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Chapter 1

Book 2 ch 1 · Ardergart cavalry and a lost little boy.


Ardergart cavalry.

It is the only school built by the country to nurture knights.

The school founded to raise very powerful knights and was kept secretly in the forest near the royal capital.

There, boys superior in various skills such as swordsmanship, archery, spearmanship, horse-riding, etc. and they are living there cultivating their skill every day.


Vios Kulendine and Louise Arven were also one of them, and they enrolled by age of eight.

What they expecting was a place to learn a variety of techniques and knowledge with a horrible demon instructor and a unique cla.s.smate.

In the Ardergart one can not only expand their excellent skills but also learn about the history of the country and its way of life, the historical characters and  culture of other countries, religion, how to handle manners and women in society. Various things are learned unconditionally.


In addition, although not for becoming a knight, but for the purpose of “learning various things together with those of the same age” in the Ardergar cavalry, the prince of this country and the son of the duke are also living there.

The inside of this school building, however, will not be affected at all by the position of upper or lower status.

n.o.bleman, who is not used to living without servants,are forgetting inconvenience while living, and enjoying life as “commoner” with boys of similar age.


Vias and Ruiz who enrolled in the schoolhouse were never friendly.

However, despite hating each other,they understood that it is just a life in the same place.

Sword-teacher Winsel told both of them, who were ignorant to dangers of the street. ‘If you go out into town, ask for shopping, then come back without delay. ‘


While buying different things in town, they lost track of the time and couldn’t return before the dark, expecting big scolding. Silently heading back to the dorm with gloomy atmosphere, they gazed understandingly at each other, ‘being in the same boat’ there is no need for words to get the situation.


On the way home they found “Him”.

From the beginning they thought it was a boy from the city, that wandered into the forest.

Covered in dirt and bruises, with a deep blue color, on the area around the knees is torn wound . He wore clothes like loose underwear on the top, but large in size.

They thought it was a poor boy who couldn’t repair trousers and could’t buy a coat.


The ‘Boy’ jumped in surprise seeing them. And eked with a high pitched voice. And resumed with similar hight voice.


“Excuse me , Do you know what is this place?”


Eyes looking uneasy, Ruiz and Vias blinked stupidly.

“This is a forest near the kingdom.”

They wondered whether ‘he’ got lost or not.

If you look closely, the boy does not wear shoes either. Pitiful heartedly poor appearance, Ruiz took out the socks he bought today.

As there were many small scratches on the boy feet, it would be bat if he stumbles by a branch or scattered gla.s.s.


“Are you lost?” When Ruiz asks, the boy overlooks the neighborhood saying

“Yes, it seems like it” While being embarra.s.sed. He was wearing the socks i took out to give him..


“Thank you! You are my savior” Boy smiles deeply bowing down, Ruiz lets out a small laugh.


‘It seems that my present was very appreciated for the boy in front of me.’

Being proud, I look at the boy wearing socks. Apparently it seems to be a little

big, but it is a range without problems.

The boy who finished wearing the socks turned his head a bit while making shy face.


“Thank you, and sorry … I suddenly appeared in such place and lost my shoes”

Saying that he ‘appeared in such a place’ I didn’t understand him at first, he probably got lost gathering berries or something. I glanced at Vois unconvinced


The sun set a while ago already, and if we don’t get to the dorm before the door is closed, we will stay outside. If we get there too late we will get punched by Winsel for sure, it’s not a thing to do for the sake of stranger.


“In the first place there is only one way to the city. If you go down this road you will get there.” I explained.


“Umm, what town is that?”


” Huh? it’s the Kingdom great Schwein-Zeld”

“Shubein … …? … um … … what country is this?

” …… Country? “Boy and Ruiz stared at each other with question marks over their heads,Vios slowly sprained his mouth slowly.

“Where are you from?” In a relaxed and calm tone he asked.


“From Saitama” boy answers, feeling a little bit tense. Louise who heard it rise eyebrows.




“Have you escaped from slavery?”


“Sulavery?” The boy seems to have no idea of ​​the meaning of the word and is inclining his head. Though the thing that the boy is wearing is poor, the tone and atmosphere are polite and soft, and the hands does not seem rough. Black hair is also glossy and looks well maintained. And even the foot nails I noticed before he wore socks, were painted in pink.


It looked like son of some aristocrat was taken into slavery,but it seems not to be the point.

Vias stopped the words and gazed at the boy.





Transfering gaze from the young boy to the sky. At the same time a damp wind blew telling them that it will rain soon.Ruiz and Vias aligned their eyes and thought what they were going to do.

‘It’s easy to leave a boy in front of me, but it will rain soon, and the person does not know where this is.We can’t leave him alone’


Taking the boy to dormitory is not permitted for outsiders thought.


‘It didn’t look like the boy in front of me was lying and trying to enter the dormitory by tricking us – but I can not completely believe it. ‘


“Doubt everything” are the words of a demon instructor Winsel, they are afraid of.


A small raindrop fell down on the head and cheeks.The boy in front of them also looks up at the sky which becoming dark.

Looking at struggling boy, Ruiz put out his hand “come here” as if to younger child.

“You will catch a cold in the rain, for the time being, let’s go to our dormitory.”

Then I thought that it would be good to give him a coat and an umbrella, Vias also said so and urged the boy.


After all, if the rain will fall the three of them would be wet,thinking this they returned to the dormitory. The boy who was brought by Ruiz and Vias was surprised at the building that appeared suddenly in the forest.


Winsel was standing by the entrance.

‘It seems that we will get scolded for being late,after all.’

Winsel, held two large towels, and handed the towel to the apprentice knights.


“… who is this?” A bold voice was aimed at the boy.

Ruiz hurriedly opens his mouth to explain.


“It seems like a lost child, we’re sorry Winsel instructor, but because of the rain”


Listening to Ruiz apologies, The boy is also sorry, lowering his head. From the black hair the drop of rain fell down.

Watching that, Winsel raised eyebrows. And reaches for the boys hand.


“Head to the bath for now, Arven and Klendin, you too.”

Apparently this demon instructor seems not mad at them being late. ‘Probably.’

Winsel asked the kitchen Ladies to prepare one set of clothes for him.


While Winsel drags a puzzled boys to the bathroom.

I the dressing room,Ruiz and Vias pulled down the wet clothes,but the boy turns to Winsel with a shy face,and is shaking his head as “I will be ok not taking the bath!”.


Winsel looked strange at the soaked boy in wet clothes, and pulled him in


“Just go in there fast!”.


“I won’t!”Boy quickly exclaims.


And looked up at the Winsel, hugging his body tightly. Winsel tried to touch the boy.


“Kyaaa” he screamed

And hurriedly asked, “What are you planning to do!?”


“Quickly get undressed and get inside the bath before you’ll catch a cold”


“How can i get into the bath with the grown up boys?! ”

” Well, what’s wrong with taking a bath between men? ” Adding To the bad mood of the demon instructor, Ruiz and Vias are troubled with the behavior of the boy staring at him angrily.

How can he go against Winsel-san words so rudely.


“What about being a ment!? – Huh? — I am a proper woman!” The boy screams as a tear started to pour.


That was the day of encounter between Ruiz and Vias, and the girl Sakura, who they mistook for a boy.

[TN : I thought it will be more spicy! Sorry )) Will not promise you anything without knowing now]

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