing, he would not be able to live for long.

"Rank one berserk……"

"Emperor's Purgatory……"

"G.o.dly dark art……"

The three abilities joined together, producing an earth-shattering might which made the surroundings tremble.

Qin Tian would not give Yao Qing any chance.

After the three abilities were successfully used, the seven lore formation was activated.

The seven lore huge purple sword pierced through the horizon and descended.

Before Yao Qing could recover his Qigong, there was nothing he could do. Both his eyes widened as he let out a tragic scream like a pig.



Instant kill!

Yao Qing's dead!

A huge haul!

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