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Chapter 1044 - Chapter 1044: That’s Interesting

Chapter 1044: That’s Interesting

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Sister-in-Law, are you serious?”

Bai Ze picked up the investigation report she had thrown on the table and read it carefully. Finally, he clicked his tongue.

“Lord Long doesn’t look like he’s muddle-headed. Why did he make such a muddled decision regarding Miss Zhao, a cousin?”

Though she was respectfully addressed as “Miss”, she was merely the daughter of Madam Long’s younger sister from a different mother. Meanwhile, Young Lord Long was not born to Madam Long but to a concubine.

With such a delicate relationship, how could Lord Long hand over so much power to her?

“How did she do it?”

Yan Feng and MO Aotian did not understand either. Gu Chi, who was behind MO Aotian, pretended not to hear them and acted as a dummy. “Ah Chi, how do you think that woman did it?”

“You already know the answer.” Gu Chi rolled his eyes at him.


MO Aotian really did not understand. He was even more confused after Gu Chi scolded him.

“What answer?”

“Yan Feng, is Zhao Xiaoli on good terms with Young Lord Long?” An Jiuyue asked.

“No,” Yan Feng and MO Aotian replied in unison.

Zhao Xiaoli was someone from Madam Long’s side. How could she be on good terms with Young Lord Long? They were like fire and water.

“Is Lord Long not on good terms with Young Lord Long?” An Jiuyue asked again.

“How is that possible?” Yan Feng asked without thinking.

“Young Lord Long got his position with the firm support of Lord Long, who overrode all objections. Young Lord Long’s abilities are truly outstanding, so he’s able to keep those old folks in the Long family in check.”

After all, Young Lord Long was a concubine’s son and also the second son. Be it tradition or seniority, it was not right for him to be the young lord.

Young Lord Long was only able to shut those old folks up because he was capable and outstanding.

“Ha!” An Jiuyue chuckled. “Then that’s interesting!”

“Sister-in-Law, what do you mean?” Bai Ze asked An Jiuyue.

“I don’t think Lord Long likes Madam Long either, right?” An Jiuyue raised her eyebrows and looked at Yan Feng and the others.

“You’re right.” Yan Feng nodded.

If Madam Long had Lord Long’s favor, she could persuade him to make her son the young lord.

“Don’t you find it strange that the niece of an unfavored wife had influence over Lord Long?” An Jiuyue continued to ask.

“Uh.” The men were stunned.

They found it strange, but they could not figure out why.

However, there had to be a reason, right? Was Zhao Xiaoli too capable, or…

Suddenly, Bai Ze gasped and widened his eyes at An Jiuyue. “Sister-in-Law, you mean…”

If what he thought was true, Miss Zhao was truly remarkable!

He recalled Yan Feng mentioning that Zhao Xiaoli often came to Jun Lin Hall to see his brother. He felt disgusted immediately.

“Brother, you… Thank goodness you never saw that disgusting woman again.” “Hm?” Qian Jiyun’s eyes sharpened as he gazed at Bai Ze.

“Uh.” Bai Ze choked and covered his mouth, no longer daring to speak.

“What are you talking about?”

Yan Feng looked at them and reached out to push MO Aotian.

“Do you know?”

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