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Here the first chapter of I am a Big Villain (Quick Wear)! (^0^)/

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 The Abandonment of the Educated Youth’s Wife 1

“Yan Chu, the captain and I have helped you with your vacation. You won't be working today. After a while, you will go to the health station at the entrance of the village to get some medicine. The kettle has hot water, you should drink more.”

In a slightly dilapidated mud house, a young man, who occupies a large s.p.a.ce in the room, lays a handsome but awkward youth, covered with a thick quilt and an unhealthy flush of red on his face.

Yan Chu laid on the raft, watching his roommates went out one by one, nodded weakly.

“Hey, even Yan Chu are good, good looking, good character, still high school student, but unfortunately his body is a little worse. It hasn't been long since I came to live on a rural community, how many times have you been sick? You said if he can't return to the city, what can be done in the future?”

“Who knows, but you also said that he is good looking, as long as there is a girl in the village who is willing to marry him, that’s enough! There will be help from the future father-in-law and little brother-in-law, and I’m worried that life won’t last.”

“Don’t look at Yan Chu's temper, actually he was very proud, after all the capital is here, might possibly willing to marry a country wife.”


The voice outside was getting farther and farther, until Yan Chu can no longer hear it. He closed his eyes and accepted the original body's memory and the world's story.

That’s right, the current Yan Chu is no longer the original Yan Chu. The man in this body now, although with the same name as the original body, actually he is a world foreign visitor, perhaps he also can be called as executor.

Beyond the Nine Heavens, there is a wonderful place that exists in that s.p.a.ce. Except for the Lord G.o.d, and the system he created, the rest is only the executor like Yan Chu.

Most of them are accidental deaths, unwilling people, and selected by the system for mental or some reasons, to carry out the tasks. As long as they acc.u.mulated the satisfied points, they can return to their original world, and eliminate obsessiveness.

Yan Chu didn't know the reason why his system picked him. After all, there was a little regret in his life, beside to the early dead, in addition to die a virgin.

However his parents had loved him, a successful career, not many friends but they’re all loyal The cause of death is also disease, there is no such thing as killing accidents.

The only thing that let him rest a.s.sured was his parents didn't follow the one-child policy. His younger brother was only three years younger than him, but also one step ahead of him, let his parents held a grandson. He was sick for a very long time, his parents had long been mentally prepared. It might be painful for them, but time was the best medicine. There was his little brother, he can rest a.s.sured.

Yan Chu sometimes thought, could it be that because he was behaved with the greatest integrity, the reason of the system picked him was to got him out of his virginity?

If you don’t understand, don’t think about it. Yan Chu was a open-minded person, it’s better to be alive than dead anyway. He accepted the system's conditions, became an executor.

Yan Chu calmly accepted the original body's memory and the plot of the world. When he was done and calmed down, he can’t help but to swear.

This world was the parallel world that similar to Huaxia in the 1960s and 1970s. It was roughly the same, but there had been some changes in the history of the leaders.

The original Yan Chu, seventeen years old, was a capital person. In 1976 he had to live on a rural community in a small village in the south. His condition before was good, both parents are university professors, but unfortunately fate is unfavorable[1]. The great cultural campaign just started that year, the birth father was accused of treason by his own students. The birth mother was divorced her husband immediately, took the original body to remarry, and published in the newspapers that she was separated from the original body's father.

The original body was seven years old at the time, not very mature age and ignorant, but he became a white-eyed wolf[2] in some people's mouths. The cold-blooded, ruthless, and unfilial son.

The original body's birth mother remarried and gave birth to a pair of children. In addition with eldest son left behind by the remarried husband’s original wife, there’s hardly any thought on the original body. The household she remarried was in good condition. Somewhat materially, they did not treat unfairly of the original body, it's simply a depressed living environment. The finger-pointing of the friends and relatives on the father’s side, made original body's temper sensitive and had inferiority complex. On the surface, light breeze and clear moon[3] but in reality small belly, chicken’s gut[4].

On the day of his sixteenth birthday, the birth mother disregarded his opposition and replaced his step-brother’s name with his name on the list of people who going to the countryside to live on a rural community, making him a member of the educated youth. The original body's bone wasn't very good. The days of the countryside had been extremely difficult, several times he was seriously ill, almost did not get through. To add hail to snow[5], in his second year to be educated youth, the original body received a letter from his birth father’s farm, along with the parcel, which was the remnant of his birth father.

Look at the direction of the front half of the story line, this was estimated to be a process of the formation of a small villain. Sure enough, after the college entrance examination resumed, the original body was admitted to the best university in the country, smoothly returned to the capital.The following story was very cliché. The original body was instigate all around at home, instigate the relationship between the step-brother and step-father, instigate the relationship between the step-brother and half-brother, instigate relationship betwen the birth mother and the step-brother, to make a chicken flying dog jumped with a family that was supposed to be harmonious.

The original body's step-father is considered to be the first batch to quit the sea of reform and open to the outside world[6] system work to do a cattle business, created a small family business with the original body's birth mother. The original body’s mind was on this family business. He wants to replace the step-brother, rather all the two half-brother to get the inheritance, also unwilling to let the step-brother to get a dime.

Because he remembered, at that time, if it were not for the step-brother's and the birth mother's words, the person who went to the countryside to live on a rural community would not be him. He only had the birth mother as the remained family, so he didn't dare to resent the birth mother, can only put the resentment all over the step-brother.

But unfortunately, this world's protagonist wasn't him but his step-brother and step-brother’s girlfriend. As it should be by rights[7], his schemes had failed and in the end, he left miserably in disgrace.

If this was the case, Yan Chu would never said the original body was slag, but who let this boy at that time went to the countryside and in order to escape the heavy farming business, married the village chief’s daughter. The girl was loved him, he coaxed the people around. After the college entrance examination resumed, he also coaxed the girl to steal her father’s official seal. Patted the b.u.t.t, he took a letter of introduction and went to college. He threw the countryside wife behind his mind. When he left, he didn't know that his wife was pregnant.

Yan Chu most disliked people was those men who played with feelings, even though many people were sorry for the original body, but the little girl was really good to him. He was failed to live up not an ordinary loved one, but perhaps the only one in the world. The most sincere to him, without sense of any miserable feeling to exploit.

His child had been brought up by the young girl, and also had been admitted to the university where he was admitted. Because of the chain of cause and effect, his son had learned about what had happened in those years. It was ridiculous that, at the end of his death, on behalf of him. He had taken his body in the coffin by the wife and child who had long since been abandoned by him.

At death’s door, the original body saw their absurd life. The mission was to grant his wish. He hoped to return to the beginning of everything. This time, he didn't want to be a villain in other people’s life. If possible, he wanted to completely separated with that family. He wanted his father to live well. He wanted to make up for that young girl, also their child.

“Ding— the main mission: let Lin Ding Ding to obtain her happiness, the success reward is 500 points, the failure is to be locked in the Dark Room for fifty years. Side mission: to save Yan Xun’s life, the success reward is 300 points, no punishment for the failed side mission."

Yan Chu still hadn't recovered from the instilled memory, and the System 007's sound came to his ear.

“The the world's difficulty level of the first mission is low, no special circ.u.mstances, do not call the system.” Finished speaking, it disappeared from inside Yan Chu's mind immediately, really came and went hurriedly.

Yan Chu somewhat can't even forced a smile, but there’s no way out of this. It was said that currently the Lord G.o.d's s.p.a.ce system is seriously inadequate. The 007 as a single-digit important system, brought more executor. It also served as a female vengeance system, cannon fodder counterattack system, villain whitewashing system, pampered concubine system and any other various systems in one body. Yan Chu as a newcomer, really not worthed for 007 to spend too much effort on him.

Speaking of it, Yan Chu still didn’t know what the system was on him. Can’t it be some villain whitewashing system? Steadily, the thought in the every future world he might be a big villain, he couldn’t help but to fight a shiver.

However, to save Yan Xun, the original body's biological father's life, this mission he can understood. To let Lin Ding Ding, the original body's future countryside wife happiness, what are the criteria for determining the value of this happiness?

Yan Chu pondered it over and over again. The pressure to be in the Dark Room for fifty years, or to had brave death, in his mind he called for 007.

"What’s the matter!!! Say it!!!"

Even if 007 didn't had a body, but listened to this voice, Yan Chu feel that its grievances were materialized.

It's no wonder for 007, it was just dealing with one host's terrible mess. Obviously, the host’s correspondence was just theirs own pampered imperial concubine system, all she had to do was seduce the emperor. But everytime that host went to a world, she not only seduced the Emperor, she also likes to seduce w.a.n.g Ye, Huang Zi, Tai Fu… As long as she like them, right away she seduce them. The good pampered imperial concubine system was almost played by her as a meat. For the female lead system.

007 was desperate, but that woman can did an outstanding job to complete the missions. No punishment, no curse, can only helped her cleaned up the mess after her a.s.s.

"What is the criteria for determining the value of happiness?" Yan Chu resisted the low pressure of the system, asking with steady voice.

"The happiness value can be checked by opening the system panel. The complete value is one hundred, when it reach one hundred, the main mission is considered success." Yan Chu's calmness make 007 took a quick look. It has a hunch, this host might be able to go for a long time.

However everything was difficult to predict. To think how the originally its host was shy girl, now like wolves and tigers[8]. The serious system was simply overwhelmed.

007 fought a shiver. It sensed that if it didn't watch attentively at some point, tonight the garbage sixth host would climbed the King Regent’s bed. It must be stopped, otherwise the plot would collapsed.

Regarding the system's style of finishing explained and be off at once, Yan Chu already a little got used to it. He pulled out his mission panel, sure enough, on the top of it there were the estimation completion of main mission and side mission, currently the completion of the two mission are zero.

"Yan da ge (big brother), I bought you medicine to reduce your fever.”

Educated youth's door was knocked, a crisp female voice came from the outside of the door. Yan Chu willed the mission panel to closed up. If his memory was correct, it must be precisely the currently next mission target, Lin Ding Ding.

That silly, heart-wrenching young girl.

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