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I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Is everywhere around me a danger zone!?

In this episode, the pervertedness increases. Steer clear if you don’t like these things.

After we somehow digested Mich.e.l.le’s story, we decided to start discussing the latest information we gathered.
It’s about the thing we left Daniel to. We had asked Daniel to monitor Brad.
So we are doing our best to not be directly involved. Well, he is a dangerous person, isn’t he?
I don’t want to get too close to that pervert nor do I want to be violated by his gaze.
It’s not just me, it’s also the person I like that’s also in danger……
If it’s Daniel, he can take care of everything perfectly, so I can relax and leave him to gather the necessary information.

As we will also be discussing with Mich.e.l.le, we need to conclude on the direction of the talk, thus there will be many topics this time.

“Brad-sensei seems to have private lessons on etiquette during his extra time. I observed for a while, but it seems that only a few selected students attend that cla.s.s. On some days, as many as three people enter, and get naked or ropes are used. Some truly innovative education on etiquette, I dare say, sir.”

Appearing at the correct moment like always, he poured us a cup of tea while dropping a bomb as if wasn’t anything much.

Horrifying. The temperature dropped five degrees!?
I don’t think that’s a normal etiquette cla.s.s?
What the heck is that ‘pervert gentleman/lady raising cla.s.s’!?
This a place for n.o.ble children to learn the ABCs of social life, not the ABCs of perversion!
I’m not going to say ‘Sensei, that’s dirty!” like a teenage girl, nor am I planning on criticising people’s habits……
But that’s not really acceptable for a teacher, right? Right?
What a ridiculously immoral teacher!

I know that there are no strict taboos on teacher-student romances, but to engage in perverted plays with n.o.ble children!?
And to even do it in a group……
That’s weird even to this world’s standards.

Is that why he was looking at us?

What despair!
I could feel myself growing paler.
Louis’s complexion too turned sallow.

Just imagine his eyes when you’re caught by him.
Traumatising, just from imagining it.

“Everyone is taught kindly and fairly, regardless of s.e.x. There may be some hard parts, as I could frequently hear screams…… Oh, and, in the instructor’s office, there were photos of Your Highness Kyle, Louis-sama, Angelica-sama and Mich.e.l.le-sama, but for some reason it was soaked in some sticky fluid.”

Looking up as if to remember the details, Daniel drops additional bombs while smiling as if nothing happened.
Daniel turned into a deep blue bomber like the B-29. At the sight of bombs raining, we had nowhere to run to.

Where’s the bunker!?
Medic! Quick, mediiic!!

I imagined the two of us wearing gas masks and desperately running through a barrage.

We were just ‘corpses’, frozen and unresponsive.
My hands trembled unconsciously that I spilled the tea and soaked my hand in it. As for Louis, the table was drinking the tea in his stead as he outright dropped the cup.
Daniel, looking delighted, promptly cleaned the table and brewed new tea.

“Well, I believe it would be best if Your Highness and your friends did not approach him. His attention is on Your Highness, Louis-sama and Angelica-sama, so I would also recommend you to act separately from Douglas-sama and April-sama…… Well, I shall continue to observe him so if there are any interes…… strange developments, I will report them as soon as possible.

Daniel, you were about to say interesting, weren’t you……? He looked somewhat animated too.
He looks like he’s enjoying this more than usual……
You really are enjoying this, right? You’re enjoying our scared reactions, aren’t you!?
Is it so fun to see our behinds in predicament?

My complaints showed through on my face.
To my annoyed expression, Daniel lifted an eyebrow.

“Your Highness, do you wish to open the doors to ‘an unknown world’? I would not recommend that the heir of a country to take it, but I can apply for a private session, if you would like, sir?

He gallantly flashed a suggestive smile.

“No, it’s fine. ‘Daniel’ must continue the observation. Sorry, I must beg you.”

Smoothly hiding my b.u.t.t with both hands, I plead Daniel in a wooden tone.

Scary ‘private lessons’……

“Let’s refrain from going outside the office tomorrow. It may be alright if it is just us, but Angelica is also targeted, and who knows when he might lay his eyes on Jessica and April…… We also need to inform Douglas and April about future events.”

Louis said, as if he were talking to himself while staring off into the distance.
I also noticed that he too was bringing both his hands to b.u.t.t to hide it.

“Indeed. We cannot yet understand that man…… We should try to not be involved with him as much as possible…… I’ll move behind the scenes to get him out of the school, too.”

I look at Louis, my eyes filled with resolve.

“That subterfuge, I’ll cooperate as much as I can, so that it can get through a little quicker, however little it may be!”

A strong positive response came back along with a smile.

The two of us were making eye contact and nodding strongly, while hiding our b.u.t.ts with our hands……

Now, about that scheming prince Henry.
It’s not certain yet, but it seems as though he is planning something by using Brad.

……What the heck, scary……
And again, also reeking of a small fry.

Normally, wouldn’t another prince like him use political trickery?
The way a yandere’s brain works is just different.
Using a double edged sword to eliminate an enemy!
A degenerate is likely to act out of prediction, why does he want to use something like that as his p.a.w.n?
Is he confident that he can control such a degenerate?
An image of a disaster from his inability to control the degenerate flashed through my head.

I felt an indescribable fear, and hugged myself as I shivered in fear.

The perversion level is increasing recently, and it’s become harder for some characters……

TN: Adding some bondage to the mix for extra scary, eh?

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