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Chapter 411 - Finally Taking Action

Soon after, the two headmasters hesitated somewhat. Both of them took out another pair of bank cards, and pushed them forward: “The funds within these bank cards also total one hundred million yuan each.”

Gu Zuo smiled. He took out two more jade bottles, and set them on the table.

As before, the two headmasters received the jade bottles, and brought out new bank cards.

Gu Zuo raised an eyebrow: “One hundred million?”

The two headmasters cautiously nodded their heads.

Gu Zuo took out another two jade bottles.

Afterwards, there was a fourth exchange.

When the two headmasters took out a pair of bank cards for the fifth time, Gu Zuo shook his head: “One hundred Qi Generating Pills should be enough for a while.”

The two headmasters revealed traces of disappointment, but what Gu Zuo said was indeed true. They had obtained one hundred medicinal pills each. So long as the pills were used reasonably, the schools could be pushed to the peak — Although there would be other ancient martial arts schools buying Qi Generating Pills, when all was said and done, weren’t they making the first move? Moreover, after getting these pills in advance, it wasn’t impossible to get some more during the small gathering, right?

At this time, the headmaster of the School of Fist Intent had some notions in mind. However, to avoid offending this esteemed individual, he still asked to get confirmation: “Mister Gu, will my School of Fist Intent be able to make more purchases during the small gathering?”

Gu Zuo nodded his head and said: “This is only natural.”

The headmaster was promptly rea.s.sured. He and the School of the Great Saber’s headmaster exchanged contented glances.

The funds possessed by ancient martial arts schools like theirs weren’t small. As early as when they first heard the news, they had already dispatched people to take care of certain industries and properties, and to convert large sums of liquidity. During the small gathering of ancient martial artists, everyone would be competing with each other. With their financial resources, at least they wouldn’t fall behind… With the addition of these pills they obtained beforehand, they wouldn’t have to worry for several decades. There would be great changes occurring in their world of ancient martial arts!

— How many men didn’t have ambitions?

Their objectives had been reached. After that, everyone started talking about how the Qi Generating Pills would be sold during the small gathering.

As the person in charge of the event, Tian Mu took the initiative to ask Gu Zuo: “Mister Gu, does this sir have any thoughts on this?”

One needed to know that, if no rules were proposed in advance, when so many ancient martial artists came together, it would likely cause confusion. At that time, if they weren’t able to coordinate properly, then it might sow discontent and enmity.

In particular was what Gu Zuo told Tian Hang. He would sell to those pleasing to his eyes, and he wouldn’t sell to those who were displeasing — Although he indeed had this “capital”, not everyone would remain calm when they themselves were treated as “unpleasant to the eyes”.By then, maybe the Tian Family would also be subjected to grudges. In the end, while there were other ancient martial artists who would lend a helping hand because they benefited from the Tian Family’s mediation, it was still better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Gu Zuo had already thought about this at an earlier time: “Tian Family Head, rest a.s.sured. I have no intention of making things difficult for you all. If no one deliberately makes me unhappy, I won’t know any of them. Naturally, I will treat everyone with equal favor.

“I also know the saying, ‘Do not worry about scarcity, but rather about uneven distribution.’ Therefore, the amount of Qi Generating Pills sold to each organization will be in accordance with the number of people who want to buy the pills. If there’s a surplus afterwards, I intend to set up a public and private auction. The number of Qi Generating Pills in the private auction will be relatively smaller than the amount put up in the public auction. After that, if there’s still some left over, I’ll sell them to the schools or sects that give me the best impression.”

Every person present had extensive experience. They immediately understood Gu Zuo’s meaning.

After thinking about it, they also felt that this was pretty good.

There were several aspects to this way of doing things. From start to finish, this was much more interesting than competing over the Qi Generating Pills with reddened faces and bulging necks the whole time. The two previously-mentioned methods of equal distribution and private auction were considered tactful, and wouldn’t damage any friendly relations. As for the public auction&#k2026; Everyone could rely on their own abilities to liven up the atmosphere.

Once Tian Mu and the others heard this, they summed up the other details. They had already decided on how the small gathering was going to be specifically arranged. They could accomplish the plans in mind.

Soon after, the headmasters of the two schools took the initiative to say:

“It’s just that the Qi Generating Pills give others too great a shock. We can’t rule out the possibility that others will want to disrupt the situation during the small gathering, fish in troubled waters, and create conspiracies.”

“If these honorable sirs don’t disdain it, we can provide some Hidden Energy experts to follow and protect these sirs.”

Tian Mu’s complexion hardened, and resolutely said: “I will mobilize troops with heavy firepower to safeguard the entire venue. In addition, many technological methods will be implemented at the same time so that the event will be kept completely safe.”

He paused as he looked at several people, and enunciated clearly: “From now on, it would be for the best that everyone has at least three Hidden Energy experts to personally guard them… If we can have Transformed Energy elites keeping watch over everyone’s residences, that would be even better.”

Gu Zuo’s brows faintly furrowed.

Personal guards?

These people weren’t battle slaves or servile races whose families and lives were grasped in his big brother’s hands. They couldn’t obtain that level of trust either. Moreover, it hadn’t been long since he and big brother officially got together. He didn’t need this many flickering and shiny lightbulbs!

Thinking as such, Gu Zuo looked at Gongyi Tianheng.

Tianheng smiled back. His gaze shifted, and fell upon the two headmasters and the members of the Tian Family.

This gaze seemed to turn substantial. In an instant, it caused the hairs of the two headmasters to stand on end. They felt like they were being sc.r.a.ped by an invisible knife. They shuddered.

Dangerous, very dangerous!

They had heard that this Mister Gongyi’s strength was remarkable. The two Transformed Energy headmasters also discovered that, even with their strength, they couldn’t see through Tianheng’s true realm. When Tianheng restrained his qi emissions, he only made them vigilant. However, it wasn’t like right now. With merely one look, he made them feel terrified!

Shortly thereafter, Tianheng’s fingers slightly splayed out.

In the blink of an eye, those eight bank cards were immediately pulled by an invisible force. In a split second, the cards jumped up, and floated in the air.

The breathing of the Tian Family and everyone else turned sluggish. The heartbeats of the two headmasters abruptly quickened.

Those ancient martial arts disciples sitting at the other tables gasped in shock. All of them sensed the strange nature of this scene — No matter how strong their inner powers were, it was only in terms of lethality. As for suspending objects in the air like this, the level of control it required was extraordinary, and the enormous amount of inner power needed was beyond extravagant to them!

Immediately following this, Tianheng’s fingers faintly closed together.

Those eight bank cards promptly let out whistling sounds as they dashed at great speeds. They were like eight razor blades as they tore through the air!

Then, they were collected precisely into the hollow of Tianheng’s palm.

Upon seeing this, Gu Zuo couldn’t help inwardly smiling.

Not to mention Immortal Realm martial artists, even those who had just entered Xiantian could achieve this kind of skill. It couldn’t have been any simpler. However, in front of these people, who had never advanced to Xiantian, this utilization left them in awe. It made this big brother of his seem even more majestic, and it caused feelings of adoration and reverence to appear in people’s hearts.

At this time, Tianheng started to speak. His voice was slightly low and magnetic: “How was that?”

Ever since Tian Hang showed up, Tianheng handed everything over to Gu Zuo to manage, and rarely spoke up. At this moment, as he slowly talked, people felt a type of indescribable fascination: “I alone am enough to ensure the safety of Ah Zuo, Uncle Gu, and the two members of the Zhang Family. Nonetheless, we appreciate everyone’s kind intentions.”

Once his voice fell, the complexions of the two headmasters became somewhat complicated.

The strength of this Mister Gongyi was far beyond their expectations… It looked like they really didn’t need to get involved in this matter of protection.

Meanwhile, Tian Mu said: “Mister Gongyi truly has this certainty?”

Tianheng faintly smiled: “Rest a.s.sured.”

For some reason, after Tianheng’s words were uttered, Tian Mu and the others couldn’t bring themselves to raise any objections — From this young martial artist, they sensed an inviolable type of self-confidence.

If it was said that they were previously paying attention to Gu Zuo, this great master of pharmacists, then now, the degree that they focused on Tianheng was elevated to even higher than that of Gu Zuo.

This was because the feeling Tianheng gave others was truly too dangerous — It was far from the feeling of rea.s.surance brought about by Gu Zuo’s performance.

Thus, the headmaster of the School of Fist Intent forced a smile: “The methods of Mister Gongyi are indeed sufficient. The proposal just now was incredibly rude. We overstepped our bounds.”

The headmaster of the School of the Great Saber was also somewhat pained. However, he suddenly had many thoughts… This Mister Gu was so young, but he had already made such achievements. Was it closely related to those Qi Generating Pills, which could augment one’s inner power? Or was he overthinking it?

— No. His way of thinking definitely wasn’t wrong. It was certainly like this.

With such conjecture, aside from this pained feeling, his heart was enraptured with joy.

At the very least, a peak powerhouse brought up with Qi Generating Pills had really appeared before his very eyes!

Reaching this stage, everyone tacitly agreed that Tianheng himself would safeguard this newly-arrived group of five people. However, in order to uphold their friendship with the land owner, the Tian Family transferred a team with heavy firepower, which was stationed in the vicinity of the group’s arranged residence.

Although the Schools of Fist Intent and the Great Saber didn’t dispatch people to be personal guards, they still had the similar intentions, and sent for two Hidden Energy elites to keep watch on the outside — If anyone without discerning eyes came over in the middle of the night to cause trouble, they would naturally negotiate with the other party with their ident.i.ties as ancient martial artists of the older generation before Tianheng discovered anything amiss.

Gu Zuo, Tianheng, and the others complied with the arrangements, and checked into a luxurious villa prepared by the Tian Family. This place had dozens of butlers and maids in service. This was the treatment afforded to the honored guests of the Tian Family, and it wasn’t the least bit ambiguous.

Besides Gu Qi, the other four were used to such arrangements. After Gu Qi experienced everything the villa had to offer, he gained a deeper understanding of many things.

In the next two days, the group remained in the villa, and didn’t establish any communications with the outside world.

As the host, Tian Hang dropped by a few times to share in their company, and informed them of any news outside.

Those ancient martial artists had arrived one after another. And under the planning of the Tian Family, they checked into many villas.

The organization of the Tian Family was extremely large. When it came to the arrangements provided for ancient martial artists, they were thorough and considerate.

Finally, it was the day of the small gathering.

Tian Hang used a luxury car to welcome everyone to a secluded and enormous, ancient castle-like building. This ancient caste looked a little dilapidated from the outside, but the interior was a place of charm and beauty.

It was s.p.a.cious and imposing. The details were sumptuous, but entirely low-key.

As Gu Zuo approached the ancient castle, his expression was a bit strange.

Ah, the style on the outside was European, but the inside was Chinese.

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