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Chapter 22: A sweet break after a long time.


The next day, we acted stealthily to not be noticed by them.
It felt like running from the enemy, but sacrifices must be made for a greater plan. (TN: Raw says ‘stomach and back are unexchangeable’, a j.a.panese proverb.)
Isn’t it quite natural to be wary of them after hearing yesterday’s story? As for getting rid of Brad, I pleaded my father and the dean to ‘react as quick as possible’.
For Henry, I’m planning to send him back to his country if he goes over the bound.
However, although he may be just the ‘fifth’ prince, I can’t just halt his education and deport him. I’d like to avoid any diplomatic problems.

Also, as this was was a very important decision, I made some time for just us two.

“Okay, Angelica? Please don’t get close to Brad.”

Visiting her room after breakfast, I grabbed both of her hands when she was bewildered by the sudden visit and admonition.
Pulling those hands close to my chest, I drew my face in closer and waited for her reply. As though she felt something unusual in my urgency, Angelica’s eyes darted all over the place as she blushed deep red. When I gripped her hands tighter for a reply, soon she replied, “yes, I understand……” in a small voice.

Relieved at her answer, I put my forehead on hers. I felt Angelica flinch, but she did not seem to dislike it. Clearly, it must be because I sighed when our faces were close together, that my breath startled her.
Even her presence is cute…… I’m worried.

Originally, I didn’t care about much else as long as Angelica was safe. Well, I am still thinking about Louis and Jessica’s safety, though?
However, now I know that he is not just an ordinary bespectacled b.a.s.t.a.r.d, but a calamity-level bespectacled b.a.s.t.a.r.d, the first priority is her safety.
Louis should also be taking precautions for her safety, so there should not be that much problem.

I did pet.i.tion the school to replace Brad, but as the students who suffered his venomous fangs are of high status, I can’t rush and make this matter public. In addition, it’s also a problem that all the students who went to the room were making those eyes.
As this is a sensitive case, the school is having trouble dealing with this, so I can’t expect a quick response.
Father also replied, ‘Don’t expect any quick actions. As the next emperor, hang on until the case is somehow resolved,’ something I did not like.
I did expect that the answer might be like this…… but isn’t this a bit much?
This isn’t something you say to your son who’s become a target of a pervert!
Even that Daniel just smiled bitterly to father’s reply, you know? Though, afterwards, he said, ‘Could it be a test for Your Highness and me?’ and made a frightening smile!

Sometime in the future, something bad’s going to happen to you, father!
No, I hope it actually happens!
I’ll put a curse so that it will actually happen!!!

Since we do not know when Brad will be disposed, I have to first explain to Angelica how dangerous he is!
It’s not something to tell a lady so it will be hard to convey, but I have to make her think ‘I don’t want to approach him,’ at the very least……

Thinking so, I opened my eyes, my forehead still touching hers, and stared into her violet eyes.

“I mean it? That guy is dangerous on many levels. There are many reports of students falling prey to his venom. Currently, we are doing everything we can…… but we cannot expect this to be solved quickly.”

At a distance close enough for our lips to almost touch, I told her the current situation.

“So please, stay out of his sight, okay?”

Additionally, when I attempted to get her answer while spoiling her, Angelica froze in place.
Her face was bright red like a tomato, repeatedly opening and closing her mouth in shallow breaths.

Is she shy?
Isn’t she too cute!?

However…… did she not hear? Then let’s try once more.

“Promise? ……If, you break our promise and put yourself in danger……”

I took my forehead off her, and drew my lips in close to her ear.

“I will punish you, alright?”

I then made a light smacking sound in addition to my whispering.
Finally, I kissed her forehead, let her hands go and locked our gaze, while asking, “Promise?”

Angelica nodded silently like a broken doll, and froze up just like that.
I left her alone in the room and took my leave, while saying, “Then, see you at the office,” informing her of the meeting place.

After I exited her chamber, I repeated that scene in my head. The more I chew it, the tastier it gets, and my smile just won’t stop.

What is that reaction?
It’s way too cute!?
Since I could not meet her recently, it really heals me!
Ah~! Really, I want to touch her once a day~!!
Even ten minutes are fine, I want some time everyday.

While I was suffering from Angelica’s cuteness, Louis appeared out from a nearby room.
He probably was in Jessica’s room.
Seeing that incessant smile, he too probably had some sweet time.
I sent him a thumbs-up. Of course, shouldn’t even have to mention that I received the same sign.

Today was a good day.
I received energy from Angelica! (From her forehead)
I also did not encounter the great king of terror as I ran away into the office, so I avoided receiving mental damage.
Somehow, I mind feels clear.
It’s as if I got the Super Star (TN: Mario). I feel like I can instakill Henry and the bespectacled b.a.s.t.a.r.d now.
……No, I just feel as if I can, I’m not really going to do that, you know?

As we were in such a happy state, the second meeting progressed very smoothly.
First we told Mich.e.l.le of the conversation yesterday.
While advising her to manipulate Henry to avoid Brad, we told her of the possibility of more reincarnators and the fact that it was hard to discern whether they are allies or enemies.
Thus, even if she found someone suspicious of being reincarnators, we told her to not contact them directly like she did with us.

And most importantly……
That ‘Yacchan’ could also be reincarnated here. If she is, then she will surely become an ally of Mich.e.l.le.

So I told her to stare up at the sky and murmur ‘Yacchan’.
If she is indeed reincarnated, she will notice it.

Now that my head was clear, I thought up a brilliant plan to keep Brad in check!

I told Daniel to deliberately reveal himself while he’s observing Brad.
Even if it’s not 24 hours a day, just by letting him know that he is under surveillance his scope of activity will be greatly reduced.
People of this world all know about the butlers’ abilities. They know better than to act rashly in front of such cheat ability holders.
In this plan, I also enlisted the a.s.sistance of Louis’s butler.
Since it will be more effective if he sees that there are more than one spy around him!

Though, the thing is, the expression Daniel made was…… extremely frightening.
He was staring off into the distance like a predator that found new prey.

By the time he returned his gaze to me, it was the usual mischievous look, so that was not directed to me.
He probably saw the future.

“Understood, sir. I’ll take action with all my might……”

Daniel’s face then was more elegant than usual, that is was both more terrifying and beautiful.

Whoever it is, my condolences to the prey……

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