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ED: PrunJuice [Fruit]

It can’t be! I rush inside and run down the hallway. While I’m running, I think I hear the door intercom chime, but Mom can get it. When I reach my closet, I grab the handle and yank it open.

“What the h.e.l.l?” (Tsukasa)

The inside of the closet is spectacularly empty. No, that’s not quite true. There are a few pairs of the panties and socks that I had bought at a convenience store a couple of days ago. In addition, there’s the dresses, skirts, and other girls’ apparel that Mom had given me to wear.

All of my men’s clothing and underwear are gone. Of course, they’re all of the bed of the truck now.

“Wow, all my clothes are gone.” (Tsukasa)

I look back over my shoulder to see Miyuki standing near the door.

“Mom gave all of them to a reseller.” (Mii)

I helped load it all on his truck without knowing.

“Those belonged to the old you. So it’s a good thing they are gone, isn’t it? You can’t wear them anymore anymore, because they no longer fit.” (Mii)

“That's true, but everything I had when I was a man is gone n... What are you two doing?” (Tsukasa)

Behind Miyuki, Mom and Dad come into the room carrying cardboard boxes.

“These just arrived for you.” (Mother)

Dad sets down the box he is carrying and flees the room as if he were being chased by demons, while Mom steps closer and sets her box down in front of the closet. When I glance at the boxes, the side has the logo of a large online retailer.

“I didn't order anything, did I?” (Tsukasa)

“That’s right. I ordered this for you.” (Mother)

“Eh!?” (Tsukasa)

Mom kneels down, opens the box, and starts taking out women’s clothing.

“Miyuki, there’s quite a lot, so help me. If I leave it to Tsukasa to get them up, she’ll leave them in the boxes and they will crease.” (Mother)

“Oh, right.” (Mii)

Miyuki and Mom neatly arrange the new clothes in my closet as I stand there completely dumbfounded. While they’re at it, my dad hauls one box after another into my room. Just how many clothes did you by Mom?

“Umm, is all this clothing!?” (Tsukasa)

“That's right. It was very expensive. Oh, but these socks were a steal, three pair for 1000 yen.” (Mother)

(TN: 1000 yen is around $9.00 currently.)

“Quit boasting about getting good deals! You were buying other people clothes without their consent!” (Tsukasa)

“It's okay. I won't deduct it from your allowance. You were in trouble because you didn't have clothes to wear and Miyuki’s old clothes weren’t the right size either.” (Mother)

“Well, yes, that’s true, but…” (Tsukasa)

I wonder if the sizes are right.

“Mom, where are the bras?” (Mii)

“They’re in the second drawer down.” (Mother)

“What?! B-bra?!” (Tsukasa)

Why did you buy that?! Wait a second! I thought I would have to get measured for a bra to fit properly. For that matter, the same goes for the clothes.

“Are those the right size for me?” (Tsukasa)

“Of course, they will fit you perfectly.” (Mother)

“When did you get my measurements?” (Tsukasa)

“When you fainted in the dressing room.” (Mother)

“The first day?!” (Tsukasa)

I had already been measured before I woke up on the couch? That was quick!

“Tsukasa has never put on a bra, right? That's why mom will have to teach you how to wear one.” (Mother)

Mom said while smiling mischievously.

“No! Absolutely not!” (Tsukasa)

“Well, if I saw Tsukasa naked I'd probably get too excited and bleed to death.” (Mother)

How can this pervert get excited about seeing her child nude?

“Well then, I have bookmarked a page for you that will explain how to put one on. Please take a look at it if you have trouble. I bought you front-hook bras, which are easier to put on, so I don't think you are going to have too much trouble.” (Mother)

“Oh, that was thoughtful of you.” (Tsukasa)

I have never given a moment’s thought to talking with my mother about how to wear underwear. That would be an embarra.s.sing conversation. However, I’ve never worn a bra until today, but don’t think I will have any trouble with it. After all, since my b.r.e.a.s.t.s aren’t huge I don’t think I even need one.

“Well, I don't want to wear one for the time being.” (Tsukasa)

“No. Even if you are small, you need to. Otherwise, they will lose their shape.” (Mother)

Mom states firmly as she looked up at me.

“I-is that how it is?” (Tsukasa)

“Yes, that’s right.” (Mother)

With that said, my mom goes back to work. I glance over at Miyuki as she picks up a bra and gives it a look. Do I have to put something like that on every day? My shoulders are getting stiff just thinking about it. While I’m contemplating that, Miyuki suddenly holds the bra up against her chest.

“Hmm, small.” (Mii)

It’s hard to say for sure because it’s on top of her clothes, but it definitely seems too small for Miyuki.

“Although ‘B’ is good enough, Onee-chan is pet.i.te!” (Mii)

“B! Don't say things like that!” (Tsukasa)

Naturally, I become embarra.s.sed after Miyuki blurts out my size. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, if someone did that to you, you’d be embarra.s.sed too!

“Mother, this is the last box.” (Father)

“Thank you, Father. Oh, yes. Wasn’t there an envelope with the delivery? Give it to Tsukasa.” (Father)

My dad hands me a brown envelope. The emblem of the Lotus Pond Private High School, which I had graduated from a few weeks ago, was emblazoned on its front it. What's this? Is it a doc.u.ment or something I need to pa.s.s on to the university? I open the envelope with a pair of scissors and take out the contents. Inside, there is an admissions guide, a syllabus and a student ID.

“Isn’t this for Mii-chan?” (Tsukasa)

“Take a look at the student ID.” (Mother)

I turn the student ID face up on the table.

“Lotus Pond Private High School Soph.o.m.ore, Tsukasa Yoshina.” (Tsukasa)

Yep, that’s what it shows, ‘Tsukasa Yoshina, Soph.o.m.ore.’ Even if I look closer or rub my eyes, the characters don’t change. Soph.o.m.ore year in high school. I’m unsure what to even do here.Miyuki is going to be a junior this year and I’m somehow a soph.o.m.ore?

I slowly turn to look at Miyuki, who is standing next to me. She looks just as surprised as me, but then why does she also look happy?

“I know I told you that my mother's family has vampires, which caused a lot of trouble for my ancestors. So, when something happens, we help each other out.” (Mother)

“What does that mean exactly?” (Tsukasa)

“Tsukasa, being a college student is more than a little unreasonable, correct? Additionally, it’s not as if Tsukasa can go to the college that admitted Tsutomu.” (Mother)

Mom slaps me on the shoulder with a huge grin, and hands me a sheet of A4 sized paper. It’s a family register. Our family register to be exact. Dad’s name is written in bold at the top, followed by Mom’s name, then Miyuki’s and finally my name. The name written for me is ‘Tsukasa Yoshina’ with the phonetic guide written as ’15 Year Old Woman.’

(TN: Okay, I’m going to attempt to explain this. I believe I have said before that JN names can mean any number of things and even then are still subject to interpretation, hence a phonetic guide. It tells how to p.r.o.nounce their name, also usually required on all official doc.u.mentation. There are many rules when it comes to naming, but let’s leave it at that. Hopefully, you get the basic idea.)

“I had my family ‘adjust’ our family register. Thanks to this, Tsukasa is able to attend high school  once more.” (Mother)

“Me? A high school student? Three years of high school again?!” (Tsukasa)

“That’s right. I was unable to transfer you in as a junior. This is fine though, because Miyuki looks like your onee-chan.” (Mother)

“No, I don’t care what she looks like. What do you think Mii-chan?” (Tsukasa)

I look at Miyuki as I ask that. Her eyes are glittering dangerously.

“Mii-chan are you okay with this?” (Tsukasa)

“Yes, having an onii-chan was good, but I wanted an imouto too.” (Mii)

(TN: Imouto = little sister.)

“Imouto?!” (Tsukasa)

“Yes, my imouto.” (Mii)

I say pointing to myself, while Miyuki replies pointing to me.

“Well, whatever is fine inside the house, but at least in front of other people Tsukasa is to call Miyuki ‘Onee-chan’ and Miyuki should call Tsukasa ‘Tsukasa.’ Is that understood?” (Mother)

“Yeah.” (Mii)

Miyuki replies to Mom cheerfully, while looking at me expectantly. Nope, this is inside the house and no one else is here.

“Tsukasa.” (Mii)

Wow, she already said it. I feel terrible, so what should I do? I really don’t want to hear it. The rejection reaction is overwhelming. Of course, I’ve always been Miyuki’s onii-chan. Now, all of a sudden, I’m a high school student again, and an imouto? It's depressing. d.a.m.n it! I had a hard time pa.s.sing the university exam too.

“Tsukasa.” (Mii)

Miyuki says my name once more, smiling this time. I look at Mom and Dad asking for help. Mom gets a ‘this is impossible’ look, while I send Dad a ‘this is unreasonable’ look. However, it looks as if I’ve lost this battle.Miyuki is standing there smiling at me expectantly and the door is behind her, so I can’t run away.

Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it, I think to myself, as my mouth twitches up into a smile. Sorry, just hang in there a little longer Miyuki. I clear my throat and…

"O… Onee-chan " (Tsukasa)

The moment I choke it out, Miyuki instantly hugged me tightly, while chanting ‘my cute imouto’ in my ear.

“Imouto, my imouto…” (Mii)

I sigh deeply, thinking about my college life and the future that had suddenly disappeared, as if it were a soap bubble that had burst.

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