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1010 Chinese People Don’t Lie to Chinese People

“Is the medicine you said real, or are you just scaring him?”

Ye Feng did not drive. They just strolled around the streets.

Cheng Fei’er was obviously still worried about Ah Can and asked carefully.

“Of course it’s true. Chinese people don’t lie to Chinese people,” Ye Feng casually joked.

“Then you don’t have to let go of his hands and feet, right? What if he runs away again?” Cheng Fei’er was still worried. Before Ye Feng left, he removed the silver needles from Ah Can’s body.

Although Arthur and the others were watching him, Ah Can was too cunning. If he escaped again, it would not be easy to catch him again.

“Aren’t you annoying? Why do you keep bringing him up?” Ye Feng was getting impatient, and he quickly interrupted her.


“No buts. There seems to be a Portuguese egg tart shop ahead. There are so many people queuing up. It should be delicious. Let’s go and buy one too.”

Cheng Fei’er wanted to continue but was interrupted by Ye Feng.

She looked in the direction he was pointing and saw an egg tart shop ahead.

The shop wasn’t very big. There was only a small window, but there was a long line in front of the shop. There were 20 to 30 people.

She had been busy catching Ah Can today. She hadn’t eaten for a day, so she was indeed a little hungry.

She did not dampen the mood and followed Ye Feng to the back of the queue.

This egg tart shop was very popular. The two of them had only queued for a few minutes, and the queue behind them was getting longer and longer. There were at least 40 to 50 people.

After waiting in line for half an hour, there were only two customers left in front of them. The two of them could even smell the fragrance coming from inside.

“It smells so good. I’ll buy ten later.” Cheng Fei’er’s eyes were fixed on the display window, and her saliva was about to flow out.

“What a gluttonous cat.” It was rare for Ye Feng to see her like this, and he could not help but tease her.

Cheng Fei’er did not argue with him. Her beautiful eyes stared at the egg tarts in the window, as if she was afraid that they would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

After finally getting rid of the two customers in front of them, the two of them were about to go forward.

At this moment, a man suddenly squeezed in front of the two of them. He didn’t even look at them. Instead, he waved at a woman in the distance. “Mingjie, this egg tart shop seems to be very good. Come quickly…”

Judging from his accent, he seemed to be from the mainland.

Ye Feng was enraged. They had been queuing for more than half an hour. It was finally their turn, but someone had cut in without even telling them.

How could he f*cking tolerate this?

He was about to argue with the man, but Cheng Fei’er stopped him and comforted him softly. “It’s not worth getting angry over such a small matter.”

After saying that, she even gave him a sweet smile.

Ye Feng saw that she had already said so, so he did not flare up again. It was only a matter of one or two minutes anyway. He might as well endure it for now.

However, he obviously thought too simply.

“I don’t want to eat egg tarts.”

The one who spoke was the woman. She was quite good-looking. Although she couldn’t compare to Cheng Fei’er’s beauty, she could at least be considered a school belle.

The woman was wearing a long white dress and a pair of extremely tall high heels. She walked slowly and took more than a minute to cover the distance of more than ten steps.

The man smiled ingratiatingly. “Look at the long queue here. This egg tarts must be delicious. Trust me this time.”

However, the woman still shook her head. “Eating too many egg tarts will make you fat. I’ve been trying to lose weight recently.”

“It’s just a few egg tarts. You won’t gain much weight.” The man continued to coax her in a fawning tone. “Besides, you’re already so thin. There’s no need to lose weight at all.”

The woman continued to shake her head. “You have to start losing weight bit by bit. If you think it’s okay to eat a little less every time, you’ll get fat very quickly.”

The man continued to persuade her, but the woman kept shaking her head in refusal.

The two of them went back and forth for more than two minutes, but they still hadn’t decided if they wanted to buy it.

The people in the queue behind them began to complain.

“Do you want to buy it or not? If you don’t want to buy it, can you let us buy it first?”

“That’s right. It’s one thing to cut in line, but you’re also a dog in the manger. This is too much.”

“Can you go to the side and discuss it? We’ve been waiting for so long. Let us buy it first.”

“Yeah, we’re all in a hurry to go home. You guys have wasted all our time…”

It was normal for everyone to complain. After all, everyone had been queuing for more than half an hour, but these two guys cut the line as soon as they arrived.

Not only that, but they were also acting out a ‘romance drama’ in front of them. Anyone would be angry.

When the man faced the ‘G.o.ddess’, he still acted like a bootlicker, but when it came to others, he was completely different. “What are you arguing about? Will you die if it’s later? Are you all in a hurry to reincarnate?”

The man was tall, at least 1.8 meters tall. When he was angry, he was really intimidating.

Although the crowd behind them was angry, they still shut up and did not dare to say anything else.

The man looked pleased and continued to look at the woman. “Mingjie, don’t listen to these dogs barking. Think about it carefully. There’s no hurry.”

The woman did not think that there was anything wrong with the man’s att.i.tude. She tilted her head and pretended to be cute as she thought about it. “I think I don’t want it. If I get fat from eating, no one will want me.”

The man immediately smiled obsequiously. “That’s even better. Doesn’t that mean I have no compet.i.tors? That’s all the more reason to buy it.”

As he spoke, he turned to the boss and shouted, “Boss, give me five egg tarts.”

Although everyone was unhappy, they finally heaved a sigh of relief. They hoped that these two would quickly leave after buying them.

However, the woman was up to no good again. She hurriedly waved her hand at the boss. “I really don’t want it. Even if I buy it, I won’t eat it.”

The boss was also a little angry. These two people had spent more than ten minutes here, which had seriously affected his business. “Can the two of you discuss it before coming back? The customers behind are all waiting anxiously.”

It would have been better if he hadn’t said anything, but now that he had, the man was immediately enraged.


The man smashed his fist on the gla.s.s and looked fierce. “What the f*ck do you mean? Are you looking down on me? Do you believe that I will burn down your shop?”

The boss did not expect him to be so angry and was immediately scared silly.

Ye Feng could not help but shake his head. Being a bootlicker and a lunatic leopard at the same time. Amazing!

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