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The Abandonment of the Educated Youth's Wife
and Son 11

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by Kieshi

"Uncle Yan is back and you didn’t send a letter to home about this kind of major event."

Jiang Donglin was Jiang Donglin after all, he soon changed his att.i.tude like a good brother who cared about his stepbrother and softened his tone: "I am just worried about you. After all, I have never heard anything from you these days. Since you are back now, when will you go to see Mom? She is very anxious in these days. If she hear you coming back to college, she must be very happy."

He remembered that Yan Chu had always had very complicated feelings about that woman Gao Yaqin. On one side he blaming her for the feelings she had placed on herself and the two younger siblings she had given birth to later, it was far beyond his concern for him. On other side because that was the only thing he depended on. There was an indescribable envy for her, but one thing was certain. Every time he carried out Gao Yaqin, Yan Chu would be obedient and if he wanted to stimulate the other side, Gao Yaqin was also the best weapon.

"Even it isn't his own dad fault to come back, he isn't seeing his biological mother who originally had painstakingly to raise him. Speaking about it Donglin, your father was really losing money. He helped others to raise their son for so many years in vain, and didn’t say anything to make amends. If we aren't come to Yanjing to find a cla.s.smate today, I am afraid you going to hide for a lifetime, right?"

Jiang Donglin's good brother naturally stood on his side, plus Jiang Donglin was a well-known for generous loyalty to his friends. Now he saw that he seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied with that dìdi[1] who his stepmother bought. If there was any hint, he would took the initiative to stand up and help him resented people.

"Yan Chu isn't that kind of person, perhaps it's just a misunderstanding. Perhaps he is too busy because the start of a new term, he didn't have free time to make a round trip to home."

Jiang Donglin was a good brother, of course he had to help his brother to speak at this time. It could be said that he was helping, in fact, he was both blaming and satirizing Yan Chu in the dark. It’s been two or three months since school started. is he still busy?

When he spoke, he silently kept paying attention to Yan Chu's expression. He looked at the opposite party's expression didn't change in the slightest, the youth took him as air from beginning to end. Jiang Donglin's good self-restraint scheming was somewhat already unable to restrain anymore.

"If I remember correctly, your name was written on the list of the names who went to the countryside to live on a rural community, Jiang Donglin. It was just because you didn't want to go, so my mother begged me, in the case I didn't agree to go down the street to exchange it into my name."

Yan Chu didn’t understand, the opposite side is this impatient man, how did he pushed the original body to that extent?

"Don’t explain that you didn’t know. How did you ask her that night? I heard it. Don’t you just relied on she who wants to run her own good name and let her sacrifice me, this son whom she didn’t like?"

Yan Chu stopped Jiang Donglin’s reb.u.t.tal, he just wanted to quickly solved these matter and returned home. His father and wife were still waited for him to go home to cook. The life of the househusband was very busy.

"In the past two years when I went to the countryside, she only sent me a cotton jacket, some banknotes[2] and food stamps[3] in the first few months. When her little poor guilt disappeared, she forgot about me, the son she personally sent to farming on the countryside. The so-called concern in your mouth, sorry, I didn't feel it at all."

Yan Chu can’t imagine it, wasn’t he Gao Yaqin's son? Why was she so fond of the dragon and phoenix twins that was born later, but this son was neglected?

"Yan Chu, you misunderstood it."

Jiang Donglin looked at the people on the side, including his own a few good brothers, had strange eyes. He quickly explained: "It was your name that was written on the list of educated youths, how could I possibly make the decision to let you go to the countryside instead of me?"

"Besides, our parents' money is earned by their own hard work. In the past few years, we have eaten less and we wear less. How can you be resentful to Aunt Gao who gave birth to you because she send less things to you after you go to the countryside later? My family's life is also difficult. When my brother and sister's bodies are in growing period, the expenses at home are very high, so we wronged you, I am sorry."

With Jiang Donglin's cleverness and eloquence, his face was righteous, and his speech was very convincing, the people on the side couldn't help but a little swayed.

In this world there were numerous similar cases of young people in the city who were sent to the countryside in the past few years, especially the present students, they were also the only ones among the brothers and sisters in their family who had been selected to go to the countryside to support the farmers.

If the family conditions were good, occasionally they would send something in the past. If the family had poor conditions, don't mention to support, in those years when the food was scarce, the family still wanted them to get some food from the countryside and send it back to their homes.

Thought about it this way, Jiang Donglin's words seem not unreasonable. It was already good that Jiang Jia had been raised Yan Chu for many years. Yan Chu shouldn't bore grudges to Jiang Jia[4] and his biological mother just because they were provided fewer things, ah!

"Jiang Cheng didn’t tell you, did he?"

Yan Chu didn't seem to hear other people’s whispering, his eyes narrowing and asked while looking at the Jiang Donglin.

"What? Yan Chu, my father is your stepfather. Even if you didn't want to call him father, you should call him Uncle Jiang, right?"

Jiang Donglin had a sincere look and his heart was delighted, no matter what, Yan Chu was the angry fool who had no brain. He did wished he would had been more cooperative, and it would be the best serious mistake to remember if you could ruin your own reputation.

"It seems that Jiang Cheng really didn't tell you. Also, where he have the nerve to say it?"

Yan Chu smiled: "Before my dad left, he gave my mom a whole box of gold bars. Even at the exchange rate of that year, it could be changed to more than ten thousand. At that time, I was only seven years old. My dad left those things for my mom, just want her to take me well. That large sum of money, let alone me who was still a child at that time, even for an ordinary small family, it was enough to eat and drink for a lifetime."

Ten years ago, the word ten thousand yuan hadn't appeared yet. A family could had a thousand deposits, which was already very rich.

"Do you remember what kind of house you lived in in the first place? Let me remind you, do you still remember the three small bungalows in Xikou, right? That is your Jiang Jia's old house. After my mother and your father married, your whole family moved to the courtyard in Qílín road, you occupied the most s.p.a.cious main room, and on the other hand I lived separately on the side room. From that day on, the family meals had meat, you began to have a lot of new toys, carrying new schoolbag, and wearing new clothes. Jiang Donglin, you think you’ve changed everything, right?"

Yan Chu stepped closer to Jiang Donglin, obviously his face was still very calm and self-sufficient, but he felt an unprecedented pressure. He couldn't believe that such pressure he felt was from his stepbrother, whom he had always despised.

"My biological mother, I used to respect her, but her pity for me isn't enough for your tenth of this stepchild. The house you live in, the clothes you wear, the delicious food you enjoy, Jiang Donglin, go ask your father, whether or not the above-mentioned should have belonged to me."

Yan Chu imposing manner was threatening, Jiang Donglin was scared and took a few steps back, until he hit a young man standing behind him, couldn’t retreat far enough.

"My dad doesn’t care, it’s because he is kind, no matter what your family did, at least not for the money. When I was a kid, I don’t care I was killed by a cold fever. That’s because I still remember that Gao Yaqin is used to be my mother, although this mother disappeared when I was seven years old."

A breeze blew through, it just so happens that sand had entered his eye.

Yan Chu blinked, he couldn't help rubbed his eyes with his hand.

image copyright to real artist

"This is the end of the matter. I don't want to say anything more. I just ask that the well water does not violate the river water[5] in the future, nothing to worry about[6]."

Yan Chu's eyes were reddish, especially his left eye because of the sand, and faintly glowing water. In the eyes of others, this was a man who is restrained, even if he was hurt badly, he was still strong and unwilling to cry in front of everyone.

Compared with those who were too miserable, didn't know why, contrarily with his very calm appearance, it made everyone present couldn't help but felt bad for him.

In the end, they still looked at his face. Anyway, the young girls on the side were distressed. They listened to the words that Yan Chu just said, then looked at him and endured the expression of not crying (foggy). They wanted to ask him for that people who has no conscience at home, especially his biological mother.

Jiang Donglin choked a mouthful old blood in his throat. How did that come about? He never listened to his father's words, but watching Yan Chu’s expression, he instinctively knew this was true. could it be that the dragged oil bottle that eat their home to drink their home in his heart, actually the biggest gold master in their family?

He was unwilling to believe that fact.

[1] younger brother

[2] piào, banknotes: a ticket is an original certificate issued by the seller in the commodity transaction and submitted to the buyer for the purpose of proving the establishment of the goods, also known as the invoice.

[3] liáng piào, food stamps: a kind of food purchase certificate issued by China during the specific economic period from the 1950s to the 1980s.

[4] household, family

[5] everyone minds their own business

[6] live together in harmony

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