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Chapter 414 Dominance

The entire battlefield froze, and everyone turned their eyes toward the stunningly beautiful figure that floated in the sky. Unlike in the past, Mira's face was fully displayed, taking the breaths away from all those gazing upon her figure. A rippling pressure like no other surrounded her, one of authority and power.

"Impossible..." muttered one of the cloaked figures, as individuals of their power level shouldn't be able to enter this place.

"If you can, why can't I?" Mira asked in a cold voice. Just as she did, the mana filling the entire area surrounded her by her command. Even the super genius, Isabella, could only watch with wide eyes as the mana under her control vanished, now every bit of mana floating in the air belonged to the woman in the sky.

"This farce is over," Mira declared. Just as she finished speaking, the remaining three figures blinked and attacked Mira. Their laws came into practice, and the world moved according to them. A humongous mountain appeared from the sky, crunching toward Mira. A bolt of lightning, big enough to wipe out a city, moved toward her. Unlike a real lightning, this one didn't move at the speed of light, but in return, the power held in it was more than enough to take down kingdoms. A wind wave of a humongous size horizontally moved towards her, the sheer power cursing the s.p.a.ce they were in.

The powerful laws of mountain, lightning, and wind were unleashed, and in the center of it, all stood a beautiful woman, who seemed unfazed at what was heading toward her.

"Domain... I am mana," Mira whispered silently. Along with it, the world trembled. The three attacks that seemed to end the world froze in place, or more accurately, they were blocked by mana itself. The mana around the whole world moved as if it had its own mind, protecting Mira.

'No mage will ever be able to harm her,' Austin thought as he looked at the frozen attack. Technically, the attacks the three gave of the law weren't strictly based on mana; it was derived from the energy flow of the law that the Imperials harnessed. If their attack was genuinely based on mana, it wouldn't even manifest. Mira might even be able to take control of the attack itself.

Mira had created a domain in which she had become mana, and every mana in this world was hers. Of course, there were certain limitations and conditions, but overall it was a terrifying law that could stand atop of the most powerful laws ever taken up.

'I wonder what law I will get?' Austin wondered.

[The law of s.e.x and l.u.s.t?]

The system replied, causing Austin's lips to twitch. While Austin argued with the system, Mira waved her hand, causing the entire mana in the surroundings to twist and turn, and the attacks vanished, being swallowed up.

"Not bad for a new Imperial"

Another cloaked figure spoke, but Mira didn't reply to it as her voice spread far and wide to the city.

"Students, don't let your eyes waver for a second, and keep your eyes on me. Perhaps this might lead your life to something new."

As she finished speaking, the world froze...literally.

The entire mana that stayed in existence rumbled as it froze everything in place - the ground, the trees, the air - everything was held in place by the mana as if time was put to stop.

And it was then that fear-filled everyone's eyes as they saw an eye descending downwards, one whose size cannot be measured at all. The eye opened up above Mira as it looked at its enemies. The entire mana in the place was used to maintain just the eye itself.

"First layer of Mana Dilution: Stripping of Authority..." Mira spoke in a low voice as the opened eye focused on the three Imperials who were now trembling in place. When the eye opened up, it had nothing inside of it; it was just pure darkness. However, the mana in the entire place seemingly danced in joy - a reaction similar to welcoming a king.

Three beams of light descended from the eye as it drilled into the three Imperials, and soon under everyone's astonished eyes, the law that was behind them started to waver and soon disappear. The mountain crumbled, the lightning just turned to particles, and the wind was blown away.

Within seconds, they became mortal, being completely deprived of what was theirs. Seeing this, Mira shook her head. "This is what happens when you take a shortcut." Her voice thundered around everywhere, and soon Mira's domain stopped as the world returned to normal while the eye disappeared, letting everyone breathe. But none of them were able to mutter a word - they were all looking in awe at the stunning woman who floated in the sky.

Mira detained the three as she flashed them toward another location. Soon, her eyes turned towards the city, looking down at them until she met Austin's eyes, who were looking at her with a smile. 'Happiness', 'pride', 'satisfaction', and boundless 'love' overflowed from Austin towards her, making Mira look at him for a moment longer before shifting her eyes towards the range of students.

She could see in everyone's eyes that they had changed, and this brought a thin smile to her face - one that quickly shook many male hearts.

"You will all be transported back, and don't worry, everything will be soon explained to you all."

Leaving those words, Mira disappeared, leaving a group of stunned students with a lot to process. However, that didn't stay in their minds for long as they all threw their hands to the skies in celebration. Within just a small time frame, a lot had happened, and it was only now that they could finally relax.

Austin smiled as he gazed at everyone. Several of the people soon fell to the ground due to their guard being relaxed, while an atmosphere of celebration filled the entire city. His eyes then trailed toward Leonardo, who seemed to be celebrating with a certain group. He, after all, had displayed a splendid result in the battle.

'Enjoy it while it lasts...' These were Austin's thoughts as he started to move. There were some more things left to do.


Austin POV:

Looking at all the celebrations happening around me, I smiled. In the end, things had gone according to the plan, though there were some hiccups here and there. All ended up well. With a thought, I disappeared from everyone's radar as I moved toward a certain location. No one was able to sense my presence as I came in front of a normal-looking wall in the city.

Making sure that everyone's eyes were away, I phased through the wall, coming upon a long hallway. With light steps, I kept walking until I reached an altar-like setting. Floating above that altar were three things, one being a single broken piece of an arrow. It looked to be just the middle long part, but just seeing it, I smiled. As I walked closer to it, a male voice spoke.

"So, you succeeded..."

"I did," I replied as I reached the altar and took the small piece. After which, my eyes settled on the other two items floating beside the arrow piece, a small stone and a spear, one that looked ordinary to human eyes.

These were items that could only be accessed within this great city when a war takes place here. A war should take place, and the situation should be that the inhabitants of the city should be at a disadvantage, but they would all come together to battle and finally win. This was the condition for these items to appear.

'Looks like all is well,' I thought as I took all the three items that could change the world. After all, I had to plan and control a lot to get things till here. While I thought of my plans, a feeling of s.p.a.ce wrapping around me was felt. Seeing so, I chuckled. Looks like things for this realm were over.

'Well, towards a more daunting future.' With those thoughts, I closed my eyes as I and everyone in here was teleported away.


Hey guys! with this, the arc for the realm is over!

d.a.m.n, that was a long arc, especially when I took a break in between but fret not things will be getting heated up soon! a lot more mystery is yet to be uncovered!

From the next arc onwards I will be focusing on the world, its hidden power structure, the hidden powers, and of course.......the infighting between the girls!

A word of advice it's going to be crazy~

So hold on to your seats and enjoy the novel....


signing out.

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