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Pervert healer chapter 10
Ruruka and The Inn
Translator/ProofReader/Editor: Vamparis

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「Hey, Why don’t we dive into the labyrinth together tomorrow?」

We went to the tavern straight from the weapons shop, While having a proper meal, Ruruka came to our table and said this.
I cheekily sit in my seat and pick up my large plate of food, While I begin an extra order of sake.
Today she somehow seems lonely.

「You… Didn’t you say you wouldn’t pair up with me? And small b.r.e.a.s.t.s would certainly hate it.」
(TN: Small b.r.e.a.s.t.s = Franc, See s)

Has she possibly come to poach?
She’s not looking for me, But Yuel.
Did you come to poach my Pretty, Excellent and Lovely Yuel?

「Please tell me you don’t speak like that in front of that child? Because I’m seriously worried, Oh, If I don’t bring my party would Shiki agree to dive the

labyrinth? Today Franc’s in poor health, So the exploration with the party has been put off.」

Oh, That reminds me I did say that.
I see.
Well it’s okay if Ruruka has a day off.
A so-called “Temporary Party”
I was a little worried about our fighting power, But with three people we can try to go far.

「Oh yeah? But Franc, She’s in poor health? If that fellow asked directly, Wouldn’t I have healed her?」

「Ah, Ah- As for that you don’t need to worry all right?」

She seems to be stuttering.

“Poor health.”
“It’s not like that.”
“For today.”
“A day off.”
“You don’t need to worry.”

The corners of my mouth rise.
I see, Sometimes you have such a day.
She’s a girl.
About once a month, Her health becomes poor.

I see, It’s today.

How long is the period.
Normally one month.

Oh, It’s been about one month right? I feel the urge to say something swelling.
To see the expression of Franc, Who wouldn’t have thought I would have understood the meaning.
I flash an understanding grin, I want to see her embarra.s.sed expression which has become crushed by shyness and hatred at me for mentioning it.

Well, If I come across Franc today or tomorrow, Shall I ask if she’s on her period?
Surely, Franc’s hair with her twin drills raised in anger would be impressive to see.

「You wouldn’t be trying to make her too angry~? That child really dislikes that」

Ruruka says with a sigh.
Did she guess my idea just from seeing my expression?
Well, I don’t know.

Oh, I still may not do it.
It is Ruruka’s party member.
If I say something, I may end up being hated by Ruruka.
Although I think Ruruka has a fairly tolerant personality, It may not be so if I provoke her party member.
Well, I can’t deny the possibility of Franc calling a guard that might fire magic or something.
A painstaking story.
It’s bad indeed.

But if I actually see Franc, I may say something.
If she takes a grumpy “I hate you!” att.i.tude, I will naturally put an end to it and dye her face in shame.
She’s only showed that at our first meeting.

「Hey Shiki, I want to stay at the same inn as Shiki, Okay?」

Right after I left the tavern Ruruka broke the silence.

This is probably that kind of situation.
「Since I’m drunk, Won’t you escort me?」 She says.
Has my prominent time finally come?
Her face is faintly blushing too.
Maybe she expects me to carry her back.
Surely she has the expression of a lover on her face.
Suddenly going to bed without a date.
Is it normal to be aggressive here?
Well, The clothes she’s wearing push the breast up but only to the degree where they touch for a split second.
This is also a medical expense and exchange.

Is this my time after all?
Like this Ruruka is being aggressive, So I can say I’m innocent.
Oops, I remove the grin from my face.
I must be careful.

「Oh, Of course I don’t mean it like that, I only said I wanted to stay at the same inn because it’s inconvenient this late at night. The rooms are separate naturally」

Oh, It was a misunderstanding.
So it was, Wasn’t it.
Because of the sake her face was red, That’s natural isn’t it?
Myself who got carried away is a little annoying.
And it’s very regrettable.
I also drank sake, Perhaps my head stopped thinking a little.
Oh, Actually nothing would happen even if I entered the same bed in the same room as her because Yuel is there.

「On that topic, Do you and Yuel sleep in the same room?」

After finishing at the inn’s reception desk, Ruruka asks.
Are you worried about the relationship of Yuel and I?

I’m interested in what kind of intention was in this question.
Are you jealous of the close relationship of Yuel and I?
Or are you checking whether I am a lolicon?
(TN: Loli is love, Loli is life, Loli is justice)

「Eh? That’s right, It would be a waste of gold otherwise」

The truth is because Yuel was reluctant, But there’s no need to say that.

「I always sleep in the same bed with master!」

Yuel, You don’t have to say that either.
(TN: When the cute loli tells alllll the secrets)

Hearing Yuel, Ruruka stares blankly at my face.
It’s a serious expression, Looking for the truth.

Oh, I’m being suspected of being a lolicon aren’t I?

I must not look away.
If I avert my gaze here, Surely I’ll be treated as a lolicon by Ruruka.
If that happens, She might steer clear of me and may not perform services at the time of negotiations.
No, On the contrary, Averting my gaze she might not even listen to me anymore.
For women, Who have children, Being a lolicon might be enough of  reason for evasion.
(TN: Basically, Because women can have kids means they might not like lolicons)

It’s different.
I really shouldn’t make a move.

I also make a serious expression and stare back at Ruruka.

「I thought so… Can I change to the room next to Shiki?」

Will it be to check if she can hear a strange noise and voices?

The walls in this cheap inn are thin.
If such things were to happen, The neighbors would come out right away.

It doesn’t seem like she trusts me.
Even though I was always making an effort not to meddle with Yuel so much in public.
It feels somewhat unreasonable.

Where should I point this feeling at?

「Hmm…Haa…How is it master?」

Yuel stimulates my comfortable parts with an aura of trying her best.
Heat gradually spreads from where Yuel touches and a strong pleasant feeling is felt.

「It’s very good, Yuel is the best, It’s very comfortable」

Yuel seems a little bitter.
It goes without saying,The technique in this world isn’t very good.
It doesn’t matter though, Because I’m trying it for the first time.
But it is pleasant there.
Certainly it’s comfortable because Yuel is doing it.

「Oh…Tsu…Fuu…It’s, It’s hard but, I’ll do my best!」

Yuel, Who touches the hard meat continues stimulating it while uttering a cry which seems ragged.
Is it painful?
After all, It’s harsh for the 12 year old Yuel.

「Is it painful? You don’t have to force yourself, Do you want to stop?」

「No, It is, But I can do my best for master」

Sweat drops off my body while Yuel keeps stimulating me very hard.

My breath gets rough and my voice leaks out while my sweat drips.

「Cho, Just a minute! What’s going on?! Making a move on Yuel… This…」

And – – With a cry from Ruruka the room’s door was opened wide.

Ruruka breaks into the room and sees the scene.

The scene of me having Yuel rub my shoulder.

According to my plan.

「Hmm? Why are you in such a hurry Ruruka? Is something the matter? 」

「Oh, Oh well, That, That is」

It was deliberate of course.
I asked Yuel to rub my shoulder, And to put all the strength of a child which would make it difficult for her.
In order for the voice to be heard on the other side of the wall loud and pleasant.

Even though Ruruka said she would do various things at the House of Healing, This misunderstanding embarra.s.sed her all the same, Her face is flushed and

she’s stuttering.
If anything Ruruka is the aggressive type.
For her to s.e.xually hara.s.s me.
I get the impression it’s more appealing for her to s.e.xually hara.s.s me, Than it is the other way around.
And my gold is s.n.a.t.c.hed away as I fall into her game.

It’s a rare expression.
You showed me something unusual.

This is mean, Even I’m not always nice to Ruruka

「What happened? Since you came in the room in such a hurry there must be some reason?」

I glare with a scornful gaze as Ruruka’s face turns even redder.

I can say.
It looks to me, You could say I misled her into thinking that I was doing a suspicious thing.
She’s embarra.s.sed.
Nearby Yuel is making a *Pura Pura* with her thumb and finger, Killing the ache all the more.

Ruruka, Who’s face is tinged with bashfulness is wearing thin pajamas.
Short pants made from a material which looks soft and a Henley neck shirt. [2]
No, Are they culottes? [3]
She usually wears short pants made from a thick fabric, Like denim, But this different fabric makes it have a completely different atmosphere.
I think if you were to look from behind, The outline of her underwear might be visible.

I look from top to bottom slowly and carefully.
The thin cloth pulled by gravity, And the slightly visible curve of flesh. [3]
The expression of Ruruka which can’t usually be seen is a good addition.

However, I returned to an expression of scorn when Ruruka closed her eyes and breathed a deep sigh.
Oh, Is it over already?

She probably noticed that I deliberately set up this misunderstanding lesson.
Afterall, I understand Ruruka
Also, The change came too quickly.

I believe Ruruka is angry, But she can’t really do anything to me.
I only had Yuel rub my shoulder.

Certainly I asked Yuel to rub my shoulder, And I spoke in a way that was easy for Ruruka to misunderstand, Also the voice of Yuel rubbing my shoulder and Me receiving it saying that it was pleasant.
Rather, Telling Yuel to rub my shoulder and emphasising on rubbing it hard, This situation can’t help but to occur.
There were no lies.
It’s like Ruruka herself had made the shameful misunderstanding.
As such, I’d be amazed if Ruruka wasn’t helplessly angry.

You could probably call this payback.
With this I’ve probably gotten even with her for suspecting me of being a lolicon.

That’s what I’ve determined after seeing Ruruka’s thin night clothes and the face of her blushing.

[1] Henley – A collarless T-shirt https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henley_shirt
[2] – Women’s knee-length trousers, cut with very full legs to resemble a skirt.
[3] He’s talking bout her… ‘a.s.sets’ and by slight it means slightly visible with the clothing, They’re most definitely *not* slight

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