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Chapter 418 - Dealing With the Zhao Family, Part I

Subsequently, Gu Zuo carefully delivered Zhao Ji to Gu Qi’s room.

Gu Qi’s temples were throbbing with each heartbeat. Great joy and deep sorrow followed in succession, and his mind was already somewhat exhausted. However, whenever he thought about the pain and hardship that Zhao Ji suffered, his mood couldn’t calm down. At this moment, it was even harder for him to fall asleep. It was just that, as he lied down next to Zhao Ji, he wasn’t willing to let go of the hand he grasped.

Gu Zuo didn’t stop Gu Qi’s way of handling things, and only whispered in a soft voice: “Dad, you still have to get a good night’s rest later. Otherwise, if you’re too tired and father needs you to recall his memories, where will you have the energy?”

Gu Qi took a deep breath: “Son, you don’t have to worry. I’ll pay attention to this.”

After this reminder, Gu Zuo left the room once he saw that Gu Qi really listened to his words.

Outside the bedroom, Gongyi Tianheng quietly waited for him.

Gu Zuo raised his eyes: “Big brother.”

The edge of Tianheng’s lips carried a hint of a smile: “Let’s go back to our room.”

Gu Zuo nodded his head. He followed Tianheng, and returned to their own bedroom.

Once the two bathed, they went to bed.

Gu Zuo sighed: “Father’s health is already filled with holes and riddled with problems. If we were just one or two years late, even if his willpower could hold on, his bodily functions wouldn’t have lasted…”

Tianheng didn’t say anything. He knew that this was Gu Zuo’s way of venting his feelings. Hence, he didn’t move, and only watched him with a warm gaze.

Sure enough, Gu Zuo continued talking: “Later on, I’ll have to get the Zhang Family to purchase some medicinal ingredients for me. Whatever the Zhang Family can’t acquire, I’ll have to ask the Tian Family to get. Previously, I made some money selling medicine…

“In any case, we’ll eventually return to the other world, so we might as well spend it all in the meantime. Father’s body can’t use the medicine I’ve brought, so I can only explore the medicinal ingredients of this world. Once he improves some more, I’ll use some medicinal juices from the other world. He should get better even faster…”

Tianheng faintly nodded his head.

Gu Zuo said: “Since we’ve already saved father, the Zhao Family is not worth mentioning. However, father was tortured until he became like this. If I don’t teach the Zhao Family a painful lesson, I won’t be able to swallow this ball of fury. It’s just that I haven’t settled on how I’ll teach them a lesson and how far I should go&#k2026;”

Tianheng slowly said: “If we were in that world of mine and the Zhao Family did something like this, they would form a bond of life and death enemies with us. Under this enmity, even if we exterminated their whole family, we would at most be called vicious and merciless by other people. However, there wouldn’t be any consequences beyond that.”

Gu Zuo forced a chuckle.

He was naturally aware of this, but like big brother said, that world wasn’t this world.

In this world, although ancient martial artists were detached from external affairs, they also couldn’t be too dismissive of their own nations. Previously, his big brother used a palm to slap that ambusher to death. Although it was handled ruthlessly, the other party was in the wrong first, and this was the additional authority brought about by big brother’s martial strength. The ancient martial artists at the venue naturally wouldn’t make a big fuss over a minor issue. Even if those higher up knew about it, they would only regard it as the internal affairs of the ancient martial artists. People wouldn’t treat big brother as a murderer to be arrested.

However, if they acted absolutely unrestrained and completely wiped out every last member of the Zhao Family, then, as far as the previously-mentioned were concerned, the two of them would be deemed uncontrollable and dangerous elements. Those forces would think of any and all methods to kill them.

Yes. Gu Zuo and Tianheng really weren’t afraid of the vast majority of hot weapons like guns, bombs, and artillery, but it also wasn’t wise for two people to face off against an entire nation. How could the insignificant Zhao Family be worth the ha.s.sle? What’s more, they couldn’t leave this world for the time being. Regardless of whether it was nursing father’s body or using this time to search for an energy source for the Void-Breaking Shuttle, it would be inconvenient if they poked a hole in their own basket.

Tianheng smiled: “However, a world has its own rules. We can’t ma.s.sacre the Zhao Family, but it won’t matter if we use softer methods. It won’t cause public unrest either.”

Gu Zuo perked up: “What does big brother suggest?”

In any case, he felt that the Zhao Family was such an evil and disgusting family. Not killing them wouldn’t be enough to vent the hatred in his heart! Unfortunately, when things came to a head, he couldn’t truly kill them. It almost choked him to death.

Tianheng said: “As an ancient martial aristocratic family, the Zhao Family’s younger generations practice martial arts, it has the support of martial forces, and its family properties generate an unending stream of wealth to supply its younger generations. Although we can’t wipe out the entire family, we can make their lives wretched while alive, and unable to seek death.”

Gu Zuo couldn’t help urging: “Big brother’s meaning is…”

Tianheng said: “Since they have recklessly harmed others and inflicted suffering for their inheritance, we will destroy this inheritance. Since they practice martial arts and have these capabilities, we will cripple all of their martial forces. Since they have the financial resources to provide for themselves and expand, we will split up their properties for others to take. Then, they will have no means to continue. For such a family to have pa.s.sed on its inheritance up until now, it must’ve made countless enemies. Only when it’s inner and outer roots are severed will it be ruined with a single stroke.”

At that time, the fates of the Zhao Family members would certainly leave them satisfied.

Gu Zuo’s mood promptly improved: “What big brother says is reasonable.”

If Gu Zuo didn’t remember incorrectly, that Zhao Hongying was already around seventy years old. As for the former patriarch and the elders, who all pa.s.sed on the position of family head to him and retreated behind the scenes, they were already well past a hundred years old — Their generation had many rightful heirs. Unfortunately, while quite a few strove to give birth, the only one who ultimately survived after being born was Zhao Hongying. Since these elders were able to live until now, it could be said that the martial disciplines they inherited were miraculous. However, just like the old Zhao Family Head, once they reached a certain age, they weren’t able to sire more children. They could only place their hopes on Zhao Hongying.

Back then, all of these people partic.i.p.ated in the persecution of Qian Xi. Not a single one was missing.

If it was said that the length of their lifespans relied on the support of the inner power within their bodies, then once their martial disciples were crippled and they lost that inner power — The only thing they would have left was a body that was even weaker than ordinary hundred-year-old geriatrics. All of the hidden injuries acc.u.mulated over the years that were suppressed by their inner power would trigger a backlash!

At that time, the two basically wouldn’t need to personally slap them to death.

Under the torment of illnesses and hidden injuries, their deaths would be even more miserable.

Gu Zuo slowly breathed out a sigh.

Once the Zhao Family collapsed, he would add more fire for them!

The next day, when it was almost noon…

Gu Zuo mentioned to the Zhang Family’s grandfather and grandson that he needed large quant.i.ties of medicinal ingredients. Currently, he had a significant understanding of this world’s ingredients. As a result, after a few rounds of deliberation, it was easy to write out the list of medicines.

Although the leaders of the Zhang Family didn’t know why Gu Zuo wanted these medicinal ingredients, they would grant whatever he asked for. There was no need to mention magnanimity or attentiveness.

Gu Zuo said: “Deliver them as soon as possible.”

The Zhang Family grandfather and grandson pair naturally went out to make preparations immediately.

Moreover, they also had to return to Q City to handle their own family affairs.

Right at this time, the doorbell was pressed. A member of the Tian Family had arrived.

It was still Tian Hang who came over. The purpose of his visit was to make a discreet inquiry. Thus, he quickly provided some news in a round-about manner: “These two honorable sirs, I heard that something happened to the Zhao Family last night. Although the Zhao Family hasn’t made any detailed announcements, this matter has caused a huge disturbance in the Zhao Family… Right now, many people in ancient martial arts circles are looking at the Zhao Family like they’ve made fools of themselves.”

This type of probing wasn’t the least bit brilliant.

Gu Zuo directly stated: “There’s no need to sound things out. This matter was the doing of me and big brother.”

Tian Hang was startled: “Mister Gu’s doing…”

Gu Zuo smiled coldly: “Big brother and I rescued a person from the Zhao Family.” His voice also became ice-cold, “The Zhao Family and I share an enmity as deep as an ocean of blood. They took advantage of my lack of skills back then, took away my father, and caused my family to suffer for more than ten years! My father also suffered greatly. We won’t let the Zhao Family get away with this!”

Speaking up to here, Gu Zuo’s gaze firmly landed on Tian Hang’s face: “There’s absolutely nothing the Zhao Family can do to threaten what’s mine. Does the Tian Family have any plans?”

Tian Hang felt a chill run down his spine — The Zhao Family really had guts! But on second thought, he felt that this was normal. Of the three ancient martial aristocratic families, the Zhao Family’s style was the most reprehensible. They were accustomed to ravaging and toying with women, and they handled matters ruthlessly. This wasn’t how brave men did things! This time, it seemed that they had kicked an iron plate. The enemy they harmed had brought such a powerful force to get revenge!

At the same time, Tian Hang was shocked by the capability of these two people to silently break into the tightly-guarded Zhao Family and save someone. In particular, the Zhao Family never actually discovered them.

Thus, Tian Hang didn’t hesitate, and immediately said: “Our previous arrangement still stands. If Mister Gu has anything the matter, feel free to tell us.”

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