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Book 2 Chapter 19.2 – Innate Gift


A gloomy roar rang out. An afterimage flashed across the sky, and an ah sound followed. As soon as that miserable shout was released, it was cut short in his throat, and the sound was suddenly blocked off.

Dallas, Texas’ Golden Group Mister Benget lost his life within his bedroom just like this. Following that, his wife immediately released a sharp scream, and the bodyguards outside immediately entered. It was difficult for them to believe what just happened; there was someone who actually broke through what they thought was a ‘perfect’ protection and killed their employer.

Li Yang was dressed completely in black, and in his hands was a two-pack of Erguotou beer as he walked on the Dallas streets. Even though the afternoon sun was vicious, the area around him was still cool.


His cellphone vibrated. Li Yang saw the caller ID and he answered the phone, “Brother Ge Pu, is something the matter?”

“Mu Yi, today, some hoodlums came to mess with our Taibai Restaurant. The strangest thing is that these hoodlums were extremely difficult to get rid of. The small hoodlums that come normally would leave after a bit of money, but this time, they actually continued to cause trouble until all the customers left before leaving.” Ge Pu was clearly furious from this problem.

When Li Yang heard this, he immediately frowned. He suddenly remembered the sentence that the blonde male from the Gunman Organization left him with — “I hope Mister Mu Yi can protect his own restaurant well. Right, I need to remind sir a bit that there are quite a few small ruffians and gangsters nowadays!”

After recalling that blonde male’s tone and expression, Li Yang was already quite certain. However, today, he was in Texas and had no way of taking care of this matter. He could only helplessly say, “Don’t worry about him and do business as usual. If there truly is no way, then just close shop temporarily.” Li Yang had never minded the amount of money from Taibai Restaurant that much.

After Li Yang hung up the phone, he felt a bit uncomfortable inside.

He was actually played with like this by the Gunman Organization. Last time, he let them go, yet they actually turned on him and sent men to cause chaos. However, Li Yang still had to be be glad that the Gunman Organization did not sent some people to put a few bullets inside the restaurant and only ordered some ruffians to mess around. If they released fire and harmed Ge Pu and his wife, Li Yang would have went mad.

“Hey, have you guys prepared this month’s protection fee of five hundred thousand dollars?”

A lazy sounding voice was heard from in front of him. Li Yang looked over and saw that there were more than ten black-clad bodyguards that stood outside of a luxurious restaurant. This restaurant occupied several times more s.p.a.ce than Taibai Restaurant, and its interior decoration was also much more luxurious. However, this was Dallas, and couldn’t really be compared to Manhattan, New York, so that was why it seemed like the protection fee was the same figure.

A white individual walked out from the restaurant, and as soon as he saw the ten or so large men, he immediately said, “Of course it’s prepared! Everyone, come inside and rest up a bit first!”

Li Yang actually walked in front of the large men with cold arrogance and said callously, “Don’t block the road, get lost!” The restaurant was right beside the road, and currently, these large men were blocking the sidewalk.

Li Yang was in an extremely bad mood after finding out that the the Gunman Organization disturbed Taibai Restaurant. Now that he saw some local ruffians, he immediately felt a strange anger boiling within him.

When the big men that were about to enter the restaurant heard him, they immediately turned around one after another to see exactly what kind of great person would act so arrogantly. However, what they saw was just a black-clad chinese man.

“Yellow-skinned pig, are you looking to die?” The big person in the lead immediately spoke in an unyielding manner.

Li Yang’s brows immediately locked together. Anger was revealed on his face, and with a thrash of his right leg, it directly smashed down on the large man’s chest.  The kick knocked down the large man, making him continuously tremble as his mouth spurted out blood.

“Get lost!” Li Yang coldly spoke.

Even though the surrounding big men saw that Li Yang was extremely formidable, they thought that it was because Li Yang got in the first strike. These people were usually the ones that bullied others, so how could they let their reputation fall like this? Loud shouts rang out one after another as they pulled out iron rods from behind them.


Li Yang coldly swept out. His leg was like a blade as it directly sliced through the iron rod before sending a large black man out ten meters. This kick immediately made the other men dumbstruck, but Li Yang didn’t even care about their reactions. Following a few kicks, he forcefully knocked down a few more large men. The other large men finally woke up, and all of them howled before fleeing for their lives.

Li Yang didn’t pursue them and coldly laughed. He raised his head to drink a gulp of the strong alcohol before continuing his way in…

New York, John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Li Yang walked out from the airport. This time, he did not tell Miss Lily that he returned and directly took a taxi to Manhattan 57th street.

Li Yang got off the taxi at Taibai Restaurant.

“Big bro Ge Pu, did those hoodlums come to make trouble again?” Li Yang walked into the Restaurant and spoke to Ge Pu who was currently playing the erhu.

When Ge Pu heard this, he put down the erhu and said, “No, there hasn’t been any today. However, I don’t know if any will come later.”

Li Yang seemed to be pondering a bit as he nodded. “I’ll return for now and come back later to drink with brother Ge Pu.” After saying this, Li Yang walked toward his own villa.

As soon as he walked to his villa entrance, Li Yang saw a strong two meter tall male that was carrying two suitcases, and beside him was Old Jack. When Li Yang walked closer, he saw that the big man was Tian Gang, and just now the two suitcases were on his shoulders, blocking his face.

“Old Jack, what is going on? Why are there so many things being moved?” Li Yang walked over and asked.

When Old Jack saw Li Yang, he immediately became embarra.s.sed as he said, “Haha, my dear Mu Yi, I’ve recruited three more fighters, so my villa isn’t big enough to live in anymore. There is still quite a bit of room downstairs in your villa, so I’m sending one to live at your place. Tian Gang here insisted that he was the one to come.”

Li Yang raised his head and saw Lily who was standing there, then looked back at Tian Gang.

Tian Gang seemed a bit embarra.s.sed as he put down the suitcases. He walked in front of Li Yang and firmly patted Li Yang’s shoulders before saying with a coa.r.s.e voice, “Mu Yi, it shouldn’t be a problem if I live here, right?! This… You should know the reason for this.” When he reached the end of his sentence, Tian Gang’s voice became significantly softer.

Li Yang laughed and fist b.u.mped Tian Gang’s chest. “Lily is my junior sister, and you are my brother, so of course I would support you. In the future, we’ll be one family!” Li Yang chuckled as he offered to lift up one of the suitcases. However, Tian Gang placed both suitcases on his shoulders at once before saying, “Mu Yi, you are Lily’s senior brother, and so in the future, you are my senior brother as well. It’s better that I carry these suitcases, really is better this way!”

Li Yang looked at Lily, then looked at Tian Gang. He couldn’t help but burst out into laughter again. It seems like Tian Gang becoming his junior sister’s husband wasn’t a bad choice!



At the dining table.

“Senior brother, you should eat this drumstick!” The normally ruthless Tian Gang was currently simple and honest as he laughed. He placed a huge chicken drumstick on Li Yang’s plate while enthusiastically shouting: “Senior brother, senior brother.”

Lily, who was sitting beside him, couldn’t help but glare at Tian Gang. However, Tian Gang only became even more enthusiastic as he continuously added food onto Li Yang’s plate. A short while later, he then began to add food to Little Jack’s plate. Little Jack however didn’t refuse anything as he ate, and it seemed like he was rather satisfied towards this future brother-in-law.

“Don’t you have a fight to attend this evening?” Lily suddenly asked Tian Gang.

Tian Gang nodded and said, “A top division fight. His abilities can only be considered ordinary, and defeating him is definitely not an issue.”

“A’Tian, can’t you leave the Underground Boxing Arena sooner? That place is simply too dangerous.” Lily was clearly a bit worried for him.

Tian Gang affectionately rubbed Lily’s head and said, “Don’t worry, my internal cultivation has just reached the Xiantian Realm. Even if I didn’t use my inner cultivation and just relied on the strength of my body, I am still within the Underground Boxing Arena’s top three. If I use my internal cultivation, it’s likely that no one besides senior brother Mu Yi can defeat me. It is because of you that I haven’t challenged the Devil King yet. The Devil King who is at the highest level of this system is the one who is in the most danger!”

Lily nodded her head, but Li Yang who was on the side was a bit startled. “I need to quickly do more fights. Only after completing ten rounds of top division fights can I challenge the Devil King.”

“Tian Gang, you should be careful in today’s match. No matter who your opponent is, you cannot act contemptuous. Last time, I met an opponent who was actually a siberian werewolf. His offensive power was high, and definitely far surpa.s.ses your imaginations. I am worried that another one of these fellow has hidden their strength.” Li Yang warned repeatedly.

Tian Gang nodded and laughed. “Senior brother, don’t worry. I won’t underestimate any opponent. If I really can’t win, then I’ll just jump off the stage. Heng heng, the reason I entered the Underground Boxing Arena was to temper myself. I couldn’t care less about other people cursing at me.”

Li Yang couldn’t help but stare blankly. In the history of the Underground Boxing Arena, there truly hasn’t been anyone who jumped off the stage. Of course, it wasn’t that none of the boxers feared death, but rather that before they even had time to jump, they would be kicked flying by their opponent. However, Tian Gang who had his movement techniques still had the opportunity to jump.

Li Yang carefreely laughed and said, “That’s fine then. You all continue eating, I’ll go upstairs first.” Li Yang lowered his plate and chopsticks before going upstairs.

He opened his computer out of habit and entered the a.s.sa.s.sin Organization’s webpage.

“I wonder what happened the j.a.panese ‘Dual Flower’ that accepted the mission. However, they just accepted it, so there probably aren’t any results yet!” Li Yang decided in his mind.

Unfortunately, Li Yang’s judgment was wrong once again.

“Mission failed!” The j.a.panese ‘Dual Flowers’ organization declared that they are abandoning this mission.”

After seeing the result, Li Yang couldn’t help but stare blankly.

An a.s.sa.s.sin Organization was different from a single person. An a.s.sa.s.sin Organization could send people one after another to kill the target, so it was extremely rare for an a.s.sa.s.sin Organization to give up this mission so quickly. It was merely a few days worth of time, seemingly enough time for them to conduct only one a.s.sa.s.sination attempt. For them to give up on this mission so quickly, it truly made people shocked.

“What kind of games are these j.a.panese playing at? However, it is quite possible that they realized that the Seventh Rank expert Wolf King is not someone they can provoke.” Li Yang laughed inwardly.

Currently in Tokyo, j.a.pan.

“Fool! General Yamamoto, who told you to accept this mission? Without my approval, you actually accepted the billion dollar mission. Our Chrysanthemum Group’s two ‘Chrysanthemum Rank’ a.s.sa.s.sins died just like that! You didn’t even check the target’s strength carefully and acted so arrogantly, heng, is the loss of two ‘Chrysanthemum Rank’ experts something you can take responsibility for? For the next month, you should just spend your time in the darkroom!”A middle aged man wearing a kimono was currently scolding a young individual severely.

Chief Yamamoto was the j.a.panese Dual Flowers’ Chrysanthemum Group’s leader. This time, his son actually accepted the billion dollar mission and lost two of their ‘Chrysanthemum Rank’ a.s.sa.s.sins. The Chrysanthemum Group’s a.s.sa.s.sins were divided into Chrysanthemum, Golden Flower, Silver Flower, and Bronze flower levels! Losing two Chrysanthemum Ranked individuals was definitely a great loss. If it was anyone else, that person would have immediately been asked to perform seppuku on themselves. It was only because this was his son that he ordered him to be locked up.

“Sir!” The son had no complaints regarding going behind closed doors. He did not dare utter a single sentence of reb.u.t.tal.

“How could the criminal organization werewolf race’s most powerful expert be that easy to kill?” Chief Yamamoto felt a wave of anger in his heart.


Li Yang was suspended within his bedroom. His legs were crossed, and strand after strand of green qi streams were circulating…

Within his body’s dantian, strands of Xiantian qi were circulating above the heavenly sphere while imitating the ‘Seal Off’ imagery. The energy of the primal chaos circulated similarly, however, it was difficult to completely imitate it. Li Yang only successfully completed it one or two times out of ten, however, the results were extremely great!

Those dazzling and brilliant streaks of blade radiance circulated towards the center of the heavenly sphere. Surrounding the blade radiance, streaks of sharp blade qi continuously flickered. The sharp blade qi collided together and produced si si sounding like electric sparks.

Xiantian qi was continuously absorbed into the heavenly sphere. Li Yang’s mind was also submerged within the circulation of Xiantian qi as he continuously adjusted the movements of the Xiantian qi to be more like the ‘Sealed Off’ flow within the primal chaos.


It was the same as last time. Li Yang’s mind suddenly shook and left his body. During this short period of time, Li Yang had cultivated within Dallas, but never had he ever experienced his mind involuntarily leaving is body. It seemed like this kind of situation was something that could be encountered but not intentionally sought after.

This time, Li Yang’s mind ended up in the skies of New York. As he overlooked all of New York, he strangely could actually ‘see’ everything that was going on within . Suddenly, Li Yang’s mind shook, and his body returned to his body on the spot.

“Not good!” When he recalled what he saw with his mind just now, Li Yang was immediately alarmed. His body became like a wisp of smoke as he directly shot out from his balcony.

Within a small alleyway, Tian Gang was returning from his match.

“Mister Tian Gang, in the next match, you must lose. As long as you lose, we will let you go.” Five black-clad men were standing in front Tian Gang. In their hands were the newest Desert Eagles.

Regarding the strength of the new Desert Eagle models, it was something that Tian Gang of course knew. As a Fourth Rank expert, it was not enough to protect himself even if he added his internal strength. Tian Gang could only say, “Fine, I promise!” Even though those were the words that came out of his mouth, he actually coldly snorted inwardly. “I will promise them now, but I’m not some kind of n.o.bleman. I will still win the fight like before!”

The black-clad leader immediately took out a pill and said, “This is our organization’s newly developed pill. After eating it, there wouldn’t be any problems before the fight. After the fight ends, if Mister Tian Gang loses, then we will give you the antidote.”

Tian Gang smiled and said, “Fine, I hope you guys will comply with your promise.” As he spoke, he began to walk forward.

Suddenly, Tian Gang’s body flashed, and the word ‘kill’ was grunted from his mouth. His two legs were like phantom images as it directly smashed towards the fat black-clad individual closest to him. His body instantly withdrew, hiding behind that fat black-clad individual.


Gun sounds rang out. The bullets directly pa.s.sed through the fat black-clad individual and shot into Tian Gang’s chest.

No wonder it was the new Desert Eagle model. Even though it already pa.s.sed through the fatty, it still broke through the qi protecting his body. Tian Gang immediately dropped onto the ground, and the other four black-clad individuals all pointed their guns towards Tian Gang.

“Give him the pill!” The leader that fired just now coldly ordered someone by his side.

Right at this moment!

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Sharp whistling sounds immediately rang out. The black-clad leader’s figure immediately flashed. His speed was definitely something that an expert possessed, however, this was the blade qi cultivated within Li Yang’s body. Its speed was too fast, far surpa.s.sing the black-clad leader’s imagination.

The four black-clad individuals, including the black-clad leader, all had a hole in their heads.

Xiu! Li Yang easily summoned a streak of blade qi and pierced through the fatty on the ground’s head, because that fatty already picked up the Desert Eagle.

“Overlord, quickly help me save him!” Li Yang’s figure immediately rushed to Tian Gang’s side. Blood was currently flowing from his chest non-stop. Overlord Xiang Yu immediately used his powerful primordial spirit force to surround Tian Gang’s entire body.

“Heavens, how could it be? How could it be?” Overlord Xiang Yu lost his self-control as he shouted in alarm, “This Tian Gang’ actually has the rarely seen Xiantian Earth Blessed body that only appears within millions and millions of people!”

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