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Chapter 5
[IRM2TM7H] Book 1 ch 5 · “How does such ridiculous reasoning even exists!”

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Book 1 ch 5 · “How does such ridiculous reasoning even exists!”


“No, isn’t it strange, the multi-husband way of life!”


The polygame system, where man have a lot of wives i still could understand,but..

Well, because men don’t get pregnant and women can give birth to life … Well … I can not approve of it in my heart, but I can understand it as an inst.i.tution.

But what about seven husbands for one wife? If wife get pregnant she will not know who is the father, how would they live a life like this? It’s like foreign countries with polygamy, but is there a separate house for each husband, or are there 7 husband living together?


Mr. Winsel nods to me “It’s a good system”,

I do not understand the meaning!


“I think that this is an excellent law in terms of women’s personal convenience” Vias said so, and slipped his fingers over the long sword that came to the waist. It’s not a toy, it’s a real heavyweight sword. I got a little bit frightened.


“There is no danger in the usual life, as long as one has three guards, with just one husband it’s impossible to escape all danger’s, so it is natural to hire a real guard. However, who can prove that the hired person is not a rogue? There is no choice but to protect your precious things by yourself, and since it is impossible by doing it alone, no money can guarantee safety , that’s why husband needs a another husband to protect a wife besides himself for sure. ”


” How does such ridiculous reasoning even exists! “


I got overly excited by hearing this strange theory. To experience sudden leap from stone age to modern society.

Impossible! It is too impossible!

It seems that only me can’t accept this, and Ms. Winsel said to me while tilting his head, “I, too, think that this is good system.”


“It would be much better to greet her husband if my wife was kidnapped by a bad hunter, of course I would like you to be your own wife if you can, of course.”

Luiz told me a lot of stupid things, The moral view that seemed to have lost within the years of my life became sad.

Wait a moment, everyone is funny. It is strange. I wish you could put something wonderful security buzzer.

However, it is frightening because I think that this person is wrong if three people are given a gaze of “It’s a good system”.

I shook my head and scolded myself, i was supposed to be convinced by that

“I understand, if it’s the case..”


“Well,, let’s wait for a moment,i have a question, what will you do when the child get born, how will you know who is the father? Isn’t it troublesome?”

“The child is everyone’s child,and not some stranger’s. Of course, you can notice by hair color, or the color of his eyes, the face resemblance, somehow you know whose child it is, but blood connection doesn’t matter, as he was born from my dear wife ”


I have always thought ‘I want you to see only myself, and love only me.’ It’s not strange to get confused in this situation.

Or maybe it is opinion a minority here? I was caught by a voice. Ciel’s voice.


“Sakura, wait for me uncon





No, there is nothing to wait for, I think I will probably just go back to the original world.

Vios took my right hand and told me with a serious face saying

“Marry me,and I will protect you without a fail”,

Ruiz takes the left hand and

“I wan’t you to marry me too, I’ll make you happy. ” said with a smile.


“It’s impossible …”, I will struggled to return my hands,held by the two, but they didn’t let me, grip was firm.

I don’t know why they can’t find women. Both of them are pretty handsome,and having those famous flowers on their necklaces, famous orden knight’s occupation isn’t it prommissing?


The lack of a woman in the world madea great dream for these promising knight’s  — to get married – even if it means to snutch away.

I looked at them with a little pity. But even if they told me to, i definitely would not marry them! Impossible.

I remember last time, there was a relationship between an kitchen lady and a regular knight.

If there are feelings involved, i would understand, but we see each other for the first time, it’s definitely not OK to marry for such sloppy reason.I would not bend to this.


I wanted to deliver my thoughts to them, who looked that they will not give up.


“I remember you, Vios who was picky in his meal, and Ruiz who was crying near my bed, honestly i can not see you as a men” The two knights grimaced at my words


” Just stop it with this troublesome memories.. ”

“There is nothing that can scare me right now, so this topic is unrelated. ”

They said it, not giving up of holding my hands”


“You want to marry me even thought i might return to my world anytime?”

When i gazed at Winsel, he replied

“I understand, but  there is no other way” He spills the word’s that are completely different from my expectations.

“If Sakura comes to my house, of course I welcome you, I will protect you until Ciel comes of age — it’s not even a question for a parent” Mr. Winsel gets bitter smile after receiving a angry gases from the knights.


“No, it would be just like getting along with Ciel for marriage premise, right?”I directed a cold view to Winsel. Receiving the gaze from three of us now, Winsel shrugs his shoulders.


“So Sakura, if you do not like it, it’s okay to marry with only the two of us, it will be fine even if it’s one for now”


“You were fortunate in the past, you could work in the dormitory, usually a woman working over there is older than fifty years old and only those who have menopause.10years ago the girls’ birth rate has not yet reached this hights Nevertheless, although it was not this miserable, naturally young women like you are a waste to keep in such a place, if information that you don’t have family or backing’s was to leak out, instantly there would be aristocrat to kidnap you.At the words of Mr. Winsel the two knights also nodded.


With 3 meals a day, everyone were kind and were able to work there,with a warm bed and a bath, it seems to have been a really lucky thing! It’s good that i had that opportunity, now that i think about it.


“Even if you were lucky before, it is also true that it’s great to have such handsome knights as husband’s, don’t you think so too? ”


I cry out in my mind and then stare at them, who are holding my hands.

If i didn’t feel like they are still my children, their beauty is really a thing.

However, no matter how beautiful they are, even if they are knights in a floral orden occupation, i would still say NO! I hate it, i hate the thought of marrying at first meeting.


But now that i am refusing their proposals with so much aggression, maybe i would be raped by some stranger, or married with someone i hate. It feels like not a bad choice to choose the two, that i raised from childhood.If the fundamental human nature of the two had not changed and they are still good guys that is.

So, in that case.


“Wh..which of you should i be married to?” By my words, Vio got extremely happy , and Ruiz kissed the back of my hand as if to tell me “I will make you happy I swear.“

I look at the face of two people who look pleased with my decision, and think.

Did they even understood what i said, i said that it will be only one of them!


I would like them to do Janken or something and decide for themselves!


But no one listened to me crying for their reason, ignoring me i got registered with two of them as my actual husbands.

Not knowing what scary things await me in the future i was already scared to my wits at present.


This was a first step  in getting seven husbands ……

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