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Chapter 298: Everything Are Just Words, But He Is a Star

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Qingran’s expression was a little lost. She was stunned for a moment before she understood what he meant. She said in disbelief, “Don’t tell me that the girl is me. It can’t be me.”

“Why can’t it be you?” Chu Yan looked at her affectionately. He hugged her in his arms and wanted to embrace his entire world.

“I don’t believe it.” Ye Qingran could not stay calm anymore. Everything was too dreamy. She really felt that everything had returned to the starting point after she woke up from her sleep.

“You’re the only one. You’re the only one I have,” Chu Yan said firmly, “There are thousands of girls that I’ve met, but you’re the only girl that I have the deepest impression of in my mind. However, I’m very curious as to why I don’t remember everything when I entered the book. I’m also very curious as to whether I’m the same Chu Yan as before.”

However, no matter which Chu Yan it was, it was obvious that he was in love with Ye Qingran.

“I wasn’t in a book, it was a game.” Ye Qingran told Chu Yan everything about how Xin Ruhua wanted to use the game to harm her.

“I think I understand a little why Yiyi and I met in that game.”


“Because I often asked Yiyi to search for you. Your name is number one on the search rankings, so when I used the radio wave therapy, Yiyi sent me to you through the Internet, so I followed you into the game. The game was originally designed to harm you. Xin Ruhua naturally wouldn’t let anyone who played the game have a memory, not to mention that I entered through other means.”

Ye Qingran glared at him. “Then you already knew who I was and even suspected that I was the Ye Qingran in the book. Then why didn’t you look for me? Instead, you placed that advertis.e.m.e.nt.”

Chu Yan said slowly, “Because I was deceived and I got angry.”

Ye Qingran smiled and kissed him. Then, she took out a household register from her bag. “Is this enough to coax you into not getting angry, brother?”

She had already thought it through when she came. She had brought the household register with her. If the other party was the person she was looking for, she would bring it directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

“You want to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with me right now?” Chu Yan asked.

“If you have a household register…” I’ll go with you.

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw Chu Yan pull open the drawer beside the cabinet and take out a household register.

Ye Qingran raised her eyebrows. “To marry me, you need to sign the proof of property before marriage.”

Chu Yan said without hesitation, “What’s yours is yours, and what’s mine is yours too.”

“Then, won’t you suffer a great loss?”

“Marrying you is equivalent to having the whole world. How would I suffer a loss?” Chu Yan held her hand. “The best thing in life is meeting you. In order to thank you, I can only compensate you for the rest of my life.”

It was not a very shocking oath, but it was especially sincere and loyal.

“Then what are you waiting for?”

Liking each other, deciding on each other.

With him by her side, even if he did not do anything, it was also a kind of happiness. She did not want to miss it and wanted to be with him forever.

Chu Yan directly carried her in his arms. “One-One, immediately find out the fastest and closest Civil Affairs Bureau.”

One-One, in a childish voice said, “Master, I have already found the fastest and closest Civil Affairs Bureau and sent it to your phone.”

Half an hour later, the two of them stood at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Another half an hour later, the two of them came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau with their wedding notebooks.

Chu Yan’s marriage was not hidden. The news of the Chu Corporation CEO’s flash marriage instantly spread all over the internet.

The photos of him and Ye Qingran at the Civil Affairs Bureau were also posted online.

Because Ye Qingran was wearing a nurse’s uniform, everyone thought that Chu Yan was marrying a young nurse, an ordinary girl with no family background.

Some people envied her. They said that marrying into a rich family would turn her from a sparrow to a phoenix.

Some people were jealous. They said that she was not worthy of Chu Yan. If she was not of the right family, she would definitely be a plaything. In the end, she would end up in a divorce.

Some people said that she was very scheming, saying that she got pregnant and used the child as a threat to marry into the Chu family.

There were all kinds of rumors.

For a time, Ye Qingran became a synonym for Cinderella.

Ye Qingran scrolled through the news on the Internet. Not only was she not angry, she even felt that it was very funny and did not ask anyone to clarify it.

Of course, she did not want to clarify it either.

Chu Yan pressed her down on the bed and threw her phone to the side. “Is it that amusing, laughing while you browse.”

Ye Qingran hooked her arms around Chu Yan’s neck. “It’s not that it’s amusing, it’s just that I think it’s a fun game.”

The tip of Chu Yan’s nose rubbed gently against hers as he said intimately, “Is it a fun game to be with me?”

The hand that was placed on her waist slowly slipped into her clothes.

“What kind of cruel words are those?” Ye Qingran laughed softly as her body shrank. “Itchy hands.”

“Kid,” Chu Yan called out to her. His fingers gently brushed past the strands of hair on her cheeks as he asked, “After changing faces, you don’t like it anymore?”

Ye Qingran’s fingers slowly touched his brows and eyes. “Have you changed? You’re still as handsome as ever. You’re still the same. I like the way you look.”

She asked again, “What about you? Do you like the way I look?”

“Love at first sight is for your current face, but the deep love is for your soul. But purely from the aesthetic point of view, it’s obvious that I like the way you look now.” Chu Yan’s eyes were deep and affectionate.


“We’re already married, call me husband.”

“Then you’re still calling me child.” Ye Qingran pursed her lips. “I’m a little regretful. How could I let you trick me into following you home so easily?”

“To make sure that you don’t regret it, I will love you more every day.” He was very close to her ear, and his tone was seductive and deep.

This love was obviously a verb.

After saying that, he kissed her on the lips.

The crystal chandelier on the roof shone on them. The figures of the man and woman were projected on the wall, undulating and lingering.

The curtains were blown up by the wind. The crystal beads on them made a crisp sound, jingling and clanging, filling the room with a romantic atmosphere.

“Stop for a moment. I feel like I’m going to die.”

“It’s my honor to have you live to death.”

Early in the morning, Ye Qingran woke up in a daze and was held in Chu Yan’s arms. He gently pushed away the hair on her cheeks and lowered his head to kiss her.

“Good morning, Mrs. Chu.”

Ye Qingran curled her lips into a smile. “It isn’t a dream? We are real.”

Chu Yan replied, “Yes, the real world, the real me.”

Ye Qingran reached out and placed her hand under the sunlight. “You think that you had returned to the real world from the book, but how do you know that the world that we are living in now is not another book?”

Chu Yan held her hand and gently kissed it on the side of his lips. He said longingly, “Whether it is the real world, the world in the book, or the world in the game, as long as you are here, it is my whole world.”

Ye Qingran stretched out her hand and hugged him. “Chu Yan, it was great to meet you. I love you.”


“Forever, always… No, until the next life, the following life.”

“Forever and ever.”


The bright and beautiful sunlight shuttled through the warm air. It was soothing and long. The white clouds floated past, revealing a smiling face as they watched this warm scene from afar. The breeze blew up a leaf and flew into the clear blue sky. The entire world folded up, then, it slowly closed up and finally turned into a book that flew onto the bookshelf.

Everyone’s life may be a book.

You read others.

Others read yours.

Meet the love of a person, everything is a word, but he is a stars.

PS: the end of the text.

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