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Chapter 482 - Chapter 482: Tyrannical Blade Appears Again! (1)

Chapter 482: Tyrannical Blade Appears Again! (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the killing s.p.a.ce, Chu Zhou sat opposite a ‘replica’ that looked exactly like him in an ancient arena.

Chu Zhou separated wisps of his divine consciousness and entered the other party’s consciousness s.p.a.ce. He looked at the other party’s soul body that was covered in a layer of Soul Armor and studied it carefully.

The reason why the replica was so obedient and did not attack Chu Zhou at all, and even allowed Chu Zhou’s Spiritual Force to enter his consciousness… was all because of the settings.

He directly set the part of the replica to master the first level of Soul Armor; his Spiritual Consciousness was in an eternal slumber.

The consciousness of the replica was in an eternal slumber, so it naturally wouldn’t attack Chu Zhou.

Of course, setting up an opponent like Chu Zhou who would not attack… This was probably a rare occurrence in the killing s.p.a.ce.

Chu Zhou’s Spiritual Force scanned the soul armor of the replica bit by bit.

From the surface, the Soul Armor looked like a set of fish scales.

However, Chu Zhou realized that the countless pieces of armor on the surface of the Soul Armor were not fixed. Every piece of armor was flowing and changing along a mysterious trajectory at all times.

Countless pieces of armor flowed and changed at the same time. The complexity of the mechanism gave Chu Zhou a headache.

Chu Zhou forced himself to continue watching. In his mind, he also activated countless divine senses with all his might, trying to simulate and weave a set of Soul Armor.

The day ended under Chu Zhou’s constant observation and simulation.

The next day, continue!

On the third day, he continued!


When the third day was about to end, laughter suddenly sounded in the killing s.p.a.ce.

“I’ve finally succeeded…”

Chu Zhou looked at the extremely simple soul armor he had simulated and woven with his soul power in his mind and was overjoyed.

Of course, the armor he weaved was completely incomparable to the soul armor of the replica.

There were only two or three pieces of armor in his armor. The rest were all blurry shadows.

However, this was enough for him.

“Soul Armor: First Level Beginner Realm!”

Chu Zhou looked at the new information on his Attribute Board and ended his day of cultivation in peace.

He was teleported back to the Killing Hall.

Dragon, Sol, and Changa Saha were also teleported back at the same time. They looked like they had not had enough.

“How is it? I’m right, right? The killing s.p.a.ce is a good place!”

Dragon smiled and said to Chu Zhou and the others.

“It’s indeed a good place!” Sol nodded seriously. He said in surprise, “Have you realized that… in the killing s.p.a.ce, we can set our opponents as a more perfect version of ourselves. We can let a more perfect version of ourselves teach us experience and point us in the direction of becoming stronger.”

Changa Saha also exclaimed: “This is probably the greatest value of the killing s.p.a.ce.”

“Hahaha.” Dragon laughed heartily. “Looks like you’ve discovered this too.”

“It seems that Dragon, Sol, and Changa Saha… They were able to stand out from countless humans on Earth back then and become the three Leaders of humanity on Earth. They’re indeed not simple… The greatest value of the killing s.p.a.ce can’t be hidden from them at all,” Chu Zhou lamented.

Chu Zhou had always been self-aware. He did not think that he was the only smart person in this world.

In this world, there were too many smart people.

It was normal for others to discover the greatest value of the killing s.p.a.ce.

Chu Zhou and the others chatted happily as they walked out of the six-pointed star pattern and arrived at the leisure area of the Killing Hall.

At this moment, Chu Zhou’s virtual a.s.sistant (Deep Blue) received a deduction notice.

Chu Zhou took a look—”50 million Milky Way dollars have been deducted from the consumption of this Slaughter Battlefield! Description: The three-day discount period has ended. Your next consumption of the Slaughter Battlefield will be at the normal price.”

He had also received such a message yesterday and the day before.

“The preferential period is over… In other words, the next consumption of the killing s.p.a.ce will cost five billion Milky Way dollars a day!”

Even though Chu Zhou knew that the killing s.p.a.ce was worth it, he still felt a pang of pain when he thought about how he would need five billion Milky Way dollars for the next day.

At the same time, Sol and Changa Saha also received a deduction notice.

Their expressions were similar to Chu Zhou’s.

“Sigh, the killing s.p.a.ce is good, but it’s too expensive… The three-day discount period ended just like that. Next time, if I want to enter the killing s.p.a.ce again, I’ll need one billion Milky Way dollars a day!”

“That’s right! It’s too expensive… If we enter the killing s.p.a.ce every day, our money won’t last long.”

Sol and Changa Saha sighed after reading the deduction notice.

The corners of Dragon’s mouth twitched slightly. “Just two days ago, my three-day discount ended completely. Yesterday and today, the prices were normal… Two billion Milky Way dollars were gone just like that.”

At this moment, Dragon, Sol, and Changa Saha felt their “poverty” deeply.

They decided to think of a way to get money. They couldn’t always reach out to Chu Zhou.

“By the way!” Dragon suddenly said to Chu Zhou and the others, “In addition to the ‘killing s.p.a.ce’, this Killing Hall also has the ‘Final Battle s.p.a.ce’.”

“The killing s.p.a.ce is a personal s.p.a.ce. The opponents are all set by us.”

“The s.p.a.ce for the final battle is the s.p.a.ce for the real person to fight. Many martial artists who come here also like to enter the s.p.a.ce for the final battle… After all, the real person’s final battle is still different from the fake one..”

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