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Even if it's not in the tale

"Waait a moment!"

As I arrived at the ceremonial hall, Manarisama was just about to kiss Claire-sama.
I hurriedly stopped her, but it was truly within a hair's breadth.

Everyone's gazes gathered on me.
Their expressions turned uniformly into surprise.
No surprise.
I was in tatters.

"You're slow"
"Ah, I met some unexpected difficulties"

After lightly apologizing to Misha who said I was worried, I forced my way towards Claire-sama and Manarisama.

"You didn't run away. I acknowledge you for at least this much"

Manarisama said so with a displeased face.

"Who would escape. I've said I absolute won't lose, right?"

Threateningly sticking out my tongue, I pulled Claire-sama's hand to separate them.
Claire-sama looked at me with a complicated expression.

"Claire-sama, please be at ease. I won't hand over Claire-sama"

Breathing roughly, I declared to Claire-sama.

"Even if you say so, the match has already started. I don't know what kind of an offering you brought, but my offering is a floss flower. There's no better offering than it, is there?"

Saying so, Manarisama held out a shining flower.

"Even if you bring a floss flower, it's first come, first served. I'm the winner no matter――"
"This is my offering"

Interrupting Manarisama, I took "it" from my bag.

"What is that… branch?"

It's as Claire-sama muttered, my offering is a tree branch.
At first glance it's a plain branch.

"Have you only managed to obtain such a thing?"
"No, I've been searching for this all this time"

While everyone, especially Manarisama, was suspicious, I said full of confidence.

"You'll understand when I dedicate it"

Hurry up, I urged Manarisama.

Claire-sama is looking here anxiously, but I nodded to rea.s.sure her that I'm alright.

"Sure thing. Then why don't we dedicate them"

Saying so, Manarisama stepped towards the love scales.
Although the love scales are made from old-looking wood, they have a st.u.r.dy appearance.
Rather than extravagantly, they're decorated in a refined manner, they possess dignity worthy of a sacred treasure granted by G.o.d.

"Then, my turn. From within my heart, unto G.o.d's judgment"

After reciting the pa.s.sage from the Amour's Poem a little theatrically, Manarisama reverently dedicated the floss flower to the scales.
The flower dedicated to the scales shined all the brighter.
It's an appropriate offering to be extolled in the legend.
The scales tilted greatly.

"I'm next. I dedicate"

Not saying the line from the legend on purpose, I dedicated the branch to the scales.
There's no sign of the scales moving.

"I knew it, I'm the wi――"

When Manarisama was about to finish, rumbling resounded.


The surroundings became noisy, but it's not the ground that shook.
What shook was the love scales.


Someone raised a puzzled voice.
Looking at the branch, it sprouted shoots.
That's not all.
One after another roots sprang, the branch quickly grew, and in the twinkling of an eye became a large tree.
The scales greatly tilted towards it.

"Floss lost to a branch…? This branch… what in the world…?"

I said to Manarisama who muttered overcome with surprise.

"It's called Intertwined Branch"

It's a little different from Bai Juyi's The Song of Everlasting Regret.
The Intertwined Branch is a rare drop from monsters called Intertwined Trees which inhabit the depths of the forest where the ceremonial hall is located.
Intertwined Trees are very strong monsters resistant to magic, but as a matter of fact they do have a weak point.
Slimes' secretion rots them.
With the help from my familiar Relaire, I've been devotedly hunting Intertwined Trees.
The branch only dropped just now.

"Weren't floss flowers the best offering…?"
"Among the offerings known until now, floss flowers were certainly the best. But, I searched for a better offering"

I think everyone already noticed, but this is the fruit of the game knowledge.
In Revolution, there's also a love scales episode.
Fundamentally, it's okay if you can obtain a floss flower, but if you obtain the Intertwined Branch you can see a special still.
In other words, the Intertwined Branch is a hidden item.

To win using the game knowledge, I wonder if some people are uncomfortable with that.
Even I at first didn't intend to use the knowledge of the Intertwined Branch.
I felt it was unfair to bring into love the knowledge obtained through the unique situation of transmigration.
Even if the opponent was Manarisama whom I detest.

But, I realized.
No, I should say I was made to realize.
You can't win at love if you say such pretty things.

It's exactly as the song Love is War1 from my previous life says.
You can't win love with just words.
If I really want to obtain Claire-sama, I can't care about appearances.
That's why, I intentionally broke the restrictions I imposed on myself.
I want to show Claire-sama my feelings no matter what.


I addressed Claire-sama who's still overcome with surprise.
I straightened my posture, looked her directly into eyes and said.

"I honestly don't care about such a match"

Claire-sama's eyes shook in unease.
But it's different.
That's not what I want to say.

"I can't love like in the story. As you're aware, I can't say important things without making light of them"

But, I continued.

"Even if I weren't recognized by the G.o.d's scales, I would still love you. Whoever lost, I would still continue loving you. That's why――"

I knelt before Claire-sama and took her hand――.

"Rather than a maid, would you make me your partner?"

Not with the pa.s.sage from the story but with my own words, I wished to be loved by Claire-sama for the first time.

"… You truly are…"

Tears appeared in Claire-sama's eyes.
I don't know what type of tears they are.

Claire-sama smiled.

"Hahaha! Ah, I completely lost!"

When the atmosphere started getting good, Manarisama's cheerful laughter resounded.

"Manarisama. We're at a good spot so please read the air"
"No way. As I thought, you're great. The best"

Saying so, Manarisama hugged me.

"Hold on, Manarisama"
"No, I thought you're good, but I didn't expect you to go to such lengths. Mmhm, you're for sure fit to be my partner"

What is this person saying.

"O, Onee-sama, what does this mean…?"
"Ah, sorry, Claire. From the start my objective was Rei. Rei's reactions were fun, so I just teased her by getting close to Claire"

Te he, Manarisama stuck out her tongue and laughed.

Now that we're on this topic, I remembered her setting from the setting materials.
Manarisama in the game fell in love with the protagonist.
That's why Manarisama supported her.
Since I had a poor impression of Manarisama in this world, it completely slipped my mind.

"Hey, Manarisama. Please let me go"
"No way. I'll take you back to Sousa like this"
"I refuse!"
"Mmhm, you're even sweeter when you are displeased. I love such you"

Right as Manarisama said that, she forcibly brought her lips near me.

"Wait, sto――"

When Manarisama was about to steal my lips.


A loud shriek-like scream grandly resounded throughout the crowded ceremonial hall.

"Rei is mine! Don't steal what's mine!"

The person surprised the most by that voice was none other than me.
Its owner was Claire-sama.
Everyone is dumbfounded.

"C, Claire-sama…?"

When I nervously called out to her, although it's too late now Claire-sama seemed to comprehend the meaning of what she blurted out.

"It, it is different! What I have just said does not mean――!"

I couldn't control the feelings welling up in my heart, so I instinctively embraced Claire-sama tightly.

"Hey, separate from me!"
"Don't want to. I love you, Claire-sama!"

I am so happy I embraced Claire-sama and didn't let her go.

"I dislike it! Se-prte-fro-m-me!"
"Didn't you say I'm yours!"
"You are annoying! Forget it!"

We had a lively exchange.
The first like that in a while.

"Manarisama, excuse my impoliteness, but I think that's it for the match?"
"Yup, looks like it"

Misha and Manarisama said so while watching us frolicking about.

"Love with the same s.e.x is a th.o.r.n.y path. I'd wish a happier love for Rei and Claire, but――"

Misha urged her to continue.

"But, it's fine. Those two are unlikely to regret their love"

Saying so, Manarisama gave a broad smile like she became unbound by something.


Claire-sama and I didn't hear the conversation between Manarisama and Misha as we could freely frolic about for the first time in a while.
But, it goes without saying that my heart was more satisfied than ever.

1) Miku’s song ↵

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