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Chapter 3
[IRM2TM7H] Book 3 ch 3 · “Don’t you like being touched by me?”

Night came.


Just after this, I told Vias and Louise,

“I want to go see my mother-in-law, and my father-in-law, today, right now!”,


But neither of them answered no.

Louise smiled bitterly,


“It’s finally our first night as a couple, but why do you have to go away?”

Viose smiled bitterly “eee, let’s do it next time then, see you”.

My husband’s parents’ house was a place where i felt a little nervous, but still it is equal to heaven, considering that you may be attacked in your sleep. I definitely want to go to heaven.


The two husbands went to work in the afternoon, leaving me alone in the house, and then 5 people were left around the house. It’s amazing.

Until now they seem to have worked at Louise and Vios’ parents’ households,and were sent to work here “You can trust these people, take them to your place”.

I told them that I would like to go to my husband’s home, of course, I told them if there was something they needed me for, but the answer was no.


As a result, I was praying to G.o.d so that “both of husband’s would’ not come searching for her after hard day of work.”

As if my wish was heard, in the evening, I got a message of despair from Louise.

“Today, no matter what, i can’t come home”.

Of course I am delighted and thankful to Louise’s coworker for delivering the message,


“Thank you. Please tell Louise, to work hard and finish his work properly, even if it ends sooner. Please tell him that he shouldn’t go back at night because it’s dangerous “


But, i wonder, was it ok to say this?

When the sky became dark, Viose came back to me.

Viose who narrowed his eyes and hugged me “Sakura” and called me my name gently.

Before he could reach my face with his lips i turned my head away, waah dangerous.


“You worked hard, Vios, I’m done with dinner .” When saying so while releasing myself from him quickly, Vioz added a more pleasing look.


“Did Sakura make this?”


“Yeah, well , it’s not anything special thought”

But it’s my first wife in role of wife. I will have to take care of expenses and also should prepare meals,  wash and clean up as well.

Besides, when i was staying in their parents’ house, I told my mother-in-law, “I wish I could work outside.” They said to just do my best at supper preparations.”


“It’s already troublesome to look after your husband’s, i know you will be cooking yourself aren’t you? Why not just give this work to employees, are you sure you ok with only bodyguard? ”


“No, I have a lot of free time anyway. Thank you. ”

” Is that so? But … well, I wish Sakura would let me know if there is something troubling her

. ”

” Thank you for the trouble, i will. “


“At night– i mean at evening meal, please do your best with it “

“Night … …. Oh, you mean dinner? I will try hard to prepare dishes mother-in law taught me!”


Today ‘s stewed dish was taught by Viase’ s mother.

The two mothers seemed to be very good at cooking and they taught me about their son’s favorite things. Then I was taken to tailor the dress and had studied with my new teacher about various thing that w

ife should know. [TN: Oho~o my perverted mind]


Thanks to this, time i spent in parents’ home flew by unnoticed, and left me with a lot of worm feelings.


l felt like i’m older sister to Viase and Louise, nothing s.e.xy thought.Therefore.I was quite surprised at the beginning of my new life, that I would be asked for kisses and more. It was very surprising.


While idly remembering what was happening in my parents’ house, I left Viase and headed for kitchen to prepare the table. I noticed on the way, but the eyes that Vias looks at me just as sweet as newly wed husband at his wife, and I felt somewhat frustrating.



After the meal, it will be a bath next.

While pulling Vias away from myself, I pointed towards the bath.


“Anyway, why don’t you take a bath first?”

As soon as possible with a gentle smile i told him that, Vias nodded obediently


I confirmed that his back disappeared in bathroom, then I hurriedly returned to my room.


“Absolutely! Absolutely i have to lock the door!”


“Ok. The door of my room is locked properly”.


I jump into the bed that Louise’s mother bought. I felt out of breath thinking like three adults would sleep in the same bed.


For the time being, it seems I can escape the worst. It’s unfair for Viase who is expecting something — no,it’s unfair but – let him just give up.

No, but if it’s just kiss …… if it is about a light kiss, I might as well consider. We would be together for a long time from now.


But let’s never show a weak side so that we will not proceed beyond that. Let’s keep an eye on the two people all the time.  When thinking such a thing, quite a while time to pa.s.sed. And, someone knocked on the door.


“Sakura?”. Viase’s voice rang from outside. I should have pretended to be sleeping, but I let out cowardy voice “Yes!?” In confusion.I was found out that i am not sleeping.

Viase tries to open the door, but the lock doesn’t let him. He called my name as if he was puzzled.


“Sakura? What happened?”

“Ah, I am..you see i am going to sleep right now!”


I was worried whether I could throw a direct word that I do not want to have s.e.x with him.

It’s embarra.s.sing that to use such words.


“Sakura, please open it,” the voice of Viase sound firmly.


“No, no, it’s impossible, that, that’s it.”


Perhaps Viase understood the meaning of the locked door. He seemed very lonesome, and regrettably spun a word “I think I made a promise with you at noon.”


I did not! Remember Viase! I have not made it!


Shaking my head as i know that he can not see it, impossible impossible.

I figured that Vias got hurt that there was no reply from me and gave up, then I heard footsteps gently leaving the door. I felt relieved, remembering the lonely voice of Vias, and my heart felt a bit of pain for a moment.


‘No, but what he is trying to do is ignoring wish of woman! Be hursh!’

I told myself.


And after Viase’s footsteps had gone, only about a minute pa.s.sed,i heard a noise coming from the lock. It was opened with the key.


Beyond my line of sight, Vias puts a dull golden key in his night clothes. Looking at it, I raised a startling voice saying.


“Why do you have a key !?”


Vio looks at my surprise rather strangely and knocks off the part of the clothes that kept the key saying “I took it from my father.”


With all power i had i cried to the Vias’s father “Why~?”


I gave them the key to protect my chast.i.ty from their son.Why, why, has no sense!

Vias slowly walks up to me.The moonlight that sticks through the window lights his beauty and I quietly moved further on the bed.


The bed creaked. Viase sat on the edge of the bed and gently reached for me.


“What …!!”


I try to escape from his reach unintentionally, Viase hides his line of sight as being hurt. I feel painful in his expression, but why should I feel guilty at all?

Vias retreated the hand that was rejected, and looked at me.


“Don’t you like being touched by me?”


No, I do not like it or hate it, but what I should say is that even if you do this face nothing will change…! Why do I feel so guilty. Unfair.


” Even though we are married?”


“Well, that is, but …!!”


That’s right, but that’s it. All the words float.I also have no idea what Viase wants. Well, I am a wife, moreover, a newly-married woman, from today it is honeymoon … only with three people that? Our life began, it is a night, so he might want to do something like ‘that’.


But, before wedding ceremony, for about one month before moving to this house, neither Louise nor Vias touched me with a finger. I was not sure if the magical place of their parents’ was the cause, or until the ceremony and enrollment was finished, but since both were looking happy, maybe they were not interested in such acts, may be they just wanted a position of married couple.But now i see that it’s not the case.


To me who had lost my head, Vias breathed a little and barely reached out. Vias wraps me softly, trembling me. There was a nice smell of soap.


“Sakura, I love you”


It was a kind voice, but even if he loves me, it doesn’t mean that he can do anything to me.

I do not want to have s.e.x, but if it is about Hug … … I accepted Vias’ arms.

He breathed out relieved, he gently stroked my hair.


With his fingertips as if treating his treasure.

Kisses were not pleasant at all, but it was nice to be able to comb my hair with his fingers.

When I didn’t refuse his touch, Vias smiled a little and asked me


“Can I kiss you?”


Not at all. It’s not good at all, I just decided it myself. Trying to forget about first kiss.

I firmly looked at the face of Vias and nodded.I felt my face burning, it’s probably bright red right now.


“If it’s just a kiss … but, just for a little moment ok?”


“Yes, Sakura”


Vias smiled, dropping his lips on my forehead.Then on the cheeks, on the nose, on the edge of the lips, on the chin. When I closed my eyes without thinking of a ticklish feeling, my lips were overlapped this time. Feeling its softness at the beginning. And as my lips were licked with his tongue, I got startled and his tongue came into my mouth at the same time.


“__ … …!”


In the same way as at daytime, pushing back the Vais chest in spite of a deep kiss.

The pain of suffering from that time is revived, closing myr lips tightly.




He called my name with a blurry voice, but my eyes and lips are tightly closed and I did not move.

Vias once again repeated a light kiss that touched on my lips and put my hair away with his fingers.


“I will not make it painful”


To the word that puts a bitter smile, I blush while I remember things in the daytime. No, it is  painful isn’t it? When my lips are blocked, it is hard to breath?

I thought so, but he was bitterly opening mouth again in an act that touched my lower lip like a slurp, with the resonance of that temptation.


“Good girl,”


I do not expected him to say such a word, and it made me feel complicated.

But Vias did not mind it, and entangled his tongue again.

The back muscles moved as the tongue fits in my mouth.

Tangled with the tongue, licking my lips, tracing the teeth,body felt a little stiff from not moving for a while.

I did not want to believe what I was feeling, but I noticed that my underwear got wet, I felt ashamed to death.


It probably was not that long since we were doing this, but when Vias was satisfied and released my lips, I felt dizzy.


Staring at my disturbed breathe, Vias laughed.


“It was painful?”


” … “… a little”


It was a fact that it was a bit painful.After nodding and affirming, Viase apologized politely


“I am sorry”

And softly pushed me over to bed.


My shoulder was pressed against the bed, and the knees were stood between his legs, which made me feel awfully bad.

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