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Vol. 6 Chapter 3 – Cornered

—A report arrived from the agent who was dispatched to the Banfield’s territory.

In the conference room where the Calvinists were gathered, the agent reported about the large-scale demonstration that was going on.

For some reason, the agent’s complexion didn’t look so good.

“The demo is spreading at a scale much larger than I originally antic.i.p.ated. I’ve begun to lose control here.”

Inciting the immigrants from the Integrated Government and making Liam’s territory nonoperational—this goal was flawlessly achieved.

However, Calvin and his subordinates were perplexed by how smoothly it succeeded.

“Things went beyond our imagination. To be honest, I didn’t think a demonstration of this size would happen in Liam-kun’s territory.”

As Liam’s territory was known for its political stability, n.o.body expected that the “Democratization” demonstration would spread this far.

The aristocrats faced each other.

“As I thought, nothing good comes from educating the citizens.”

“The more they grow, the more rights they demand for. It makes me sick just thinking about it.”

“This ought to have taught that brat Liam a lesson.”

Speaking only of the results, the operation was a great success, and for that, Calvin praised the agent.

“Thank you for your hard work. You no longer have to stay there anymore. You may return.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

When the call ended, Calvin smiled at the aristocrats under his faction.

The demonstration had grown to such an extent that it was more than enough material to put down Liam.

One could say that the Calvin Faction had accomplished its goal.

“This will put to question Liam-kun’s ability to govern. We can leave things at that, but what should we do about his armed forces?”

They could denounce Liam for his inability to properly govern his own territory.

Nevertheless, their current objective was to drag Cleo down.

If they carelessly pointed fingers at Liam, causing him to distance himself from the war, there was a probability of things becoming troublesome.

“We should only use the materials in our hands to hound Liam down if he is defeated or barely manages to obtain a pyrrhic victory against the United Kingdoms. After all, his military might cannot be underestimated.”

“Although we may be able to emerge victorious, a frontal a.s.sault is ill-advised. On that note, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Since Liam’s strong enough to defeat a Sword Saint alone, we should have a Sword Saint serve as His Highness’s guard.”

“One won’t do. We’d need two of them.”

The aristocrats agreed that it’d be foolish to confront Liam head-on. As such, they were actively trying to avoid a battle.

Liam was someone who had single-handedly crushed the Pirate n.o.ble.

No one knew what he was capable of doing.

To thoroughly trample on Liam, they had to ensure that he was sent to the battlefield.

They were planning on conducting a kangaroo court using the demonstration as an excuse in the event that Liam survived and returned.

Calvin also had his own plans about who would be his guards.

Despite the presence of his Black Ops, Calvin was scared of Liam because of the latter’s feat of slaying a Sword Saint.

Liam was an enormous threat as he had bested a man that had climbed to the position of Sword Saint with his own power.

As such, Calvin decided to recruit two Sword Saints.

“—Summon the schoolmasters of the Arend Style Swordsmanship and the Kurdan Style Swordsmanship. Also gather as many influential sword masters as you can. I’ll tell the two schoolmasters to prepare some capable men that can act as your guards.”

Taking care of the aristocrats working for him was Calvin’s bread and b.u.t.ter.

The two schools mentioned above were the mainstream swordsmanship within the Empire.

A school’s popularity was taken into account whenever the Empire bestowed the t.i.tle of Sword Saint to someone.

In a sense, the two schoolmasters had obtained their t.i.tle of Sword Saint for political reasons.

It was risky for the Empire to bestow the t.i.tle of Sword Saint to someone who had climbed up with nothing but their strength.

This was because a Sword Saint’s misconduct reflected badly on the Empire’s reputation.

That was why the Empire strove to select honorable swordsmen as Sword Saints.

In essence, it was convenient for the Empire to have the schoolmasters of the mainstream schools as its Sword Saints.

As a matter of course, their strengths were not in the least lacking either.

“—Be sure to explain the situation clearly to the two Sword Saints. Don’t forget to mention that the emerging school of swordsmanship known as the School of One Flash may very well oust the two mainstream swordsmanship from their positions.”

Calvin was intent on hunting down Liam.

In order to do so, he was planning on defaming Liam by casting suspicion on his school of swordsmanship.

The School of One Flash was at the center of attention these days, and Calvin was convinced that the two mainstream schools would take serious actions against it.

And it didn’t take long for this to become a reality.

Through major media, the Empire reported a piece of news that reached the ears of even those in neighboring countries.

The news was about the school of One Flash, the one which Liam belonged to.

Inside the monitor, the man who had once introduced Yasushi to Liam was answering the questions of an interview.

“To begin with, Yasushi’s a third-rate swordsman. In other words, he’s pretty much an amateur. A street performer, was it? He was the sort of person who earned money for food by performing on the streets.”

“Then what about the School of One Flash?”

“That must be some nonsense he came up with.”

Another program was a.n.a.lyzing the movements that formed the basis of the One Flash Swordsmanship.

Through unknown means, the program had seen through the fact that the basic movements taught by Yasushi were mere imitations of other schools, and the program was explaining them in details.

“One Flash’s movement technique resembles that of the Kurdan Style’s. On the other hand, this should be from the Arend Style Swordsmanship. If you look closely at it, you’ll realize that it’s just a mishmash of various techniques.”

“By that you mean—?”

“The School of One Flash is just imitating other schools.”

The TV program was ruthlessly slandering the School of One Flash, and the person who was clinging onto the monitor was none other than Yasushi himself.

“That’s it! More. Tell them more! Let everyone know that the School of One Flash does not exist!”

Yasushi knew that Liam would kill him if his lies were exposed.

However, rather than being known as a Sword G.o.d and getting chased around for it, Yasushi deemed it safer for his lies to be publicized.

“Finally! Finally—that’s a load off my shoulders.”

He was moved to tears.

The swordsmanship that he had lied into existence was about to disappear, and Yasushi felt as if he had been released from all his shackles.

At a public canteen within the Empire’s territory, two people were slurping on noodle dishes.

There was a running commentary exclaiming “One Flash is fake!?” on the television’s news program.

“That’s right. If the Count was speaking the truth, why haven’t we heard about this school until now? It must be a lie. A. Lie.”

The guests around the duo were also having conversations about the School of One Flash.

“Well, most aristocrats love to put up an appearance.”

“One Flash must be a fake swordsmanship.”

“On the contrary, the Arend and the Kurdan swordsmanship are the real deal. Their people are strong, as one would expect from the two major schools of swordsmanship.”

In the news program, the schoolmasters and the instructors of the two mainstream schools were bashing on the School of One Flash.

The two that were eating at the canteen left their payment at their seats and exited the store.

In front of the store—

“Which one?”

“Doesn’t matter which.—They’re both getting demolished in the end.”

—Their conversation continued for a little while in this manner.

Afterwards, they each went their own way.

—I’ll slaughter them all.

I’m sitting on the sofa with my favorite katana in hand.

Listening to the reports that have been criticizing the School of One Flash for days, I feel like my intestines are boiling.

The leaders of mainstream schools bear the t.i.tle of Sword Saint, yet they have conspired with other schools to ruin the image of the School of One Flash.

It’s fake. It’s trash. It’s an imitation—.

I’ll eventually cut these people down.

Doing so right now isn’t ideal.

Ellen is in front of me, witnessing my fury.


My disciple’s anxious att.i.tude irks me even more.

“What is it? Do you also suspect the legitimacy of the School of One Flash?”

Ellen shakes her head side-to-side.

“I have faith in Master’s sword! I don’t really understand the complicated stuff, but I trust in Master’s swordsmanship. To me, Master’s the strongest swordsman in the universe!”

My eyes jerk open upon hearing my disciple say that with teary eyes.

Behind Ellen—I can see Master Yasushi’s silhouette.

I must be hallucinating.

Even so, it feels like the illusion of Master is smiling at me.

‘Liam-dono, when you are troubled or perturbed, you must look back at yourself objectively. Keep your head cool even if your heart is a blazing inferno—do not lose sight of what is important.’

Recalling the words of Master Yasushi, I shake my head and laugh.

“Yes. There wasn’t a speck of falsehood in the way Master wielded his sword. What I have confirmed with my own eyes is the truth. No matter what others say, the truth will never change.”

I still have vivid memories of that day.

Master’s “One Flash” was as real as it could get.

I can a.s.sert this with confidence.


Ellen stares at me nervously and curiously.

—I’m still inexperienced as a teacher.

“I should learn to prioritize. The other schools can be dealt with later on. There are certain matters that I must address with haste.”

Finding an opening to this c.r.a.ppy situation.

The ongoing demonstration occurring in the territory has been causing some issues, not to mention that the Cleo Faction is busy preparing for the war that’s about to explode between two interstellar nations.

As I’ll be deploying most of my army, public security will become a problem in the territory as well.

I don’t have enough hands, and the shortage of personnel is overwhelming.

“Ellen, when you’re frustrated, it’s best to train. By sweating—”

Suddenly, an emergency call arrives from Brian.

For the record, Brian has been house-keeping back in my territory.

“Bad news, Lord Liam!”

At the residence of the Banfield Family, Brian was sweating profusely.

“—How did the large-scale demonstration become so widespread?”

The territory was beginning to malfunction.

While the territory’s income did not drop in particular owing to the fact that the sectors under Liam remained largely unaffected, demonstrations spread explosively from various places.

—What’s more,

“Brian, this is a pet.i.tion from the servants working in the mansion. More than 80% of the workers have already signed their names on it.”

Serena, the head maid, brought in another bomb.


These anomalies were making Brian suffer from headaches and stomachaches.

“More than 80%!?”

“We should’ve taken their daily complaints more seriously. They’ve taken advantage of the atmosphere around the territory nowadays to push through with their requests.”

“B-but I just finished reporting the circ.u.mstances to Lord Liam—Why? Why do these kind of things keep on happening?”

Brian fell on his knees.


The Guide was skipping around and humming a song, clearly appearing jubilant.

“Muhohoho, I didn’t think it’d go this well.”

Not only was Liam’s territory malfunctioning, Liam was infuriated by how the reputation of One Flash was being tarnished.

The Guide was over the moon.

He had never felt so happy in the past few decades.

He was experiencing the zenith of happiness.

“Liam suffers whenever I a.s.sist him. What an excellent system. This also satisfies my desire of making others miserable by indirectly interfering with their lives.”

The Guide was truly the worst—but that was the reason why he was overlooking something important.

“I’ll continue to support Liam from now on! I haven’t supported him enough yet!!”

—Traitors have popped up.

“I didn’t think that the servants working in the mansion would betray me.”

The servants that work in the mansion are handpicked citizens.

To think they’d turn coat.

A pet.i.tion? What a joke.

Rosetta is trying to soothe my frustration.

“Darling, calm down.”

“I’ve never been as calm as I am now. I can’t help but look forward to punishing those that betrayed me when I return to the territory.”

I should henceforth come up with some torture methods.


Turning away from Rosetta, who appears to be disheartened, I glance towards Ciel, who has been entrusted to me by Baron Exner.

“Ciel, did Baron Exner say anything regarding this matter?”

While remaining expressionless, Ciel directs her hostility at me.

She may be trying to hide it, but I know what she’s feeling like the back of my hands.

This girl hates me.

“‘Serve the Count well’. That’s what both my father and brother told me. My brother has been especially worried. He’s been contacting me every, every, every day.”

She must be feeling quite irritated, but she doesn’t let it show on her face.

What an interesting person.

“As a soldier, Kurt should be rather busy. I guess I’ll call him later on. Oh, and by the way, has there been anything bothering you during your stay?”

“—No, everyone has been treating me nicely. I have also been learning a lot, so I’m really grateful.”

From our conversation alone, people would think that I’m being considerate towards Ciel who has been entrusted to me for her training.

However, our relationship isn’t that amicable.

In fact, her hostility towards me is overflowing.

She’s trying to hide it, but it’s blatantly clear to me.

She’s an irregular who grew up innocently despite having a villainous lord like Baron Exner as her father.

Such a girl has neither the ability nor the brains to do me any harm.

Although she’s excellent, Ciel is powerless to do anything against me.

Simply put, she’s a fun toy that I get to play with.

Unlike the easy girl that Rosetta turned out to be, Ciel is a true woman of steel.

It’s funny to watch how she gets repulsed whenever we hold a conversation.

Be that as it may, she’s the daughter of Baron Exner and the younger sister of Kurt.

I can’t be too rough in dealing with her.

Even if I’m just toying with her, a balance must be established.

“That’s good. As I’ve been busy lately, I was worried about how your training has been progressing.”

Being the insensitive person that she is, Rosetta interrupts our pleasant conversation.

“You don’t have to worry, Darling! I’ll take good care of Ciel!”

“—That so.”

Read the mood a bit!

How dare she get in the way of me toying with Ciel.

Moving on, since there turned out to be traitors in my territory’s mansion, there should be others as well.

It doesn’t take a genius to tell that the Calvinists would be trying to diminish our power through this opportunity.

I’m sure that they did a lot of work behind the scenes.

Actually, they might be in the middle of doing something as I speak.

As things stand, I think it’s safe to a.s.sume that those that had the intention of betraying have done so already.

—Darn it, is the Guide not helping me out this time?

In that case, I’d have to find a solution to these problems myself—Hmm?

I stop on my track and think carefully.

Believe it or not, there might be a way to escape this predicament and even win.

“Huh? Aren’t we in a better position than I thought?”

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