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"What is it?"

I could not grasp the laughing Vias’ intention, no i don't want to, he pressed me against the bed with his powerful arms. Unyielding.

What is this supposed to mean? I was thrown into a cold sweat .

“… Nothing other than kiss, i said it to you before?!”


What is this hand doing then?!

I tried to remove Vias' arm, but he said “I will just kiss” and took my lips again.


Certainly I said that it's fine to kiss.However, it seems that I said to do it  “a little”.

And somehow, kissing in this position is kind of dangerous … but it seems Vais does not intend to quit.

As he deeply, greedy, shallowly, kissed me as many times as he wanted, then gently released my lips.

Have you finished already …?

It was so sweet, so good, so continuous i thought unconsciously.

Vias, taking me away from the thoughts, started to kiss my neck.

“Whait!, it's a bit, what …!!”

Chilly pain ran through the neck. I noticed that he left a kiss mark.

Trying to escape in a hurry, Vias after releasing his lips, began to create marks in other places.

“Hey! What are you doing … … gya~a!”

From the neck to the chest, Vias created a number of kiss marks that probably will not fit in one hand.

Such a feeling as something painful, tickling, something strange began to sprout.

I decided to break the atmosphere

“Vias, let’s wait a minute! Let’s wait a minute! Let’s calm down!” It was.

But Vias didn't stop.

What I am wearing instead of pajamas is not a fascinating night dress prepared by my mother – in – law, but simple cotton dress.

He confirmed that dress has no b.u.t.tons nor ribbons to take it off easily. He pulled up the skirt.Rolled it up to the chest around the waist, I let out a scream unexpectedly.

There is no bra in this world. Speaking of it, it is like corset.

In the daytime I wear a corset that plays a modern bra role, but at night I thought that “No one can see me” So i had only this dress and panties.

That being raised up to the b.r.e.a.s.t.s means that the b.r.e.a.s.t.s became fully visible.

I was much confused and in a panicking attempt to return the skirt down, Vias sucked on my chest earlier than i could react. At the same time my scream rises.

“No! Ah !”

“Sakura, I'm just going to kiss you”

Wait a moment,kiss is when you put your lips together!

Before raising my voice, Vias bites my chest.

To this direct pleasure, my back curves.

“Vias! Stop —!”

He grabs my hand that was trying to pull skirt down,and pull it behind my head,while licking the nipple.

Flickering and squeezing playing with that place, I blushed so much from embarra.s.sment that for the first time i was feeling pleasure from that place.

Suddenly he sucked on it strongly

“Ah!" i let out the sound.

I couldn't believe that these voice came from my throat. In contrast to me who wanted to die from this lewd voice, Vias laughed delightfully.

“Sakura, are kisses pleasant?”

“This,  is , not,  a ,  kiss ”

“It is a kiss, whether it's forehead, cheek, or lip, it's all kisses aren’t' they? ”

It's different! I wanted to say, kiss is in the sense of sticking your lips together.

But, this is different!

“Sakura’s skin is smooth and I want to touch it so much, but you will only let me kiss you, right?”

Vias, trying to leave a kiss marks near the tip of my chest, say so.

“Actually, I want to touch you my fingers, Sakura”,

'but because you say only to kiss', Vias repeated the words.

“I don't want … …!”

The tip of the tongue moving chirpy slowly goes down to the belly from my chest.

Repeatedly leaving markings with his lips on their way, and every time my hips trembled.

The hand that was held me down the bed, suddenly was released by Vias.

Where I wanted to feel relief of freedom, Vias pulled down my underwear with both hands while attaching kiss mark next to my belly b.u.t.ton.


Causing disorder even between my legs, i caught Vias' fleeting gaze.

From these eyes burning with pa.s.sion, my face flared up. Vias satisfied with my reaction and lifted up my knees.

There is no other thing to cover up the secret place when underwear was stripped off.

So my secret place was seen by Vias.

Not JUST seen, it's completely visible now.

I wonder whether my complexion is red or blue.

Vias first kissed my thighs.Soft skin bloomed red with lightly sucking it up.

Vias kissed over and over, and many red flowers bloomed.

It was embarra.s.sing to death, suddenly a strand of hair tickled the secret place,it felt very pleasant. That was the most shameful and embarra.s.sing thing.

Gently and carefully, Vias dropped his lips.

Every time he released his leaps, i trembled and let out voice.

stop … …!”

After hearing my voice,Vias released my thighs and stoped movement.

And asked.

“You don't like being touched there?”, He lightly touched the place where he was putting his lips.


“Is that so? How unfortunate”

It was a moment,Vias spun a word saying “Let’s do it here then”, putting a tongue in a secret place that started getting wet quickly.

“Yah -! Absolutely stop",

I did not really understand at first. What is Vias doing? My mind became blank for the first time.

Licking there with slurping sounds,


iI couldn't tell if it felt good or not.

It seems that my body is beginning to understand that it is an act that leads to pleasure. Unlike ticklish, the back of the body gets tight and hot.

“Nn.. no, stop !”

Vias noticed that i was trying to escape from pleasure, and firmly took hold of my knees, refusing to let go.

The place that was dripping with honey, he licked it and swallowed what seemed  to get out.

I’m not sure if it’s embarra.s.sing or scary.However, I noticed sound of Vias throat, and my consciousness began to fly away.

Just kill me already.

Vias scooped all the overflowing honey with the tongue and drank it, then dropped his lips to the thigh again.

The touch i couldn't feel just a while ago, now i can vividly feel it.

Just his breath landing on my skin makes me feel crazy.

“Vias ,i don't want …!!”

Pushing the head of Vias, who will not give in, away from there.

Looking at my face that almost seemed to cry, Vias said

“Sakura” like a child scolded by her mother.

“Stop it, really, just stop it.”

I could not stop the tears dripping, Vias shrugged my shoulders

“I am really sorry.”

I thought he understood, but it seems that it was wrong. Vias smiled a little and said

“As i thought, i have to do it here” and again.

He started to lick next, to the flower core.

“Nn nooo!”

The back crushes to the intense feeling, a white spark is scattered in front of my eyes.

As he made love to me, he began to kiss there with a sound.

“aaa ! aaaah!”

“Sakura does not like to be licked much, so do you like kisses like this?”

It wasn't something to say aloud.But I could not think of anything too complecated now.

Vias sucked lightly and released it. The sound which is slightly wet and my panting voice spread out in the room and shake the night air. Even the moon felt like it was trembling.

Leaving a strong kisses there, the pain and pleasure made me lose my mind.

"It's  not right, it's not right so please stop—-"

” Is it wrong? Would you like me to lick? Do you dislike kisses?”

I could not understand the meaning of the words , nodding, Vias says

[Sakura is really selfish]

“Noo! I don't mean it like thist!”

Why you don't understand, I don't like being touched there.

I wanted to convey to him the meaning of my words.But just repeatedly said

“I do not want it” and “Stop it”.

Vias did not listen to my words anymore and kept caressing it enthusiastically.

“Ahh,… hnn … …!”

“Sakura, do not close your mouth, let me hear your voice”

With a voice like a sweet breath, Vias said so.

My lips let out nasty sounds. Vias traces that place with his tongue, sucked up occasionally and pleasure increased.

When thinking that it's scary and i want to scream, Vias’ hand took a hold of my fist, and i scratched his hand with my nails.

Heat acc.u.mulating in my body, trying to erase the pleasure that makes me go numb, i inserted my nails deeper in his hand.

My legs stretched out. My body was hot and I could not think of anything.

And, the pleasures which have been raised to the limit,my breath froze.

“Ku! -“!

I felt that my body was not my own at the first sensation.Vias knows that I’ve reached the limit, and kisses lightly on the thigh, after gets up slowly.

Landing a gentle kiss on my forehead.

“Sakura, are you happy? “

When I stare at Vias in silence somewhat glaring, he looked a little troubled and asked,

” You didn't like it? ”

“I told you to not do anything other then kiss …”

"I only touched with my lips and tongue."

In a tone reminding a child he told me this, my anger burst out.

I raised my voice.

“That was not a kiss!” ”

“It’s a kiss, Sakura. Please do not bother me complaining so much. ”

Where my words contained a selfishness!

Vias lifted his eyes and got angry, lifted the futon from under the bed

“wh..what are you doing?”.

To Vias trying to enter the futon together,i say “Hey!?”

There is a room for him isn't it?

I thought so, but Vias tightly kissed my lips and told me that it was the final notice.

“It's already so late. Let’s sleep together with me, tonight, Sakura,if you say anything more, i will kiss your body again,”

a smile on his mouth and a gentle tone of words But, only the eyes were serious.

I realized the crisis that could seriously enter the second round, I swallowed all the complaints and nodded.

“I'll sleep”

“Yes, good night, Sakura”

I was told in a soft voice to had a good dream, but when I thought that next to me was a semi rapist demon, I could hardly see a good dream.

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