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Scales governing love

"Love scales…? From that Amour's Poem?"
"Yup, that's right. What's called scales is used in the festival"

I'm serving Claire-sama during a tea party today as well.
Today's topic seems to be the Amour's Festival scheduled for the end of the month.
The partic.i.p.ants of the tea party are Claire-sama, her followers, Manarisama, Yuu-sama, and unusually Sein-sama.
Right now, Yuu-sama who's in the church faction is explaining the details of the festival to Manarisama.

"Wasn't Amour's Poem just a legend?"

Gracefully tilting the cup Manarisama asked.
Unlike when Rod-sama was her companion, when talking to Yuu-sama who has similar throne succession rights, she's speaking in a familiar tone.

"Amour's Poem itself is probably an amalgamation of several folk legends somebody compiled"
"And yet, the scales are real…?"
"… Well, they are actually a magical tool"

Yuu-sama nodded that's right to Sein-sama's explanation and kept going.

"Tools holding supernatural powers called magical tools were only developed recently with the discovery of magical gem, but in the past, there were several tools holding mysterious powers"

They inadvertently used magical gem, seems to be what he meant.

"Then, do the love scales also use magical gem?"
"… Seems so"

Sein-sama nodded without much interest.

"So, how are the scales specifically used during the festival?"
"Well, it's kind of a duel, kind of a marriage interview… To put it simply, a bride battle"

Yuu-sama answered cheerfully.

"As Amour's Poem says love has been a source of conflict from the old times. During Amour's Festival, a bride battle is held according to that legend"
"But you offer a tribute?"

Manarisama jokingly said, but――.

"It's exactly like that. Offering to the love scales settles the conflict by weighting love"

Yuu-sama affirmed.

"I'm surprised. I've learned the basics of the Bauer Kingdom's cultural history, so I knew of the Amour's tradition, but I wasn't aware the scales are real"
"Well, it's closer to the history of religion and customs. Manaria's teachers couldn't possibly cover this much?"

As Yuu-sama emptied his cup, I quietly refilled it.
Thank you, said Yuu-sama and continued.

"Well, even if it's said they are competing in weight, it's not about their actual ma.s.s, it's the weight of the feelings that settles the match"
"Hee? But it's fine to offer floss flowers?"
"Considering the festival history, floss flowers are considered the heaviest"
"It was also like that in the legend"

Manarisama said impressed.

"Manaria is asking quite enthusiastically about the festival, are you curious about it?"

I wonder if you have somebody you love, teased Yuu-sama.

"It's not like this, doesn't it just seem interesting. Besides, it's romantic. I think I also would like to entrust my feelings to the scales"
"Onee-sama, it is not us women who entrust feelings to the scales, we are being contended for?"

Claire-sama said with a wry smile.

"Claire has it nice. She has Rei"
"Wha!? Yuu-sama!"

Claire-sama reacted to Yuu-sama's teasing.

"What what? Claire and Rei have that kind of relationship?"

And Manarisama clung to it.

"Even Onee-sama, please do not say something so foolish. He is only teasing me"

I won't tolerate being played around with any more, with such a look Claire-sama drank from a cup.

"I've repeated that I'm serious many times, but Claire-sama's guard is high"
"Oh. Then, Rei, is it an unrequited love?"
"No, Claire-sama is just being bashful"
"You, I will not forgive any more jokes?"

Claire-sama scowled at me.
Yup, nice almond-shaped eyes.
Today she's cute as well.

"In the first place, if I were okay with the same s.e.x, I would choose Onee-sama over you"
"Ahaha. That makes me happy. If I were Claire's partner, I'd be happier than with an ordinary gentleman"
"Oh Onee-sama"

And so on, the two of them laughed together.
Take it somewhere else.

"Speaking of which, Claire's first love was Manaria, right"
"Jeez! Yuu-sama, please do not bring up the story from when I was a child"
"It was a misunderstanding that I was a boy"

It's a story from the time Claire-sama was left in care of Larnach comital house that Manarisama belonged to.
When Claire-sama lost her mother, she had one regret.
On her birthday, both her parents had plans to go out, so while throwing a tantrum Claire-sama said to her mother that she hates her.
Then, on their way, the carriage had an accident, although Dor-sama survived, Madam François pa.s.sed away.
Claire-sama forever lost the opportunity to apologize to her mother.

Since that day, Claire-sama strictly prohibited herself from being selfish.
Although it may impossible to imagine considering she's a selfish young lady now, Claire-sama in her childhood was an overly obedient child.

Dor-sama, who lost his wife, the partner who was an outstanding politician and socialite, had to spend most of his time on aftercare and couldn't spare attention for her, so he left his daughter in their relatives', Larnach house's, care.
There, Claire-sama met Manarisama.

"I was saved by Manarisama's words"

Manarisama said to Claire-sama who was too strict with herself.

―― No one blames Claire.

Manarisama saw through Claire-sama's feelings of guilt, that even her real father Dor-sama hadn't noticed, and forgave her.
Claire-sama who heard that cried for the first time in years.
When Claire-sama wouldn't stop crying, Manarisama continued.

―― Here and now I swear to protect you.

It's a vow of love that appears in the Amour's Poem.
It's uncertain whether Manarisama was in love with Claire-sama in those days.
But Claire-sama who was told the line from that legend, completely fell in love with Manarisama.

These are background stories not told in the game, you can only see them in the settings materials.
Such background is also one of the reasons I love Claire-sama.
Well, because of those Manarisama's words and Dor-sama's pampering, Claire-sama quickly became selfish afterwards.

"I love such Claire-sama"
"So what are you saying so suddenly!?"
"I'm sorry. My feelings overflowed"

They always feel like leaking big-time, but I'd lose if I minded.

"I seee, Rei really loves Claire. I seee…."

When Manarisama muttered that, she smiled like a child who's found something interesting.
It's nothing but a smile, but I feel like a frog watched by a snake.

"But, too bad. Claire-sama loves me more"

Saying so, Manarisama embraced Claire-sama, wrapping Claire-sama in her arms.

"Ara ara, Onee-sama, what might you be doing?"

And so on, Claire-sama doesn't seem really dissatisfied though.
Hold back, me, keep cool, count prime numbers…!

"Claire, would you believe me if I said I love you?"
"Naturally. Rather, even now I believe?"
"Fufu, I see I see"

Manarisama suddenly began something like hara.s.sing me.
No, it's great they're being friendly.
Calm down, calm down.

"… Rei, tea is spilling from the pot"
"Excuse me"

I'm not calm at all, huh.

"… Is something wrong? You look unwell"
"No, nothing. Thank you for your concern"

I replied as cheerfully as I could to Sein-sama whose expression showed absolutely no interest.
Or rather, shouldn't Claire-sama be currently in love with Sein-sama.

"… Claire and Manaria are getting along well"
"… That's right. Would you like a replenishment?"

I tried to refill Sein-sama's tea acting unconcerned about others' affairs like him.

"… Rei, that's not a teapot, it's a milk pitcher"

Ah, it might be impossible for me.

Looking at the state I'm in, Manarisama smiled like she's enjoying it from the bottom of her heart.

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