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Many people along the way looked at us curiously, and I regretted it a bit.

Do we stand out that much? As an infamous criminal, supporting a frail and dainty girl. No matter how you looked at the situation, it would look like I'm holding her hostage.

Two disciplinary members clearly saw me, but they moved out of the way in a flash and did not dare stop me.

The flow of people unnaturally separated, creating a path for me and Xiao Qin.

Although it was easier to walk, I could feel the burning stares and whispers coming from behind. Everyone was discussing what happened between me and Xiao Qin.

The male and female toilets were located on the east and west sides of the school building, respectively, in the opposite direction. After walking for a while, there were more and more female students coming and going. They watched me walk straight towards the women's washroom, and they all stared wide eyed without a word.

Unlike me, Xiao Qin completely ignored the gazes from our surroundings, and leaned in my arms.

“It hurts… but I'm also happy, is this the so-called ‘menarche'?”

Don't ask me about those kinds of problems, I don't know how girls operate! And don't say it while having an expression of expecting praise! I will not praise you when you are on your period!

I don't know if it was physiological or psychological. Xiao Qin's cheek was dyed red.

“Now, I should be able to conceive Ye Lin cla.s.smate's child…”

What the f.u.c.k! Stop spouting nonsense in crowded areas! It will be terrible if someone heard!

Suddenly, the voice of number one loyal dog gla.s.ses bro came from behind:

“Not good! Ye Lin made Ren XiaoQin cla.s.smate pregnant!”

Screw you! Where the h.e.l.l did you pop out from again! Will you die if you don't eavesdrop on other peoples conversations and take things out of context? If I wasn't supporting Xiao Qin, I would have fought to the death with you!

What the loyal dog gla.s.ses bro said was tantamount to setting off a bomb within the crowd.

The nearby girls were like flies attracted to blood. They surrounded the loyal dog gla.s.ses bro hoping to receive more insider information.

“Hey, what happened? Did Ye Lin really do it?”

“Knocked up after only two weeks after a transfer. Isn't she too pitiful?”

“She had bad luck and was seated next to Ye Lin!”

“This time Ye Lin has to be expelled…”

I was annoyed by these chattering girls.

Respect the facts! Even if I did do something to Xiao Qin, from a physiological point of view, it would be impossible for Xiao Qin to be pregnant! She just had her menarche today, even if I did want her to get pregnant, I would have to wait at least another week!

Xiao Qin suddenly started coughing and retching.

“What happened to you? Are you uncomfortable?”

Xiao Qin glanced at me appreciatively and shook her head and said:

“Don't worry about it, Ye Lin cla.s.smate, it might be morning sickness…”

G.o.d d.a.m.n, do you want to anger me to death!? Why are you saying the same thing as the loyal dog! All the girls around us saw you retching! I'll never be able to clean my grievances!

Xiao Qin turned a blind eye to the cold sweat on my face and said to herself:

“If it's a boy, let's name him Ye Wen…”

Ye Wen my a.s.s! Don't mess with the name of the YongChun master! Even if Bruce Lee has no objections, Donnie Yen would definitely object! Also, why should your child carry my name! (TN: Ye Wen is Yip Man, and he was Bruce Lee's master)

“If it's a girl, she'll be Ye XiaoChai…”

That is even more outrageous! Ye XiaoChai is one of the three protagonists of the Taiwanese hand puppet show! And although the name sounds a bit feminine, he is a man!

I risked a heart attack and brought Xiao Qin in front of the girl's washroom.

“Hurry and go in, I can't accompany you anymore.”

Xiao Qin was still reasonable and nodded. She walked into the women's washroom alone. I heard the sound of a door being opened. It seems that Xiao Qin was quite lucky, and found a vacancy in the always overcrowded women's washroom.

Maybe because the girls who wanted to use the washroom were all crowded around the loyal dog bro trying to get an inside scoop on Xiao Qin's pregnancy.

After about one or two minutes, Xiao Qin suddenly shouted towards me:

“Ah, ah, ah, ah~~~~~~ It's awful! Ye Lin cla.s.smate didn't give me the most important thing!”

I was shocked. I felt the my stomach and it was bulging. It was probably due to the various disturbances on the way here, and I forgot to hand the pads to Xiao Qin.

“Hey, can't help it, come out and get it!”

“But, I have no strength! If I wore my pants again, the blood would get everywhere! Ye Lin cla.s.smate, please bring the sanitary napkins to me! I'm begging you!”

Even if you beg me while crying, I can't enter the women's washroom to give you something! Also, don't speak so loudly about the details of your period! Aren't you ashamed!

When I was worried, three girls walked out of the washroom as if they had an appointment. They were in a panic and didn't dare look up at me.

They were clearly not even in the same grade! How could they coincidentally all leave simultaneously! It was because they heard our conversation and thought that I would barge into the women's washroom, so they hurriedly left.

Don't run! Even if you doubt my personality, I need you to help me give these sanitary napkin to Xiao Qin!

“Wait, you…”

I only said a few words, yet they took off, running while screaming for help, as if I would drag them into the washroom to knock them up.

I don't know why, but my mouth was so bitter. In just half a day, I have become the s.e.x fiend of 28 Middle!

Suddenly I realized the cla.s.s leader was coming over here, with deep pity in her eyes.

It could also be contempt, or both.

“Why are you blocking the entrance to the women's washroom? Are you collecting a toll?”

Who would commit such an immoral act! I would force girls who were in a rush to pay a toll, and if they couldn't pay they would have to go in their pants?! I don't have such bad taste!

You haven't forgotten what I said on Sat.u.r.day about collecting protection fees! It seems like you never forget to ridicule me!

“Move, my hands are full of chalk dust, I have to go in and wash my hands. If you don't move, I'll wipe it on you.”

The cla.s.s leader said while making a rubbing motion with her chalk covered hands.

Although the cla.s.s leader threatened to wipe the chalk on me, there was no time to lose. I pulled out the pack of sanitary napkins from under my shirt.

The cla.s.s leader saw that I lifted my clothes to pull out something long and she subconsciously covered her eyes.

d.a.m.n, cla.s.s leader! What did you think I was pulling out! Did you think that I would openly expose myself to girls school!

Although I did reveal it to you under the bridge… but it was totally an accident! I didn't develop a disgusting habit of exposing myself to girls who came to use the washroom!

After seeing that it was a pack of sanitary napkins, the cla.s.s leader frowned and asked:

“Which girl did you steal from?”

“It's not stolen! I bought it for Xiao Qin! But she went in and forgot to bring it, so can you…”

She didn't wait for me to finish and took it.

Before entering the women's toilet, she said to me, “I will take responsibility of Xiao Qin. There's nothing left here for you to do, hurry and leave! The other girls can't use the washroom with you here!”

I nodded and left.

It was not because I was afraid of the cla.s.s leader, but because I asked her for a favor, and had no choice but to lower my head.

Also, the cla.s.s leader promised to take care of Xiao Qin for me, saving me from future embarra.s.sment. Girls should help girls out, what use would a man have in these kinds of situations?

Xiao Qin was not in cla.s.s the next lesson. I heard that the cla.s.s leader sent her to the infirmary and asked the school doctor to take care of it.

In addition, the cla.s.s leader also scolded me for buying the wrong type of pads for Xiao Qin.

“It was the first day of her period. How could you buy one for daily use?”

"Huh? It's daytime, so shouldn't it be daily use?"

The cla.s.s leader glanced at me coldly, stopped talking to me, and went on with her business.

Later, I realized that the absorption of the daily-use type was small, and it was basically used when the period was almost over. In the first few days of a period, it was necessary to use a night-time type that was extremely absorbent.

It was the cla.s.s leader who let Xiao Qin use her sanitary napkins.

What a waste of time. If I knew this was going to happen. I would have borrowed it from the cla.s.s leader in the first place. I would have suffered much less, and I would not have almost gained a reputation of knocking up a female cla.s.smate.

Fortunately, the cla.s.s leader helped me out and said that it was impossible for Xiao Qin to be pregnant since she was on her period. Thus, I didn't have to be interviewed by the princ.i.p.al.

Although she was still cold towards me, she still helped me!

Was it just as Ai Mi said, “If someone received favors, they would help them out?”

I always felt that the cla.s.s leader would be the type of person to abuse her power if she didn't receive any favors.

Strange, didn't you say that you won't care about me anymore?

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