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< gu="" yiliang's="" diary="" –="" excerpt="" 1="">>

Work ended around 2 a.m. in the morning again. So exhausted.

The day after tomorrow. Oh. It's already tomorrow and I still need to join Director Lu's production team. I feel even more exhausted whenever I think of it.

I seriously don't feel like going.

For starters, I guess I'm suffering from post-vacation blues. Exhausted from work, I only feel like KO’ing at home.

Secondly, it's all because a leader of my fanclub sent me private messages for five days in a row, warning me to be wary of my adversary since he's in the production team too.

According to her, my adversary should be an overlord who is eight feet tall with the physique and strength of Hercules, the malevolent face of Asura, and the evil voice of a devil. He was someone that could easily take my life with a mighty and vigorous sweep of his eight-foot viper halberd. Or he could be a vicious male demon with the body of a snake and the head of a man with green laser beams shooting out of his eyes and venom dripping down his tongue, in addition to his sharp claws and long tail that could sweep me up in an instant, snapping me to pieces.

But it's not like I've never seen my adversary before. We're from the same company after all.

Wasn't he just a clean, pure, and delicate-looking young boy? He looked so soft and obedient. With a natural look, he seemed to be a little younger than me. Every time we met each other, he would greet me politely, his eyes sparkling with innocence.

After I described what I thought to her, she shrugged it off and said I was too kind, completely unaware of the dangers that walked this earth.

When I received this message, I was completely confused.

For starters, I'm already twenty-three years old and a member of the industry. What sort of dangers have I not seen before?

Secondly, I've seen the movie my adversary was in before. With that kind of acting skill, if he actually pulled that in front of me, then he must be hiding his talent on the screen, a d.a.m.n big one.

Therefore, I sometimes seriously cannot comprehend the kind of love my fans shower me with.

Nevertheless, she did it out of kindness anyway.

< gu="" yiliang's="" diary="" –="" excerpt="" 2="">>

I'm a little annoyed. There is one day that I can get off work and come home early, yet even before the bath water is ready, I got another text message from that old man asking me for money.

I said I would send it to him tomorrow during the day.

300 thousand and 300 thousand and another 300 thousand… I flipped through my transaction statements, finding myself more tragic than Tony Leung from Infernal Affairs.

< gu="" yiliang's="" diary="" –="" excerpt="" 3="">>

I joined the team today. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good. It's been a long time since I've laughed so freely.

Initially, I still felt a little upset after making the transfer. But then I received a warning message from my little-miss-head-of-fanclub that my adversary had liked a post on Weibo which announced that I was joining the production team, with the intention of riding on my popularity. She warned me repet.i.tively to look after my own safety.

I was going there to act, not enter a battlefield, so I felt all the more down. 

In the end, my adversary, who was poor and extremely fiendish in the eyes of my fan, was the one who lifted my spirits up.

He’s hilarious.

And he seems to be my fan? Which I'm really surprised about. After all, he never attempted to talk to me first, let alone doing things like asking for my autograph. We don't even have each other on Wechat.

Although we do now.

The way he asks for a person's Wechat is so roundabout. No wonder he never found a chance to bring it up before.

He was watching one of my movies when I entered, one that I acted in a long, long time ago, or my debut movie. Not many people mention it now, so I have no idea where he dug that up from. He was even watching them so intently.

So how should I put it? It was a complicated feeling to see someone appreciate your work with such serious concentration.

No wonder he liked that Weibo post by mistake. I checked that he had never followed that Weibo account before, so I surmised he must have accidentally tapped on it when he was searching for my name.

Not knowing to use his left hand to hold the phone while searching for his adversary's name, forgetting to undo the mistakes he made… He seriously…doesn't have it in him to be evil-minded.

Looking all awkward, he even offered me a cup of bubble tea to drink. He also looked rather nervous, probably because I caught him red-handed and he was a little embarra.s.sed by that.

Yeah. He’s pretty cute.

I know I shouldn't describe a guy who's about the same age as me as cute, but he is pretty cute.

Man, why did I write "cute" three times in a row?

And now it's four.

If my little-miss-head-of-fanclub sends any more of those warning messages over, I can now make reasonable and confident retorts.

Nevermind. It's better not to retort. Otherwise, it might trigger more dirt posts for my adversary since everyone's got that reverse mentality. I, too, must have deliberately knocked on the door of his break room as soon as I was done with my wardrobe and makeup because I'd had too much nagging from her.

Thinking about it that way, I should thank little-miss-head-of-fanclub. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have noticed that my adversary is someone who's easy to get along with, and also very cute.

That was the fifth one.

After we began shooting, I studied him as he acted opposite the male lead on-site.  Well, I'll keep my impressions of him short and simple: if he has been pretending it in front of me all this time, then I'll retire right now.

But if there's a chance, I can teach him a little. He's got spirit in those eyes.

The more I write, the more I feel like I've had my nose too high in the air. One should always be modest and know when to keep their cool. Gotta bear that in mind.

Oh right, he also knows that I don't like sweet things.

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