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Chapter 390 390-The G.o.ddess Of Games

As Austin looked into Lala's unfocused gaze, he leaned in to kiss her deeply. Their tongues entwined in a pa.s.sionate dance, and seductive slurping sounds filled the room. Lala's cheeks flushed red as Austin tightened his grip on her waist, taking control of her mouth with a fierce hunger. Their saliva mixed as the taste of sweetness enveloped them both. Lal's breath came in short pants as she surrendered to Austin's advances.

Austin enjoyed the taste, this being his third G.o.ddess somehow filling his heart with pride, his two hands held onto her small compact a.s.s getting a nice feel of it, he groped them tight as his hands sank into that heavenly softness

Finally, they parted, panting heavily. Lala's expression was filled with a mix of hesitation and desire, but as she looked into Austin's deep gaze, her hesitation melted away.

"I want you"

She whispered with all her desires, Her enticing expression awoke some feelings within Austin that he couldn't help but kiss her red lips again, his hand holding her a.s.s as he stood up pushing her towards the wall, Austin didn't need more words from Lala. Since she delivered herself to him, he could only respond in kind.

Austin grabbed her face as he kissed her, and Lala responded by lightly kissing him back. His hand left her a.s.s and moved on its own to her b.r.e.a.s.t.s hidden beneath her clothes, it wasn't any longer a meeting between a G.o.d and a mortal, no it was a room now filled with l.u.s.t, the deeply rooted love-filled l.u.s.t of the G.o.ddess.

Lala felt her heart rate quicken, feeling something good inside her for the first time. Austin kissed her again, and this time, his tongue intoxicatedly danced with hers, exploring her mouth.

His hands then hastily tried to pull her clothes off, but he didn't have any idea how, as the clothes couldn't be taken off without Lala, knowing what he wanted to do, she guided him to steadily remove her clothes.

Soon after, Lala was left in her underwear. This was the first time someone saw her like this. She couldn't prevent her face from becoming hot.

Light shone in his eyes as he admired her enchanting body. After a while of standing there, he felt his d.i.c.k gradually awakening. He wanted to take this attractive woman before him, by now the 'room' had grown into a bedroom.

Pulling her directly towards his bed, Austin stripped her remaining underwear, showing all her naked beauty. She was perfect. Her long black hair slid down her shoulders to her back and her long smooth legs that were seemingly tempting him as she clamped them together in embarra.s.sment.

Seeing this, Austin decided where he would begin. Austin pushed her back to lie down from the side of the bed and got between her legs, Austin moved his hand down to the middle of her thighs, slowly spreading them apart to reveal her untainted region.

Her pink p.u.s.s.y lips which looked so enchanting and innocent were uncovered for him to see. Lala only watched him with a flushed face, deep within her eyes, desire started to emerge, filling her mind with all kinds of obscene thoughts, her cube-like eyes were now partially spinning, while her divinity was going a bit out of control.

Austin probed her p.u.s.s.y with his finger, tenderly tracing the sensitive lips as if drawn to its beauty. Pushing one finger in, Austin enjoyed the view of her parting lips, thoughts of penetrating the small hole with his d.i.c.k surfaced in his mind.

Austin lightly ma.s.saged her c.l.i.t, to which Lala seemed to enjoy, closing her eyes to feel more of the pleasurable sensation, He added another finger inside and rubbed against the upper walls of her p.u.s.s.y, pleasuring the sensitive spot, giving her a taste of what's to come.

From what Austin had observed, it seemed to be working. Lala started to thrust her lower body against his fingers, her intoxicating scent reached his nose as he continued to play with her enticing lips and tight hole.

When Austin pulled his finger out, he saw the opening of her hole already moist, which looked to be shining, ready to take his d.i.c.k in. Austin was also getting more and more aroused by the stimulating scenery on his bed. Laying his eyes on her wet lips, Austin thought of tasting it for himself.

He stuck out his tongue and licked her pink lips upward to her c.l.i.t, sucking it while sliding his tongue around it. A light moan escaped from her mouth, couldn't contain the unfamiliar feeling in her lower body.

Austin continued to lick her p.u.s.s.y, enjoying the sweet-sounding moans coming from Lala. His lips played with her c.l.i.t, and occasionally his tongue entered her hole, exploring the untouched walls that tightened in response to his action.

Lala began to push her p.u.s.s.y to his face, her moans never seemed to stop, lost in the pleasure Austin was giving her. Her body was squirming as her smooth legs lock onto his head, wanting to feel more of his tongue. By now she's already lost her ident.i.ty she just started to enjoy the pleasure.

Finally, Lala loudly moaned, reaching the peak of pleasure with only his mouth. Her body shook and then soften under him, feeling satisfied with the mindblowing o.r.g.a.s.m she had experienced. After a while, Lala, without a word, slowly got up to push Austin down the bed. He had already taken off all his clothes, only watching Lala move closer and hover over him.

Using her soft hand, Lala went on to touch his d.i.c.k and slowly stroke it. Fixing her position, she moved around to close the distance. Austin, who was much enjoying it, felt her lips take the head of his d.i.c.k in her mouth as she started to suck it softly.

Lala was positioned on top of him with her p.u.s.s.y close to his face, she had seen many of the desires that spike the interest in humans hence she was following everything she knows.

While feeling her lips take him in and out of her mouth, Austin moved his tongue around her p.u.s.s.y lips and licked her now-soaked entrance, he didn't question anything about the G.o.ddess as he enjoyed the feeling of another G.o.d sucking his d.i.c.k with pa.s.sion.

He could hear the sound of his d.i.c.k being sucked into her mouth, which made everything better for him. Her soft tongue licked him all over with her lips tightly wrapped around his member. It felt incredibly amazing. He could feel his head reaching deep inside, b.u.mping against the back of her throat.

All of this happened while he devoured her p.u.s.s.y, enjoying her juices and the sucking sensation on his tongue. Her walls were reacting to his actions, pulling his tongue further in as if it was alive. Austin was able to explore the insides of her p.u.s.s.y with his tongue and tasted her delicious flesh.

He could see the effect of his stimulation from how she was moaning on his d.i.c.k while sucking it inside her mouth. Both of them were having a great time giving each other a tremendous amount of pleasure.

Suddenly, her lower body went down to rub against his face. Lala also worked faster and faster on his d.i.c.k. Austin pushed up his waist, signaling his impending explosion. With his d.i.c.k buried in her skillful mouth, Austin knew he could not hold back much longer.

A few seconds later, his d.i.c.k began to twitch, and loads of white fluid spurted out into her mouth. Lala knew what to do and frantically took all of it in, not letting out a single drop.

Austin continuously groaned, releasing everything in her mouth. While this happened, Austin never stopped working on her p.u.s.s.y. Without warning, fluids gushed out of her hole, landing on his face. Austin tightly grabbed a handful of her a.s.s, pulling it downwards so he could reach the depths of her p.u.s.s.y.

Lala sucked out the last few remaining c.u.m then licked his d.i.c.k clean. Only after did she stop, and stayed motionless to catch her breath on top of Austin.

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