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Chapter 698: Cross-dresser In Danger

Hearing that the clothes his nephew used to cross-dress still exists, Uncle Fireball went from being “angry” to “overjoyed”, then he commanded:

“Early tomorrow morning, bring all the clothes and other accessories over. Take a taxi there and back, I’ll be watching you.”

So, Shu Zhe, under the coercion of his own uncle, brought everything belonging to “Southland Red Berries”, including the cosmetics he bought for his ex-girlfriend, Xiao Li, together to his aunt’s house.

“You even have a comprehensive set of cosmetics, even your sister doesn’t have so many cosmetics. Do you want to go to Thailand to get a s.e.x change?”

Shu DongBo taunted his nephew while putting all these objects into the large suitcase he brought.

“Uncle…. what exactly do you want me to do?”

Shu Zhe saw his uncle’s increasingly frenzied eyes and an ominous feeling rose in his heart.

“Of course it’s to make amends to me.” Shu DongBo once again pointed to his atrophied muscles on his right arm, “You’ve ruined me, so how I can forgive you so easily. You will wear whatever you worn when taking your modeling photos to serve me.”

“What?” Shu Zhe nervously hid to the corner, “Uncle… how do you want me to serve you?”

“The first thing you will do is serve me tea or water.” Shu DongBo grunted, “My right arm is now an inconvenience, so you should at least take that responsibility. I’ll have to think of how you will serve me in the future later…”

That day his aunt had to go to work, so Shu Zhe was first forced by his uncle to wear a pink nurse dress for three hours to take care of his uncle.

When Shu DongBo personally witnessed his nephew cross-dressing, he felt he was even more alluring in-person than online. Shu Zhe’s humiliated expression only added to it and make it more unique.

He even told Shu Zhe to drape a jacket over himself and answer the door to get their food which stunned the delivery person.

Shu Zhe was able to fake it in front of the delivery boy with his fake girl voice, so they only thought he was a flat-breasted beauty. He even deliberately write down the door number, hoping he would be able to grab the order the next time he can come here to deliver food.

Boiling water, making tea, answering the door, giving shoulder ma.s.sages, back ma.s.sages, washing feet… all the things the cla.s.s leader never let Shu Zhe do, Uncle Fireball made Shu Zhe do it all as a nurse.

Shu Zhe wore a sleeveless nurse dress, knelt in front of the water basin and rubbed his uncles hairy feet and wanted to cry.

“Uncle, can you let me go after washing your feet?” Shu Zhe looked up with teary eyes and asked, “I’m already too tired…”

“What, what did you even do to get tired.” Uncle Fireball pretended to be angry, “If you don’t listen, I’ll take the evidence of you dressed as a woman and give it all to my brother and sister-in-law. I really don’t know how your parents will react.”

“Don’t, don’t tell my parents…” Shu Zhe, who was particularly concerned about his image in his parents’ minds, hastily begged for mercy, “I’ll listen, okay?”

“It’s good you understand, now go and serve me my meal. After eating, change your outfit, I want you to serve me in a maid’s outfit. Also, when you’re wearing a maid’s outfit, you’re not allowed to call me uncle, you can only call me master.”

So Shu Zhe fed his uncle, who had a bad right hand, all day. In the afternoon, he changed from a little nurse to a little maid, and was forced to say “master” hundreds of times.

After Uncle Fireball moved away from the mountains and bears, he became even more of a pervert. He thought the laces on Shu Zhe’s maid headdress wasn’t exciting, so he specifically went online to buy a cat ear headdress, as well as panties with a cat tail. He even added money to make them ship it over right away, then ordered Shu Zhe to wear it.

“Cat ears is okay, but a cat tail, it’s too embarra.s.sing…” Shu Zhe squirmed and said he did not want to wear it.

Uncle Fireball glared at him: “If you keep whining, next time I’ll buy a tail b.u.t.t plug.”

Shu Zhe was scared witless. My home online store also sells those tail b.u.t.t plugs and the sizes are quite intimidating.

He could only endure the humiliation and tears and change into a cat-eared maid. Apparently, Uncle Fireball also took pictures as a souvenir as well as using it to coerce Shu Zhe.

Just in case, Uncle Fireball also temporarily confiscated Shu Zhe’s cell phone, which is why the call didn’t go through when I called Shu Zhe.

But a few days later, Uncle Fireball saw that Shu Zhe did not have the courage to fight, so he returned the phone to Shu Zhe.

“Huh, it sounds quite relieving.” I listened to Shu Zhe tell me about how Uncle Fireball humiliated him, but not only did I not express sympathy, I was slightly rejoicing in his misery.

I almost died two days ago and I’m still not out of danger yet. So what if you have to cross-dress and do some housework, what’s the big deal? Also, your uncle does indeed need someone to help him out if he has a bad hand.

“But brother Ye Lin, at the beginning, uncle only made me feed him, make tea, ma.s.sage him or something… I thought he would let me go once his anger subsides, but since yesterday…”

“Wait, your sister already returned from the trip, so wouldn’t she think it’s strange you’re still living at your aunt’s place? Why didn’t she go to pick you up or stay with you at your aunt’s house?”

“Because, because…” Shu Zhe seemed to look around himself to make sure he was safe for the time being before he replied, “My uncle told my sister that I lacked manliness, so he was going to keep me for a few more days to tell me about life in the forest to make me man up a little, and my sister believed it…”

Cla.s.s leader, you were deceived! Even you wouldn’t have expected a dedicated forest guard, a seasoned hunter, to degenerate into a big pervert like Uncle Fireball.

Not only did he not make Shu Zhe manlier, he let Shu Zhe degenerate towards the direction of a trap! He’s already begun to dress up as a cat maid and calling others “master”!

d.a.m.n, when can the cla.s.s leader dress up as a cat maid and call me a “master”! I might die if my heart problems aren’t cured, so at least fulfill a small wish of mines before I die!

“There are only two rooms in my aunt’s house.” Shu Zhe continued to weep, “When we used to come here with my sister, it was my sister and my aunt who slept together, now that my uncle is back, my sister has no place to sleep…”

“How is there no place to sleep?” I joked, “She could sleep with your aunt, then you and your uncle can sleep together.”

“No way.” Shu Zhe said, “Other than the fact my sister might not let uncle and aunt sleep separately, there will be a big problem if uncle and I sleep together in that a small bed. I think there’s something wrong with uncle in the past few days.”

“What’s wrong with him?” I laughed heartlessly, “Do you think he’s going to rape his own nephew’s a.n.u.s?”

Shu Zhe was suddenly stirred up with emotion: “Why not, since yesterday, my uncle isn’t satisfied with me serving him. From time to time, he would always try to get his hands on me, when I walk past, he would spank my b.u.t.t…”

“That’s not big deal, right, I’ve also spanked you…”

“Bro Ye Lin, you spanked me hard as a punishment, he spanked me gently like a pervert.” Shu Zhe hissed, it was rare that he was so emotional, “I feel uncomfortable after he hit me, especially the eyes he used to look at me when I looked back at him, it gave me gooseb.u.mps.”

“I peeked at my uncle’s browsing history and saw that he was looking online for lubricant and an enema applicator. Today at lunch, he even winked at me and said that a package would be delivered in the afternoon and he will give me a surprise after dinner…”

“Maybe the package will contain lubricant and an enema applicator! There might be something even worse, today my aunt is not home because she has a night shift. Bro Ye Lin, if you don’t come save me, then I’ll be raped by my uncle tonight.”

I drew in a breath of cold air. I experienced Uncle Fireball’s perversion first-hand when chatting with him. Since he was a former forest ranger, even if his right arm was injured, he could do anything he wants with Shu Zhe with only his left arm.

Even if it’s Shu Zhe, it would be a tragedy for his own uncle to rape him. I also have some responsibility, after all, Uncle Fireball bought Shu Zhe’s worn clothes through my family’s online store.

It’s troublesome, but I have to do something.

“Shu Zhe, have you not thought of letting your sister solve it? If your sister knows that your uncle is forcing you to do this kind of thing, she will absolutely be furious, then press a gun on your uncle’s head to make him let you go.”

Due to the injury to his right hand, Uncle Fireball should no longer be able to use a gun.

“No.” Shu Zhe immediately refused, “My sister doesn’t know that I wear women’s underwear and then sold it to others… if I call my sister, those will all be exposed.”

“Why are you still worrying about your reputation…”

“Bro Ye Lin, are you going to do something or not?” Shu Zhe must have already been in tears on the other side of the phone soaring tears.

“If you’re not going to do anything, then I’m really going to call my sister. If anything happens to my sister, it would be your fault.”

“Eh, your sister has a gun to protect her, what could happen to her?”

“Who knows if she will bring a gun or not? What if she doesn’t, since my uncle has already become a pervert and is interested in me, then he may also be interested in my sister who looks like me. In case he loses his mind and takes both of us to…”

“Stop.” I said sternly, “Don’t call your sister, I’ll think of something.”

“Then it’s all up to you, brother Ye Lin.” Shu Zhe sobbed, “But if I don’t hear any news by 5 p.m., I’ll have to call my sister…”

I fell into deep thought after I hung up.

I can’t blame Uncle Fireball for falling for the temptation of the internet, I still might not care if he wants to mess with Shu Zhe, but if he plans to hurt the cla.s.s leader, his own niece, then he would be no good.

It seems like I have to solve the issue and also make Uncle Fireball completely eliminate his thoughts on the cla.s.s leader.

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