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Chapter 1043 - Chapter 1043: Give Her Half of the Power?

Chapter 1043: Give Her Half of the Power?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Don’t we still have to loan people to Ling? Anything he wants to acquire will have to pa.s.s through our people, won’t it? Let’s just wait and see.”

“Master Ling is also a cunning person. He must have thought of that long ago, right?” another family head reminded them.

It was best not to a.s.sume things would go so smoothly. If their people could really keep an eye on Qian Liuguang, would he be so at ease borrowing people from them?

“I’m afraid that Ling has no intention of returning the people he borrowed from us.”

The two family heads looked at him and asked unhappily, “What do you mean?”

However, they did not require an explanation. They realized it as soon as the question left their lips.

None of the sacrificial warriors they had lent to Qian Liuguang had returned. They had all died in Jun Lin Hall. Did Qian Liuguang intend for all of their people to die in Jun Lin Hall?

“If Ling dares to do that, then he’d better not blame me for not being polite!” Master Hong said ominously.

The family head raised his eyebrows and glanced at them.

There was nothing Qian Liuguang did not dare to do. After all, the people they lent were not his own. Besides, he was even willing to give up a big aristocratic family like his, right?

Upon hearing that, Master Luo and the other family head only glanced at him briefly.

Everyone knew what kind of person Qian Liuguang was. They might seem to have had a good talk earlier, but if everyone had been calculating, no one would gain anything from it.

Who knew if Qian Liuguang had any tricks up his sleeve or had hidden some subordinates nearby?

He had to be prepared as early as possible. No matter what Qian Liuguang was up to, lending his people out was one thing, but not getting anything in return was another.

He had to get his hands on either the Flame Fox or whatever Qian Liuguang was after.

That was what Master Luo planned.

As for the other family head, how could he not share the same thoughts?

“Has Young Master Long sent a message?”

After Qian Liuguang sent everyone away, he looked at his subordinate.

His subordinate replied, “Not yet.”

Qian Liuguang frowned in displeasure.

He had already agreed to send someone, but there was no news at all. When did the dignified young master of the Long family dawdle so much?

“Send someone here. I must see the people sent by the Long family by tomorrow nizht, ” he instructed.

“Yes, Master,” the subordinate replied and left. Qian Liuguang also turned around and left through a secret pa.s.sage.

As for those guarding outside and waiting to follow him, no one could even think about being able to trail him. They could only wait for tomorrow night.

In Qian Jiyun’s study at Jun Lin Hall…

MO Aotian and Yan Feng came over at the same time. Yan Feng was holding an investigation report on Zhao Xiaoli, the cousin of the Long family.

An Jiuyue took the investigation report from Yan Feng and read it. Her frown deepened, but after reading it for a long time, she relaxed and sneered.

“She’s certainly not to be underestimated. She managed to persuade Lord Long into giving her half of the Long family’s power?”

She threw the investigation report on the table, intrigued by Zhao Xiaoli..

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