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Chapter 124 - Extra 5 – During the Wedding 1 (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

Lin Jiang sat cross-legged on the sofa and was currently in a video call with his parents.

“I’m getting f.u.c.king married and you’re not coming back?!” Lin Jiang peeled a banana angrily and took a vicious bite.

In the video, his father had an uncomfortable expression on his face. His mother had a white scarf around her head. The two of them were happily vacationing in Dubai.

“How about this, I’ll let Si Si return to be your flower girl,” his father said reluctantly.

Lin Si Si was the younger sister that his parents had while abroad. She was six this year and looked very cute. But his mother had already been forty-five years old at that time. Could somebody tell him, how could she sill have a baby?!

Moreover, what was going on with the two of them?! That year, they had just absconded abroad and they were still so pa.s.sionate that they created a small life?!

Meimei is now your father’s beloved. You have to take good care of her, you hear?” After some thought, his mother still felt he was unreliable. “Forget it. I’ll talk to Ming Ren again later. It’s good enough that you can take care of yourself.”

Lin Jiang bristled. “Why can’t I take care of a child?! Don’t look down on me!”

His heart felt chilled. Their son was about to get married. As parents, they actually refused to come back because they were on a trip?

Were there such parents in this world?!

“Tell me the truth. Am I your biological son?!” Lin Jiang finished his banana and furiously threw the banana peel into the bin.

“Gege, you can wait for me to return and do a DNA comparison with me.” A cute little face appeared in the video. Lin Si Si’s eyes were round and bright. Her smile was very sweet like a delicate and cute doll.

Previously when Lin Jiang was as straight as steel, he liked this type of adorable girls who knew how to act cute. Now, although he was no longer straight, his tastes hadn’t changed. How could he withstand this G.o.d-like visual attack from his Meimei. In an instant, his heart softened and even his tone became gentler, carrying with it an enticing tone. “Then Gege will wait for Si Si to come back.”

At this, Lin Jiang heard his mother sigh and she said to her husband, “Already twenty-nine and his IQ isn’t comparable to Si Si at six years old. Do you think Ming Ren will turn his back on him after two years?”

Lin Jiang’s face darkened. “Mom, what are you talking about?!”

Gu Ming Ren had just come back from work. Seeing the sweet little cub with an expression of rage, he couldn’t help but laugh.

Lin Jiang instructed him, “You get over here!”

Gu Ming Ren changed his footwear and went over to sit beside Lin Jiang. Out of habit, he put his arms around Lin Jiang’s shoulder and greeted, “Hi Uncle, Auntie, little Si Si.”

Lin Si Si, the Yan Gou, became even happier when she saw Gu Ming Ren and she called out sweetly, “Saosao, in three days, Si Si will go and look for you to play!”

Laughter sputtered out of Lin Jiang. It was him who had taught Lin Si Si to call Gu Ming Ren Saosao. It felt awesome and made him extremely happy.

“Okay, I’ll go with Gege to pick you up then.” As Gu Ming Ren spoke, his hand pinched Lin Jiang’s bottom as punishment.

Gu Ming Ren exchanged a few pleasantries with his parents-in-law. They had more to say, in general asking him to pardon Lin Jiang and to remind him to consider before getting married, or he’ll have to get a divorce after marriage. Lin Jiang couldn’t continue listening to it and disconnected the video call.

He glared at Gu Ming Ren heatedly. “Did you hear that? My parents want you to think about it carefully. Don’t end up getting a divorce after you get married!”

Gu Ming Ren looked up and pulled on his tie. Then his slender fingers undid two b.u.t.tons to allow himself some breathing room. “Don’t talk nonsense. More nonsense and I’ll break your dog legs!” There will never be a divorce in his life.

Lin Jiang refused to give in. His long legs stretched over to nudge at his seme’s crotch. “I have such nice legs. Can you bear to break them?!” Gu Ming Ren’s face changed. He suddenly pressed down on him, his rough breath against Lin Jiang’s neck and a large hand reached into his clothes.

“I dare not, Lao Gong, hahahaha.” Lin Jiang was tickled and laughed until he curled up like a prawn.

Gu Ming Ren kissed the sweet little cub’s mouth. He was right. He couldn’t bear to break such nice legs.

“Regarding the wedding, what are you looking forward to?” As long as he was able to do it, he would try his best to satisfy Lin Jiang.

Lin Jiang pulled down his shirt and covered his pale waist, then said seriously, “Looking forward to…”

He used to watch weddings in television shows and looked forward to his future wife also wearing a white wedding dress with a steel-coloured tiara on her head and walking slowly towards him. But this wasn’t something that could be achieved now.

“Yes?” Gu Ming Ren held Lin Jiang in his arms. After working all day, he wanted to hug his wife and rest for a little while.

“Can you wear a wedding dress?” Lin Jiang’s eyes were bright as he asked with a smirk. Actually, he was just making a casual joke and never thought that the other man would agree.

Gu Ming Ren paused. “You want to see me wear one?”

Lin Jiang felt that this meant there was a chance! Immediately, he said, “When I was young, I thought that women in wedding dresses were the most beautiful! Big-breasted with a small waist. It was beautiful just thinking about it.”

Gu Ming Ren sucked on his collarbone. “But I don’t have b.r.e.a.s.t.s.”

Lin Jiang clasped his face with both hands and said, “You have something else that’s better than b.r.e.a.s.t.s!”

This was something Gu Ming Ren loved to hear. He chuckled and his throat issued a word. “Okay.” Lin Jiang was stunned and so surprised that he sat up on his knees, saying incredulously, “You’re really going to wear a wedding dress?!” Gu Ming Ren looked at him. “Yes. But on one condition.”

Lin Jiang was excited. “What condition?”

He would agree no matter the condition! President Gu would wear a wedding dress for him! He could brag for a lifetime!

“You would also have to wear it once for me to see, only me.” The man said in a hoa.r.s.e voice with an overbearing yet pampered tone.

He imagined Lin Jiang wearing a full-length bandeau dress and his lower body became as hard as iron.

“All right, it’s a deal!” Lin Jiang didn’t hesitate at all!

He only had to wear it for Gu Ming Ren alone to see. It was simple enough to force through, so it was completely OK.

Gu Ming Ren picked up the sweet little cub from the sofa. He couldn’t control himself any longer.

With his long legs, Lin Jiang hooked his seme’s strong waist and forcefully sucked on his mouth. He was now very much looking forward to the wedding!

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